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  1. I do, I'm into the next season now but the FA cup games were never played. The last team to win are still from the prior season and it won't let you select last season when you are on the results screen. Just uploading the file now.
  2. Hi guys. I've had an issue with the FA cup in my 2023/24 season. As you can see below, my sixth round tie against Liverpool was never played. The league season has now finished with the FA cup still ongoing and no matches booked in!
  3. Fair enough, maybe this game I'm in now is a fluke but I'm not sure anyone could justify Utd being 32 points ahead of City in March. And currently being unbeaten. I hope it is because I can't take another year of Utd dominating everything and Pep not seeing Xmas at City.
  4. Thanks for looking into this more. There's defo something wrong with United and there was last year as well. I'd agree with your findings, I'm 27 games in, they are 8 points clear and they have conceded 9 goals. 2nd best is Arsenal (me) with 20. IMO they have no world class defenders (conceded 16 so far this RL season, more than rock bottom Newcastle), yet they seem to be unbeatable at the back on the game.
  5. Disagree. Man Utd seem to be rated very generously on this years game again. TBF I've only had one save on the beta but Utd are 6 points clear after 10 games. This was very similar to last years game where Utd would win the league pretty much every time, and then go on to dominate the league and champs league for the next 5 years. Either someone at SI loves Utd, or hates City. Or both.
  6. I know they say they don't support the full FM working on a tablet, but has anyone had any joy with it? http://www.amazon.co.uk/RM-WINDOWS-7-Slate-100/dp/B004XAU3QE/ref=dp_return_2?ie=UTF8&n=560798&s=electronics I was looking at this. It has full Windows 7 (from what I have read), and look at it's specs, it's better than my brothers laptop, and that runs it ok. Would that run it?
  7. I have had issues in the past with the reputation of my team and league. It's not just me either, a lot of people have had it. When managing in a smaller league, the rep of the team seems to go down, despite winning back to back titles for example. Also the league rep drops despite me doing great in Europe, a lot better than any team has done from the country in recent history! I haven't tried managing in a smaller country since because of this. Has it been fixed in this patch, or will it be in the next patch? Cheers.
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