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  1. we got 39 points IRL and still went down! Im gonna start again....again.... Just finished my last exam today so roll on a summer of fm. I also deleted my game as i realised a lot of people on here are using 11.3.0 which is something i have never really considered so gonna give that a go in the hope that fm have made us deservedly better. Anyway congrats and by the way what formation did you use adam?
  2. im with you on this adam, ive decided to give it a final go (again), face the inevitable relegation and try and build for the future. cant believe the achievements what some of the guys have done on this thread but i think i would take 17th place!
  3. I think i owe readers of this thread an apology! As OP i should have updated more, in fact i should have played more with Blackpool. Unfortunately the fact is I am not very good on this game and although some people have shown unbelievable achievements with pool i have never even played a full season with the team i love. I just find it frustratingly impossible and I am too stubborn to realise that playing the attacking football we play in real life does not work. Oh well! Hopefully next year i will be able to do another thread and update it properly and get more involved because I am sure the Championship will prove a difficult but a more manageable challenge! More importantly I also mentioned at the start of my OP that this thread would be tributed to Gary Parkinson, a true football legend and Blackpool coach who unfortunately suffered a stroke last year. Parky is still battling through and here is a website with updates on his health and charity events. I think there is a donation link as well for anybody who can spare some money so please give it a look. http://www.garyparky.co.uk/
  4. I got him for Bristol City in my firs season, i have 6 games left now in my third year and he has scored 103 goals in 118 games all in the championship!!! This year (2012-13) has seen him score an unbelievable 53 goals in 40games in a team that has scored 100 goals. I did play him as an advanced forward and changed his advanced management so hiswide play was normal and he didnt roam from his position. I also think it is important to play him on the right centre uprfront as he is left footed. Now though i play him in the same role but up top by himself in a 4-2-3-1 system and he is scoring even more as well as getting more assists to the 3 attacking mids
  5. Congrats dude - shamefully i have only just started the game cos i have been crazy busy at College and only recently got my laptop working. UTP
  6. have you not tried Basham there? Gavin Mccan is a free agent as well and he has tackling 17
  7. Good to hear Alstarz, good luck with your game! Ive only just started as ive been really busy at college and i have Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Everton in my first 5 games! By the way what was your problem position
  8. Wow cheers dude! I had a really good book on Blackpool's history so it took me ages to trim it down to not bore everyone!
  9. Thanks for reading I will update it over the next couple of days as I have a couple of youtube links and some pictures still to add in - i will also put a full squad list in
  10. Transfers Targets: Shown below are the season expectations with their corresponding budget. Presuming you will go for ‘attempt to avoid relegation’ you will have a decent budget of £4m. If you’re like me and aren’t exceptional at FM you might want to look at signing some younger players. If you can get players who will do you well in the long term you should have a good team to compete for promotion straight back up if you get relegated this year. Right Back: SEAMUS COLEMAN – If you sell Baptiste for his £2m price tag then you may choose to bring somebody in for this position. Coleman had a successful loan spell at Blackpool last year and is available for loan again this season. He isn’t on high wages and adds a more attacking dimension to the defence. If you’re looking for somebody for more experience then Steve Finnan is a good shout for the short term on a free transfer. You will probably be able to get him on a for around £5,000 a week. TONY MCMAHON is also available with an asking price of around £600,000. He is only 24 and seems pretty decent but that might be a bit too expensive for somebody who could be just for cover. Centre Defender: SEAN MORRISON is a promising youngster at just 19 years old. He already had good defending attributes and with the right training, maybe a mentor and some game time he will develop fast. Swindon will probably sell for around.