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  1. 1. Much better graphics on the 3D engine - why? 2. Dug-out view in 3D mode (so you would see the game from a managers view) - jesus, why? 3. More interaction with the fans. I would like to ba able to invite fans clubs etc etc to come see the ground and players train and increase charisma - a manager's duty, or a task for someone who isn't in charge of -the team-? 4. Players perfomances related much more to how happy and in-form they are. At the moment, for me I always play the players with the best attributes for the position. If a player isnt happy, a few games in the team and all is well. - Well, isn't that (mostly) how it works IRL? 5. Some newspaper headlines (like in Fifa manager 2009) the day after a big win/ loss - why?? 6. More board interaction and some board meetings to analyze your performance as manager after a number of games/ big loss - ok, I guess, but in what way?
  2. Creedence Clearwater was on trial for my favourite club, Stabæk, a couple of years back but wasn't offered a contract. His father was a huge Creedence Clearwater Revival fan, so that's the origin of his name
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