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  1. You should be fine with that, I5-3210m has more grunt than most people give it it credit for, you will likely start to see a fair bit of slowdown the more you get into the save though. As for the save, you can choose to save it in the steam cloud so you can load it wherever you have internet or you can just transfer it to a memory key/card, you can have steam and and FM on both devices but you'll only be able to play on one at a time, you probably already know this though so apologies if it sounds like I'm teaching you how to suck egg's lol Just as an aside, is your laptop a Sony Vai
  2. Thats an AMD APU and not a top end one, Its an ok cpu and would most likely run 10 leagues without too much problems, 3D match engine wont be a problem either with an APU as their on board gpu's (whilst still poor) are better than most people give them credit for.
  3. Half way through my first (and hopefully only) save on FM15. Started with Posh as it is my home town, my only desire being how far I can take them and not what big job opportunity will come my way. So far I have signed Tom Kennedy (30k for a good L1 left back is very good), David Mooney for 425k, Darnell Fisher and Fraser Fyvie came in on loan. Weren't overly happy with Alnwick's performances so signed Martin Fulop on a free in October as he is considerably better, is on a low wage and is easily good enough for the Championship, also signed Guy Moussi on a free in January. Playing a 433, p
  4. I tried my key a couple of hours ago and got the 'already activated' message, tried it again just now and now its activated and downloading
  5. SSD's are all about read and write speeds, file saves, copies etc are quicker, file, prorams etc all load quicker and boot times are much improved as-well.
  6. You could get better definitely but if its only being upgraded for FM, Id say dont do it yet as your laptop is fine.
  7. What a difference a day makes! Notice less silly mistakes, different variety of goals, more freedom in player movement, less one on ones, less long shots with more variety in where they end up. On the whole its looking very very good and could quite possibly be the most polished ME on release since the 1st 3D ME, still not liking the tactics screen though
  8. Thats a Sandybridge Core I7, mobile yes but a QM model which was the highest mobile cpu in Intels pecking order , you'll have no problems with that cpu and in fact, you'll find that it wont be that far off a desktop Sandybridge Core I5.
  9. Yeah it is, I built a truly great side by buying the 5 or 6 winners over an 8 year period on fm14.
  10. Having thought about it, I've put together an 11 that were probably the most effective I've had in their respective positions, Its a little bit biased towards just a handful of versions as my best teams were on CM02/03, FM09/10/12 and 14....plus my memory is a bit whack. GK - Akinfeev or Zieler DR - Vedran Corluka DL - Julio Arca DC - Jack Rodwell or Danny Wilson DC - Jonny Evans DM - Fernando Gago MCR - Steven Defour MCL - Luka Modric WR - Joaquin WL - Matty Piper ST - John Fleck
  11. Matthew Etherington and Simon Davies from CM3 99/00, Lulinha was s*** hot in fm05 (pretty sure it was 05, couldve been 06). The 3 most reliable players I have had were, Mohamed Sissoko and Fernando Gago from FM09 and by far and away the best and most reliable player for me was Steven Defour in FM10, he was a class above every midfielder I have had in any CM/FM. Edit: Must also mention Matty Piper of sunderland on CM02/03 (yep the xbox 1 release) Played as a winger, never got less than a 7 rating, always had high cross and pass completion ratings and banged in 15-20 goals a season.
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