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  1. of course i know that, and to an extent i agree with you regarding this, but from my experience with the game i also think the conversion rate of pens scored have something to do with these 3 messi missed pens, even thou the mental side of missing 1 then 2 contributed to the 3rd being missed. ill never know really and i could be wrong as others have posted high conversion rate of pens scored on there saves.
  2. am relating to this guys 3 missed messi pens to how often pens are missed in fm13, which is far to high for my liking, you seem to like to go on about the mental aspect and psychological aspect when it comes to missing 3 pens in one game, i know fm is pretty good sim but get a grip , this isnt real life you nerd, so continue to sit on your little fence there pal analyzing the mental aspect of fm.have fun!
  3. big deal one decent run of pens scored, how many exactly are we talking here? your just been lucky, you talk like you high conversion rate in every save, go start another 10 saves and come back with results.
  4. i love this post dude, you seem quite happy to go on to blame the manager for messi missing 3 pens in a row, but totally sit on the fence if its regarded to the low conversion rate of pens scored in fm13, which believe me is not myth, its been pointed out several times by members of this forum. so which is it? messi missed 3 in a row and you have no problem with the conversion rate of pens scored, because seemingly its the managers fault isn't it.
  5. fm13 is a decent game, could have been better if they didn't rush it, hopefully fm14 becomes everything fm13 could have been.
  6. no the problem is people like you who dont want to accept the fact that the conversion rate of penalties scored is still to low, just adds to an already host of problems with fm13, i just hope fm14 is a big improvement to be honest.
  7. i mainly buy games for there multiplayer factor with a few exceptions, so if i was offline for some unknown reason then i wouldnt have much use for a console in the first place, so doesnt bother me. plus the used game issue how is that such a big deal, there only trying to do what football manager is allrdy doing, linking a code to an account so you cannot trade it in for vaule, at least xboxone are decent enough to allow used games if your willing to pay a small fee.so if you are against microsoft new policy then you a hypicrate, because you buy fm your funding the very same policy on steam.
  8. am the one who will be laughing when am playing dead rising 3, forza 5, mgs5, halo and titanfall.
  9. am getting a xbox one to play titanfall, not to play fm14, thats what my laptop is for.
  10. i enjoyed fm12 more but why go back to previous games, i always want the challenge of the most up to date version and thats what fm13 is, theres no other better football sim on the market at the moment, stop kidding yourself.
  11. i find the ppm looks for pass before attempting to shot works amazing on wingers, also if you got wingers who dont cut inside also helps with getting to byline and actually passing it or crossing it. also i find that decision making plays a big part to when your winger actually plays the right pass into space, instead of rushing it and shooting or playing himself into trouble and eventually goes out to play.
  12. you just need to accept the fact dispite your claims or it being sooo unrealistic, its still the best football sim on the market, and thats exactly why am still playing it, because theres nothing better out there, so either deal with it or stop playing simple.
  13. did you ever stop to think maybe those other teams where playing a containing tactic to control all your attacking options, since you must have quite alot to put 7 passed an arsenal team that made it to the super cup final, all i see here is arsenal went all out attack just like you did because as you said it was a cup final, so they had enough of trying to contain you and just said **** it, in the end they payed the price either way because you scored 7 because of there ambition to beat you. basically arsenal could have played a much more defensive tactic and line up and keep the score down, but they werent happy with that they wanted to score goals against you and hope your strikers had a off day.
  14. it seems to me his biggest problem is that arsenal actually made a game of it, if he had won 7-0 there wouldnt even be a discussion here, it would just be his liverpool team is unstoppable nothing more.
  15. what teams go into a super cup final to score 7 goals? no team would go in that attacking, they would play more cautious since theres a cup at stake, but as you said you where playing in that final, and you most likely went out with a very attacking tactic and line up, so you opened up at the back and arsenal took the chances that came there way.
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