£400,000 and you can get him for wages on just over £1,000. For a cheaper option JAY DEMERIT is a free agent and will provide great cover for an already strong position. Another free transfer could be ex-pool player DANNY SHITTU, he has heading is 18 and tackling 17 and he is a solid defender with experience. A short term option for the immediate season is MATTHEW BOOTH. You can get him from Sundown’s and his work permit should be passed. He has attributes such as tackling 16 and heading 18 and could be a key defender. Centre Midfield: MARCO VERRATTI is pretty well known as an excellent prospect at just 17. I got him with Blackpool for a fee of £450,000 and £6,000 p/w, I offered more than his agent demanded due to large interest in him. If you want more defensive type then another prospect is CARLOS LAZARO from Vallodid. He is transfer listed at around £120,000 and a small wage fee. After playing a couple of games for me his value soared to ten times that amount so you could see profit in the future. Another option is ARON GUNNARSSON at up to £2m. At just 21 years of age he has already played nearly 100 games and is a cracking young defensive midfielder. The experienced option could be GAVIN MCCAN. He is available on free transfer for around £5,000 p/w. With attributes like tackling at 17 and the experience of playing his entire career in the Premier League he would make an immediate challenge for the starting XI. Winger: There are a lot of wingers at the club already so I would only look for the younger options. DANNY SWANSON is available from Dundee United at around £600k and on below £5,000 p/w. His dribbling and flair attributes are at 16 and 17 respectively and at 23 he still has time to improve. You could probably get some good Championship talent such as the likes of KRIS COMMONS and PETER WITTINGHAM but they would certainly take a good chunk out your transfer budget. Whereas Stephen Dobbie had natural finishing talent and can play on the wings or up front. He will cost around £600,000 and if played in the right position/role could get you vital goals. Striker: In a similar manner to the wingers section there are a lot of good strikers at Blackpool but my main target would be Leigh Griffiths. He could cost from £600,000 to £1m I think but a quick look at his history will show you that he has scored 41 goals in 80 games and at 19 years old his finishing is already 16, for me he is a must buy. Other Tips: Charlie Adam’s contract runs out in the summer and as he is your key man you need to keep hold of him or at least stop clubs signing him on a free in January. There is some minor interest from Everton whilst the August transfer window is open but they shouldn’t make an offer. To stop the agent asking for a very high wage wait until around October when the window is shut and there is no interest. If you have treated him well and he isn’t unhappy he will sign an extension for a moderate pay rise. Also you may notice there are only two coaches at the club and if your want to improve your squad via training then you need to bring in more. I suggest keeping Paul Fox, the goalkeeping coach but offering a mutual termination to Mark Westhead. As you have a restriction on the amount of coaches allowed I would sign ones best in: defensive, attacking, fitness, tactic and technique coaching - offering them contracts allowing them to work with the first team and the reserves. I would then assign them all to their best coaching attribute and then put Steve Thompson (Ass Man) to coach all expect goalkeeping and fitness. Thanks for reading and I hope you really enjoy a game with Blackpool. They present an excellent short term and long term challenge and with financial security guaranteed for the future you have the opportunity to carry on Blackpool’s rise since the millennium. Good Luck and please contribute!
