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  1. And that wasn't exactly warranted. He only asked for help. Cut the attitude.
  2. Have read a few more posts on here and I have to say I can understand people's grievances with the new tactics screen. The lack of right-click function continues to irk me, as well as the omission of each player's position. I have tried fiddling with custom views in the hope of finding something that suited me, but I ended up getting frustrated at the fact I couldn't find one that was aesthetic and functional - a feeling made worse by the fact FM14's screen was perfectly fine in that sense. That said, I do believe the new screen and system is an improvement for the most part: I like the new freedom in selecting roles, and the fact the players are placed with more precision on the "pitch" depending on their role/position (rather than having six or seven 'rows'). Modern football is much less about lines than it used to be, and FM has duly adapted. As a side note, is it possible to customise the sidebar? I've tried without success to put one-click options on it to take me straight to league table, for example (rather than having to go through the "competitions" tab). If this is possible and I'm just being thick could someone help me out? If not, I reckon this would make navigation much easier. There's plenty of space for more options on mine. I know this is off-topic, but when will there be FM15 content on Steam Community (facepacks/logos etc). On release date I'm guessing? Thanks.
  3. Hi, been playing the game for a few days now and although I didn't love it at first it's grown on me loads and I'm massively impressed. Few comments: first, is there any reason behind the in-match team-talks not having the option to be delivered 'passionately'? I'd have thought this would have been one of the more common ways managers communicated with their players from the touchline. Seems odd that it's omitted here while it's included in dressing-room team-talks and player conversations. Also not sure why the right-click function on the tactics screen as been removed? It was the easiest way to select a team from scratch, for sure. The goalkeeper issue at lower levels has already been noted I realise, but I think players in non-league are generally more stupid defensively than I'd like. I've seen quite a few instances of defenders apparently wandering back to retrieve a ball over the top, but being beaten to it by a forward who was at least twenty yards behind them. Like the new UI, think it is sleek and the sidebar is smart. New scouting system is top as well. Sorry if anything I've written is unhelpful or has already been covered.
  4. It's only a small thing. As I said, it's a brilliant addition to the game, has really made FM12 for me.
  5. Great update guys, really enjoying playing with St. Albans City, thanks a lot! Not sure if this is happening with anyone else, but Howard Webb is refereeing a lot of my cup games??
  6. More player power. Whether it's a good thing for the sport is surely irrelevant. Nowadays, contrary to what Sir Alex seems to think, some players are bigger than their clubs. For example, as soon as Ronaldo said he wanted to leave, it was only a matter of time before he was packing his bags. The mere fact that Sir Alex got another season out of him is seen as an achievement. In Football Manager, these kinds of things normally blow over when in real life, when someone declares they want to go, the relationship with the club becomes all but untenable. Furthermore, it's been mentioned before, but players should come to you and request that they play in a certain position, or that someone else plays in the team with them. For example, the rumour that surrounded the England team at the World Cup in 1990 (with the sweeper system) and at Euro 2004 (with the flat 4-4-2, or diamond midfield. There are also more recent examples, such as when Gerrard was rumoured to be talking to Capello about playing 'in the hole' as opposed to wide on the left, and John Terry's infamous declaration that Joe Cole should play against Slovenia in World Cup 2010. Whether you, as the manager, follow these recommendations is up to you, but your decisions could have an impact on team morale and, subsequently, performances on the pitch.
  7. Hi Crouchy. You are going up this year You better be careful about using that banner - you-know-who will come a-knocking soon enough!
  8. I love the fact that this thread has over 5000 responses, and 51 pages of replies - one of the most active threads in the GD. The OP has a grand total of 16 posts
  9. Fluctuating favoured clubs and favoured personnel for ourselves. For example, we can choose if, after a few years, we decide we want our star striker to be on our favoured personnel list. Or, after spending five years at a club, we want them as one of our favoured clubs.
  10. I have done my thirty year St Albans City game on FM in dot mode! Surely that deserves some extra credit, eh Crouchy? I'm in! 2D fo' life!
  11. St Albans City 5 - 0 Torquay Great result for many reasons, including my debutant young midfielder cracking in a goal on his debut
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