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  1. Future Stadium names = Districts

    Exactly. The Darlington Arena, formerly the Reynolds Arena too.
  2. The tycoon takeover thread

    I've never had a tycoon takeover, much to my frustration! Closest I had was the former Copenhagen chairman taking my Aberystwyth side over, but providing no additional funds. He was rather persistent with me though.
  3. A lot of the squad will go when I first take over a club. If a player hasn't done anything to deserve my wrath, I try to sell him to the best club for his career. If I've developed a player I don't want that wasted, and I really don't like ex-Prem youngsters retiring at 22 because they're free at the end of the season. Has always irked me. I don't tend to hang onto club greats, as I'd prefer them to have a swansong at another club than languish in my reserves because I can't justify playing them.
  4. Future Stadium names = Districts

    I think it should definitely happen, though I hope it doesn't. I do yearn for the day that Aldershot name the successor to the Rec after me, even if it is unrealistic! With small sides it could be a bit complicated I guess, Whitley Bay accidentally playing at the Shields Arena would send some on the warpath... I'm happy with chairman naming the stadiums after themselves though, their ego usually extends that far.
  5. Patrick Vieira lasting 40 days at Chelsea before resigning. Just why?
  6. As someone who already possesses games on Steam, having valued price over the issues I've had with the system, I'm certainly apprehensive. I'll be picking the game up on day one as normal, though I have no idea whether I will have internet access by that time so it could be gathering dust. Guess I should have seen it coming, though I can't help feeling disappointed that this is the road my main game is going down... May have to actually work, perish the thought!
  7. Pre-order as soon as I know my new address. Can get it at least £7 cheaper than on Steam, and I prefer to have the physical copy. Won't be able to play it until later that day anyway. No qualms getting the demo on Steam though, may as well start familiarising myself with it.
  8. I don't remember this happening on my save often, Arsene Wenger had a bizarrely short tenure with the French national team before returning to Arsenal, though I can probably see that happening. Pat Rice taking the full managers position, on the other hand...
  9. Never more than key. About half of this season has been spent on commentary only as I've been working too much and wanted to see challenges through, but I've found that seeing my players on the field is a bit more entertaining. Being someone who started off around 15 years ago I go through the motions with the match engine though.
  10. I've just been finishing a few loose-end saves recently, but have retired the disc in preparation for 12. Like to approach the new game with fresh enthusiasm.
  11. "You'll never win anything with kids". I seriously hope Alan is wrong again...
  12. Thought for all the hard work that went into the 33063 database changes in the Malta file, someone should give them a go! So, on holiday, I got the brilliantly named Siggiewi, the name being all that is brilliant about them sadly. Have been predicted 3rd despite finishing bottom last season. Good to see the board is being sensible about this. Updates to follow... Welcome to Siggiewi