  11. Squad Analysis After bringing in no less than ten players over the summer, Blackpool have good strength in numbers, with many similarly skilled players. However these players are out of their depth in the Premier League and with a tough season ahead your team selection will be vital. Goalkeeper Blackpool have three goalkeepers in the first team, all of pretty similar ability. Matthew Gilks has found himself as the Number 1 so far in the Premiership campaign with Paul Rachubka injured in real life. Richard Kingson was also brought in on a free transfer after playing for Ghana at the World Cup. As all the keepers are pretty similar it could be a good idea to rotate them due to form. With a tough season ahead where the ‘Pool will undoubtedly ship a fair few goals in, these three keepers should all see decent playing time Key Man: Richard Kingson Prospect: Mark Halstead Right Back There are three natural right backs at Blackpool this season. Firstly is Neal Eardley, at the age of 21 He is a good all round player with good attributes at defending, attacking and fitness. He is only young but has already played 137 games, also captaining Oldham at just 20 years old. Eardley then is certainly one to watch, but can be a little inconsistent; that’s where Alex Baptiste comes in. Baps can play naturally at RB or CB but is probably more suited to the latter. Reportedly bought for just 5k, he can be easily sold to Stoke for around £2m and with 6 other very capable defenders this may be a good option. Lastly is Danny Coid, he has been at Blackpool his entire career but is very injury prone and is probably not even good enough for backup. He will only see game time if there is a massive injury crisis. Centre Back One of the strongest positions with no less than 5 players competing for the starting XI. Ian Evattis the longest serving central defender, joining ‘The Seasiders’ in their promotion to the Championship in 2006-07. ‘Evo’ is a big no nonsense type standing at 6”3 and 14st, however he isn’t a totally restricted defender and has good decisions and composure attributes and would be a good choice as a defensive leader. Your assistant manager Steve Thompson reports Dekel Keinan to be the best central defender at the club, but his attributes suggest otherwise. Keinan signed for Blackpool in the summer from Israeli side Maccabi Haifa and is pretty similar to Evatt with good attributes in the key defending stats (14/15 in tackling/marking/heading). Next is perhaps one of the more promising youngsters at Blackpool –Craig Cathcart. He was brought in from Manchester United just days before the season kicked off. At 21 he is the best tackler in the squad and has the all-round ability to be my partnership choice with Evatt. Lastly is Rob Edwards, he starts off in the reserves and will probably stay there for the rest of the season. He is handy backup but with 4 other really good centre backs (including Baptiste) you may look to loan him out and see what happens when his contract runs out at the end of the season. Defender Left There is only one natural left back at the club, Stephen Crainey. He has been much improved in this year’s FM and rightly so as he continues to put in consistent performances even at the highest level. With high tackling, composure and bravery he is a very useful defender. He also has decent crossing and physical attributes so isn’t half bad at going forward but if you’re looking for more of a wing back you’ll have to bring somebody else in. Key Defender: Ian Evatt Prospect: Craig Cathcart/Neal Eardley Centre Midfield I’ve decided only to include a CM section and to put all the wingers into a ST bit, as most are natural in both. If you are staying true to Blackpool’s 4-3-3 formation you. Firstly is Charlie Adam, surely the clubs ‘star man’. His 18 goals were so vital in the clubs promotion. Not only does he have goal scoring ability but he is the most creative player in the team with the ability to pass the pall anywhere he wants. He will definitely be one of the first names on the team sheet and at just 24 has a great career ahead; I will talk more about his best position/role in the recommended tactic section as there is more than one way of getting the most out of him. Also in the centre is Keith Southern, Blackpool’s longest serving player. At 30 he is one of more experienced and will be a good choice for the Captaincy. He is more suited to a defensive midfielder role with good tackling ability. However he is good all round and plays a more advanced role IRL so a box to box role arriving late in the box could see a healthy goal return. Next is David Vaughan, one of the Pool’s most underestimated players, however this year’s FM see his passing and flair skill rise to 16 and dribbling ability could see him be played in his accomplished position of left midfield - if you’re playing 4-4-2. If you’re playing 4-3-3 though playing him as an advanced playmaker is a good shout. In my opinion those three are perhaps the strongest midfielders, closely followed by Ludovic Sylvestre. With passing 17 and technique 16 he is well suited as a playmaker and could be seen as a similar type player to Charlie Adam. For some reason FM says the Frenchman can’t speak English, so it may take him a while to settle in to the area and get used to the way you play. Another player brought in from France this year is Malaury Martin. He was on trail at first