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  1. Even on the Beta I had trouble offloading Young. I ended up letting him go for free to Everton.
  2. £22million I paid for him after selling Hernandez to Juventus for £17million.
  3. I've been playing him Target Man Attack and he has 6 goals in 10 games (5 starts 5 sub) so far with a rating of 7.64.
  4. Lindegaard was terrible and Amos wasn't upto much, so I was looking for a back-up keeper and Ter Stegen was only 6.5million as he was in the last year of his contract. I've been mainly playing him in Champions League group games and League Cup but doesn't hurt to have a quality keeper if De Gea gets injured.
  5. After an uninspiring 1st season, got knocked out of all cups and just managed to scrape 2nd on the last day of the season. I added quite a bit to the squad. My team so far: GK - De Gea - Ter Stegen RB - Rafael - Grun (newgen) DCR - Jones - Smalling (also back-up RB) DCL - Vidic - Balanta (also back-up LB) LB - Luke Shaw - Moreno (newgen) MCR - Carrick - Verratti - Curro MCL - Fellaini - Ward-Prowse AMR - Valencia - Nani AMC - Rooney - Kagawa - Januzaj AML - El Shaarawy - Bakkali ST - RVP - Benteke - Welbeck I have also got a few newgens I am training up to replace Vidic, Carrick & Valencia I have Zaha, Timo Werner and Powell out on loan too. In terms of coaches I signed Rene Meulensteen back, I also signed a GK Coach - Oscar Rodriguez & Coach - Sergio Zanetti after moving Giggs to u18 coach.
  6. Got my future crime fighting centre back pairing of Smulders and Scully http://imageshack.us/a/img685/1778/jespersmuldersoverviewp.png http://imageshack.us/a/img835/2552/paulscullyoverviewprofi.png
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