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  1. deisler, which team are you, are youn in the first season? Also darrylv2, which tactic did you use to get torres scoring like that!
  2. yeah, havent managed in league 1 for ages so gonna be huddersfield - they have a couple of good players like jordan rhodes.
  3. what with automatic as you past experience?
  4. stemlfc, which patch were you using to get taken over? might do that one day. for now im thinking of being spurs
  5. as if we have been moved! i didnt even notice! im getting desperate now, i need a good team to be
  6. i won my first game agains crystal palace, was a little unsure about signing mclean but he scored on his debut. beat torquay easily in the 1st round of the LC. have a really tough match against west brom which i lost 2-1, but were probs the better side. promising signs. so with ireland are you still in qualifying for the euros (3rd season?)
  7. my bro did summat like that , we did a network game, i was torquay and he was stevenage, both in the BSP (fm08). in the 1st season we both got to the play off final! he won and in 6 or 7 seasons got them to the prem, whereas i left torquay to go to brighton, where i was sacked! what could have been eh...
  8. i prefer being teams in the championship, i think my best game on fm10 was getting scunthorpe to automatic promotion to the prem in the second season. its seems that on every fm game man united always do rubbish!
  9. congrats! so whats ur best sucess every1?
  10. he looks good mat but with buzsaky, ben watson, gunnarson and faurlin im covered for CMs. ive finished off my pre season spending with bringing chris brunt
  11. my saved game from last night was corrupted! wasnt doing too well anyway... now im QPR, brought in mclean, spurr, arron gunnarson so far. trying to get some young foreginers in
  12. jus beat city in the first game 2-1, thanks to darren bent and a robinho OG. lee cattermole nearly c*cked it up by scoring an OG and getting sent off!
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