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  1. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  2. As in D2D providing them or you guys? Never used D2D before...
  3. I've bought the D2D version which doesn't need patching (apparently), I'm just wondering how that will work with future patches?
  4. How will this work with future patches through D2D then?
  5. Wow, the D2D-file seem a lot smaller than the Steam one, only 1,08 GB. Can that really be true? Let's hope so.
  6. I've just bought it at Direct2Drive, really hope that we also will be able to pre-load it. I'm not sure about that though, Steam is a bigger partner I guess and they are highest priority, too bad their prices are insane.
  7. Wow, really great pack. Could you provide an optional mirror? I seem to have problem with megaupload, it says that I've already downloaded 'xxx' mb even though I've not downloaded anything from there for at least the last 6 months...
  8. FM2010 Scouting Idea

    No, you can't. You can search for players like that, but you can't tell your scout to search for fast wingers or tall goal keepers.
  9. FM2010 Scouting Idea

    What I'd really like though is to give the scout some key attributes you want the player to have. Sure, you can say that you want a forward, but in real life you look for player types, say a fast forward, a target man, etc. This kind of stuff is something I really miss and it's something that you can't live without in real football. You don't tell your scout that you want a defender, you demand a defender that is tall with good heading skills and that is comfortable with the ball on the ground, for example.
  10. There is huge potential in this kind of interactions that would do very much for the gameplay itself. The only thing to watch out for is to make it another 'press conferance' which simply isn't great as it is.
  11. Twenty minutes?! That is just unbelivable in FM as there aren't possible for any super long injury breaks.
  12. Click on the text under the "Status"-tab (don't recall what it says) and you'll get a text box popping up asking if you want to rejoin the game.
  13. Adding your own photo

    Thanks, worked excellent!
  14. Adding your own photo

    Is it possible to add a photo once you've started a game? I haven't found anything, but I'd like to get a final answer.