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  1. Cheers. It seems like I don't have that option, however ... all it lets me see right now is pre-load info. I assume I will have that option once the game's unlocked? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone. Just pre-loaded game from Steam. Thing is, I have no activation code for some reason. Do I need one? And, if so, how do I obtain it? Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone. I've just pre-loaded the game via Steam. Thing is, I have no activation code. Do I need one? And if so, how do I obtain it? Cheers!
  4. Thanks Matt for your prompt response. One more question, though ... have you heard anything about when the game will be available for pre-load? Cheers!
  5. LOL. I meant Friday, which is the same thing ;-) Besides, no-one will sell it to me beforehand :-(
  6. IF this is correct, and Steam take an extra day, they can stuff it. I am going STRAIGHT to "GAME" on the 30th November at 9 in the morning, and will purchase my hard copy from there. I will then request a refund from Steam. IF they're delaying it by a day, it's a total and utter joke. Particularly considering last year's debacles. Oh well, easily sorted ... they'll never have my custom again, as well as having a refund request pronto on their desk Friday morning. I'm only sorry I didn't order it in the mail, for fear of the postal strike. Sounds like you mail order guys struck lucky.
  7. Thanks. If that's so, that's fine. Just didn't want to be in a mad scramble to download it at the same time as everyone else. Day before is fine - cheers!
  8. I've just ordered Football Manager 2010, relying on what Matt said below at his 21 October, 17:07 post, i.e. that we can pre-load the game on Steam. Surprise surprise, I can't. It just says "not yet released", and does not allow me to pre-load it. Any way anyone can help, so I can pre-load the (locked until day of release) game, as Matt said it was possible to do, and not have to load it at a time when EVERYONE will want to load it, thus increasing risk of server failure, etc.? Many thanks!
  9. Strawberry demo query

    Thanks all :-)
  10. Strawberry demo query

    I did :-) but I used the vanilla one, so didn't know what the strawberry one was like. I guess I'll have to wait until Friday then :-( (don't like to do too much on a demo game, because I don't like having to start from scratch afterwards with the full game again). Oh well ... only around 37h30min to go until I can finally play it ... I'll survive :-)
  11. Strawberry demo query

    Thanks. My question was not about how many quick starts there were ... just whether I could play multiple leagues at once. Seems from your answers that I cannot. If I'm wrong, and I CAN, please let me know! Reason is, I'd love to play the game from tonight, knowing that demo games are save-compatible with the full game. However, what's the point if I can't play multiple leagues at once, as I would with the full game? Hence my question. And thanks for the welcome :-)
  12. I'd just like to know whether the strawberry demo allows one to play multiple leagues AT ONCE, as in the full version of the game, or whether it's just quickstarts of one league at a time per game (albeit with many more options of which league to play compared to the vanilla demo). Thanks!