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  1. Just checking the Champions League rules as it could be a small bug. Played the group stages playing one player a couple of times. Sold them in Jan from English club to Ukrainian club Met the club club I sold to in knockout stage and the player was able to play. I also bought a player in Jan from Champions League club and couldn't register that player. Anyone else had this happen?
  2. Would this be considered a bug or potential new option in the interaction. Just finished the season only a champions league final to go. One player wants first team football, but has been injury prone, hence why he hasn't been playing. I said another player was in form, but he kicked off, now the squad has turned on me, could turn all bar one back around to my side though. could there be an answer to say, prove your fitness and you will get a chance in the new season? the reality is, no manager is going to play an out of form player in a cup final with the current squad playing well. Just a few thoughts, not a complaint, keep up the good work guys.
  3. Has anyone else found Norwich task bar on FM Dark Skin unreadable?
  4. Have a potential issue with Tottenham stadium move, 2017 gets announced and we move to Wembley for 17/18 season 2018 move in to New White Hart Lane but through the 18/19 season we play league games at WEmbely and cup/euro games at New White Hart Lane
  5. For example Kazaiah Sterling in the spurs under 18 can't play unless registered in Europe, is that a new rule because on previous edition you could pick the players you didn't sign but youth players who were candidates rather than signings
  6. I only have two questions so far, 1) when in Europe how come you can't select the under 18s who have come through system anymore? 2) Value of the Bournemouth players after relegation, WIlson sold for 2.5 Mil now worth 7.5Mil, Ritchie sold 1.6 Million, Gradel sold 1.9 Million, but trying to sign Bishop from Ipswich in League 1 cost 7+ million, could this be a issue or right?
  7. i can't see any real fan or board member telling Bournemouth that mid table is all that is acceptable first season in premier league
  8. i don't think it was much more than 10 mil for Euro League, i was only planning on adding a few players try and keep things like Burnley but not i have to sign slightly heavier
  9. the middle table was the lowest they offered me, i also had top half or euro cup qualify, i always pick the lowest and work with what i have. luckily the embargo was lifted just in time for july 1st. time to wheel and deal
  10. They gave me 19mil to spend and then put an embargo because of a takeover so can't even get freebies
  11. I have just been promoted to premier league first season with Bournemouth and my board give me minimum exception is to get mid table finish would you say that is realistic?
  12. Not sure if its a bug but after a couple of season i have had Lloris and Fazio say they are homesick at spurs, anyone know best way to cure it?
  13. i sold vertonghan to utd for 23 mil plus phil jones great signing
  14. while man u were trying to sign vertonghan from me, i put Phil Jones in the bid and got Phil Jones and 23Million in one deal seems good to me
  15. newguy243

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    I once had an uzbekistan who went on to win multiple world player of the year awards