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  1. Finally done an unbeaten season in my third season. Scored 107 goals and kept 27 clean sheets. Pogba has cleaned up on pretty much every award possible aswell as scoring 30 goals as a mezzala. The only game I lost was in the third round of the fa cup away to Cardiff. Ended up beating Liverpool in the Champions League final for the second time in a row
  2. I also use Pogba as a Mezzala in a 3 and he has scored over 25 goals in both season and won the world player of the year. He's been immense.
  3. Beat Liverpool 3-2 in the Champions League final . Heading into pre season in 2020 with a £300mil budget. I was chasing Arnie Maier in January but they wouldn’t budge from his release clause which is just over £80mil iirc. Luckily Hertha were relegated so I’ve beat off PSG to sign him for his new release clause which was around £42mil. He he looks like he could become a special player, has anybody else had experience with him?
  4. I have an OP Liverpool in the Champions League Final... in Istanbul of all places
  5. Do you use look for the underlap? I’ve seen no evidence of this instruction actually working
  6. I’m not sure what it is but I have a terrible record against the big teams away from home. I mostly blow them away at home. But struggling to get any kind of result away and it’s costing me the league. Some good points though... Pogba as a mezzala has hit 25 goals in both seasons I’ve played. Lingard has outshone all my other wingers and I have turned down £80 mil offers. I find all my other wingers/ inside forwards to be so inconsistent. Where have people got the best out of Rashford? I’ve tried him upfront on his own and from the left but he’s been very hit and miss.
  7. Seems to be ok now. I re-downloaded the skin and i was able to continue.
  8. Pretty sure i have the latest version of vitrex downloaded. Its just weird how some skins work and others don't.
  9. It allows me to click continue when i change to a different skin. It seems to crash on a few skins and then on others it seems to work?
  10. Bought a new computer yesterday along with fm, spent the day adding custom files etc. Finally come to play the game, go to click continue and i get a crash dump everytime. Must of tried over 10 times but still getting the same thing. Never had it this bad before.... tried the whole verifying game cache etc but still not working... any ideas as the game is unplayable basically.
  11. Townsend is out performing Lamela at the minute but will definately be keeping Lamela as I have seen how good he is for others... I did see Soldado has done well for certain people but he has only scored once so far. May try and sell him in the next transfer window.
  12. Decided to start a game with Spurs as i didn't want to wait for the update... Playing well in the home games but as usual i can't seem to buy a win away from home. Struggling with Soldado and Lamela at the minute aswell.
  13. Looking at starting a Spurs game.... How is Harry Kane? Or should i wait until the update as i am assuming he will be upgraded.
  14. Im barely scoring more than 2-3 a game at the minute. I was smashing teams first half of the first season. I'm winning the games but would like to score more. Any tips?
  15. How does the adding transfer target work? I set a date that is a few months away yet my director of football always comes back the next day saying my target could not be bought.
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