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  1. Ok so further to the above I have ran some tests and found that when asked about how much budget I would like for staff changes I get the following responses: If I say no budget needed - the news item does not appear (as expected) If I say small budget - auto declines to submit changes If I say large budget - auto declines to submit changes If I say I want to make wide-spread changes - auto declines to submit changes I am playing on the original database but updated to 16.3.1789819 (m.e v1632). I have uploaded the game before taking the interview. Its in fm/game-save and called 412gt_Auto decline to submit any staff changes. I would appreciate any assistance on this matter.
  2. Please shoot me down if I have misunderstood. I have started unemployed and have applied for a job. It seems to me that the game is auto-declining and not giving me the chance to make proposed changes to staff? I have tried reloading and choosing a different approach in my interview, for instance instead of asking for small staff changes I have asked for wide-spread etc. Whats even more confusing is that I haven't even accepted the contract yet. I don't even want to make that many changes its just the principle that something doesn't seem right to me. Can any light be shed? Thanks
  3. Started an unemployed save. Went on holiday indefinitely applying for jobs, when a job offer came in I was clicking around and decided to click on one of the news items, as per the image below: It then crashes. I have uploaded three documents to your FTP. One game save, one crash dump and the above screenshot. All with my forum username prefixed. I can confirm that I have been able to reproduce this 3 times in total. Interestingly, it did not happen one time when there was only a few news items. To reproduce: Load save -> Hit continue -> Click on home button -> Click on a news item as indicated by the above screenshot Anything else you need please let me know.
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/257593-Shoots-With-Power-versus-Places-Shots