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  1. Thanks to the english fans for singing la Marseillaise, really appreciate it !
  2. Ahaha Hertha winning the Buli ? Last time they won it, this was in 1931 !
  3. just press SHIFT+R
  4. Maybe a bad translation ? L'Equipe said that the game "en suspens" and not "suspendu" it's easy to mistake it.
  5. Well they never that, just that the game was in doubt. The game will be played.
  6. Costa Rica qualified !!! Bye bye England !
  7. Lost 8-1 against Dortmund, playing with Dynamo Dresden.
  8. Me too ! Fm 1888 would be fun to play.
  9. Just press F12 it's the default button for screenshots with steam.
  10. I have win7 and no problem here when downloading the mr hough's files (you talk about this I guess ?).
  11. We are ready to tie the English !
  12. Nice job, love the new teamtalk, when I saw it on the videoblog, I was not sure about it, but now I've tested it and it's really good ! First friendly : win 5-0 (with Red Star).
  13. Thanks for the link, download started !
  14. This. Just try it, it won't close you the Heaven's Gates.