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  1. Hi Team I was playing a match, had scored an equalising goal in injury time when game suddenly got caught in a loop. I have uploaded a capture of my screen to the cloud (Screen Recording 2020-06-03 at 13.56.00). I have tried to get out of the loop by trying to make a substitution and change from windowed to full-screen and back again, but to no avail. I have also uploaded the game save (George Kabile - Ankaragücü.fm), unfortunately, this save is I think two games previous to the one against Konyaspor, in order for you to try to replicate. I have noticed recently that if on the
  2. It’s a shame that the images have been lost over the years, always enjoyed re-reading this when looking for some FM motivation.
  3. Started an unemployed save. Went on holiday indefinitely applying for jobs, when a job offer came in I was clicking around and decided to click on one of the news items, as per the image below: It then crashes. I have uploaded three documents to your FTP. One game save, one crash dump and the above screenshot. All with my forum username prefixed. I can confirm that I have been able to reproduce this 3 times in total. Interestingly, it did not happen one time when there was only a few news items. To reproduce: Load save -> Hit continue -> Click on home button -> Click on a news i
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/257593-Shoots-With-Power-versus-Places-Shots
  5. This is quite hot on HotUKDeals. Might be of interest some. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dell-intel-i7-8gb-ram-geforce-840m-465-dell-2066424
  6. Disappointed with this year. A fair few hours but I can't say I've had one successful game. Something hasn't been right with this edition for me and I can't quite put my finger on why.
  7. Thanks Krlenjushka. Apologises for the duplicate thread I wasn't even sure that I had got round to posting this yet hence the double asking. Many thanks again.
  8. Dear EH ..in which you can view reputation numbers? Specifically my query regarding the continents. I want to find out which has the highest to lowest rep. I obviously know Europe will be top but I'm more interested in the others. Can anyone shed any light? Any help will be appreciated Regards
  9. Dear GTGP Thoughts on a 'My Player of the Month/Season' thread? A bit of a show off thread (But who doesn't like to show off when it comes to FM?) which would act as a showcase of that player for whatever reasons (such as single handedly pushing you into the playoffs or keeping you away from the relegtions spots) backed up by a range of different media such as screenshots/videos from your game to illustrate how good he is doing for you! I can elaborate but this is just a starting point as I do have something in mind to start off? I see this thread as different to a normal player thread
  10. Dear EH Is there a way using the editor to find out this info? Any help will be appreciated Regards
  11. Beta: Chelsea An easy introduction to help get myself back into the series which will hopefully come with success. Full Game: Some type of around-the-world, bottom-to-top challenge intrigues me.
  12. That's positive.. I had seen a thread where someone had experienced abnormally high attributes for newgen staff because of the feature so it had slightly put me off. I look forward to getting underway tonight! Cheers all
  13. Dear General Discussion How have people found this feature? I am embarking on a final save before FM15 and want to know that its safe and using it won't screw up my game. Any help would be appreciated Regards
  14. I preordered from GMG for £26.25. Always reliable year-on-year.
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