and signed just days before the first game of the season, so it would seem he was brought in for backup and his attributes would further suggest this. He is only 21 and is decent at passing and creativity, but will not be pushing for a regular place any time soon; loaning him out would be a good idea. The last first team CM is Chris Basham, reportedly bought for £1.2m from Bolton this year. ‘Bashy’ is a great prospect at just 21 and with stats like tackling 15 and determination 17 he will be pushing Keith Southern for that defensive/box to box midfielder role. If he does not get into your starting XI he will be very useful backup and will more than likely play some role in your survival campaign, whether it is at CM or CB. There is also Stephen Husband a 19 year old who has sat in the reserves since his transfer from Livingston back in January. He has some OK attributes such as his passing but isn’t a great prospect by anybody’s standards Key Man: Charlie Adam Prospect:Stephen Husband Wingers: One of the more versatile forwards is Elliot Grandin; he is more than capable of playing at every position from midfield to up front and is natural at AMR. At just 22 Grandin has already played for teams such as CSKA Sofia and Marseille and was brought in this year to ply his trade in the Premiership. He has the attacking ability and skill to be a key player who will suit most tactics of your choice. If you’re looking for a bit more strength on the wings however, Gary Taylor-Fletcher is your man; again he can be played AMR/RM/ST and even CM if needed. GTF puts his name in the record books as Blackpool’s first ever Premier League goal scorer and though he rarely plays upfront by himself the last two FM games have seen this to be his best position. He will add something a little different if you’re playing 433 and there is a good chance he will be your biggest goal scoring threat for a winger. There are also a couple of youngsters for backup, with Matt Phillips probably the most promising after being bought on deadline day from Wycombe. He is primarily an AMR but can play on the left and has good dribbling and finishing attributes for a 19 year old. There are two or three championship clubs interested in loan deals straight away, but only as cover, so you may want to keep him in your reserves and to keep an eye on him - maybe giving him game time in cups. The other youngster is Ishmel Demontagnac-, he is pretty similar to Phillips but, at 22, is three years his senior, the ‘Demon’ is known for his attitude problems but was once was seen to have real potential back when he was at Walsall. For me though he should be offloaded if any interest is shown - if not the reserves are there for a reason! There is also David Carney, brought in for backup he can play as an attacking winger or as a full back. He has pretty average attacking attributes and even worse defensively so he won’t be playing too many games this season. Lastly is Luke Varney, on loan from Derby. He has good enough attacking attributes for cover and can play anywhere up front. On my save file he is a bit of a super sub and is a definite goal threat. Key Man: Elliot Grandin Prospect: Matt Phillips Strikers Whatever your formation Marlon Harewood is a good shout for your Centre Forward. Marlon was brought in on a free transfer and has years of Premier League experience. At 30 years of age, Harewood has good physical attributes, not only 16 at strength but 16 at pace as well, so he could be more than just a target man. However his heading/finishing ability isn’t great, so a supporting deep lying forward may be your role choice. Next is perhaps the best finisher at the club, DJ Campbell. DJ has already had two loan spells at Blackpool, scoring 20 goals in 38 games. He is fast and has good dribbling and flair so an out and out advance forward may be a suited position, but he could also be utilised as an inside forward on the left wing. Next is Brett Ormerod, a legend in any Blackpool fans eyes. This is his second spell at the club and he has proved to be a goal scorer in every division he has played in for the ‘pool’. This season he will surely become the first person to score in every football league in England for Blackpool. At 33 he is coming to the end of his career, but his work rate and determination standing at 18 and a good natural fitness will see him looking for a first team place every week. Another striker is Billy Clarke, if it weren’t for his injury putting him out for the next 11-13 months he would likely be pushing for a first team role. For 22 he is talented enough and at just 5 foot 7 would suit an advanced forward or a poacher role with his natural finishing ability. His contract runs out at the end of the season and it will be your choice whether to give him an extension without seeing him play any league football this year. Lastly is Jason Euell, at 33 years old he may only have a couple of year left but he has decent enough stats for you to consider playing him. Whilst not of the same ability of some of the other strikers he could still provide useful and I would suggest giving him a try when necessary and then deciding whether to extend his contract which finishes at the end of the year. There is some transfer and loan interest from the Championship so this is another option. Key Man: DJ Campbell Prospect: Billy Clarke
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