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  1. Thanks to everyone posting above. There is a consistent message that i'm reading in post after post and that is tactics and people asking for my tatics. So i've included my latest attempt below. I haven't "tinkered" i haven't assigned roles i've only picked the formation and tried to put players in that are as natural as i can from what i've got. Any more pointers would be appreciated, also to the mod who changed the post title - leave it as it might help others who are struggling with tactics and how this is translated into the ME.
  2. No i would disagree. In FM14 I had three seasons of steady success in the premier league, slowly getting slightly better players until I finished in the top 4. In season 5 i won the premier league, champions league, league and FA Cup. So in answer to your reply, it is not proof that my tactics or managerial skills at this game are poor, quite the opposite. Don't forget, no matter what I do in terms of tactics, training or player selection the team always get beat. If you look at my original post, nothing i do makes a difference.
  3. 10 games into the league season, no matter what formation, tactics or training i set up the results are always the same, an absolute thrashing. I even lose by 4/5 goals to teams that are 19th and 18th respectively. David Nugent hadn't scored in 8 games, then he plays me and scores 4 in one game. Burnley were 19th on a similarly bad run of losing game after game after game, then I come along and they hit 7 past me. I've been playing this game for over ten years and i've never experienced anything like this. I've had struggles, relegations etc but i've never sat here with the feeling that nothing i do has an impact. Either i'm doing something fundamentally wrong or the game is broken. I think what annoys me most is if you watch the commentary, you read things like "He's hit a speculative shot", then a few seconds pass and you read "Goal for xxx", "That was from 20 yards what a strike" and then you realise its Matty Taylor for Burnley. Ok lets have a look at Matty Taylor, he's scored 3 goals this season, 2 of them against me. Burnleys run before they played me: In all of the games listed above i've had double digit shots, but "Skimmed the top of the bar", "He'll kick himself for missing that", "So close", "Great save from xxxx", "He surely cant miss" (and he inevitably does).
  4. I agree. I think its riddled with bugs, keep losing by 4, i've got all 5 star coaches, full stars on goalkeeping yet they just let the AI score every 30 seconds.
  5. I said above that switching to software rendering does help and make the text sharper. I guess i'll maintain software rendering until a fix comes out.
  6. If i hover over buttons they appear to tear diagonally Sometimes a white line appears going diagonal across the screen to the top right corner The little yellow question helpers, when I hover over one, it tears in half and when I move the mouse away from it the other half comes back. Switching to software rendering seems to resolve these issues and make the interface text much much sharper. I'm running an ATI R290X with the latest Catalyst drivers - I've just updated to the latest version hoping it would fix the tearing but it hasn't. Any ideas?
  7. Agree with this one. Can we not edit these now? Thought they would be stored in an XML file or something.
  8. Im not going to explain all of my gripes with FM09 simply list them. - Manchester City have way too much spending power, and attract all the best current generation players, and seem to have a knack of every signing being out of this world. - AI is too stringest and doesn't negotiate where transfers are concerned. The AI wont pay above £30m for anybody. - Often AI will not pay £31m but will pay £30m, its too strict, needs to be more flexbile and negotiate more. - Huge clubs such as Chelsea and Liverpool in extended games, usually around the 2013 mark, will go into administration. Chelsea in my game were actually demoted after going into administration, and then it was a slippery slope, quickly falling out of the league system, with Abramovich still the chairman, quite strange considering he's a billionaire. - Players being unhappy at the lack of "Managerial Discipline" despite their being no one to discipline. - Players with amazing statistics seem to do poorly when they play for a human controlled club, particularly the case with regens. - Human controlled clubs will surge to a 5-0 lead in the first half, and then not score at all in the second, or have the other team mount a comeback. - Too much of the game time will pass without anything happening. I'll make substitutions in the 80th minute and the game will leap forward too the final whistle, with nothing happening. Suggestions for FM2010: - Trophy Room, if FM has the licence for that league already does it then have to get image rights? this would be an excellent feature. - In-Depth post match interviews. - Buy Shares in the club with earnings from Managers Wages, or allow you to do something to invest in the club or lower league teams just anything, I've got total career earnings of £15m and its just money sitting there being wasted, I want to do something with it. - More control over sponsorship deals or agreements - More indepth meetings with the board members in particular the chairman over issues relating to transfer funds and players. - Approach chairmen of other club to state interest in player and seek information on whether he is for sale. - Chairmen of other clubs in a domestic league meet annually to discuss improvements or the situation with referees, any topical issues affecting the game. - Option to request a fourth official on the touchline assess video replays to assist referee in close penalty and goal line decisions - similar to Howard Webb in Egypt v Brazil Confederations Cup. - Manager should request the club sign a player and the chairmen will attempt to open dialogue with the targeted club to ensure deal goes through. - Ability to criticise referees in the game. - Ability to request to rearrangement of fixtures should International Fixtures clash with Domestic Fixtures. - Ability to have FA discipline referee should their performance be particularly poor. - Ability to criticise linesmen, and have their stats recorded for the amount of offsides they give. - Team talks need to be more flexbile, and selecting the "Wrong" team talk shouldn't result in a defeat or the team playing badly, really annoying when you have world class players. - Big clubs have to sell their big players for the right money, Ronaldo's £80m transfer to Real Madrid as an example, Kaka £56m to Madrid is another. - German national team needs to be licencesed. - Crowd disturbances would be a cool feature, especially at away european games. - Complain to FIFA should your FA turn down a request. - FIFA should have more control over the international sector rather than the domestic FA - Approach the domestic FA and FIFA for specific requests, i.e introduce goal line technology, switch fixture to neutral ground, request games played at more suited stadia with better facilities, cap player wages or pump money into the grass roots. - Give exclusive interviews to specific media outlets. - Have a "relationship" with media outlets. - Media outlets might print a story accusing you of playing a weakened side on purpose, you can refute the allegations and refuse to speak to them again (see alex ferguson and BBC Match of the Day) - More choice of sponsors in the game, providing greater income. - Players injuries more varied (Players involved in car crash for example, could be a cool feature) - Ability to have a private jet purchased for the team to travel abroad in Europe, reducing the level of fatigue in your players. - During the transfer window clubs offer more players out to other clubs promoting more intense negotations. - Negotiations need to be more indepth and slightly longer - Declare interest in player, and have that club report you to FIFA or FA for inappropriate approaches, should you be found guilty, your fined or banned from the touchline. - Ability to run a Club TV channel, dedicated to your teams football news, and have a level of subscribers giving you increased revenue. - Arrange open top bus tours on the back of a momentus victory, lifting morale. - Open stadium for tours on a weekly basis providing more income.
  9. Fixture Management The FA of the country that you manage in should offer you alternative dates for fixtures that must be rescheduled, rather than rescheduling them to whenever they see fit, without giving the manager any say in the matter. Bring back the option to request a fixture be rescheduled, this can come in useful when teams have an "exceptional" amount of injuries, or if players are still returning from international duty.
  10. Yeah i have to agree there Ter. The way that date is presented provides so much more context and promotes understanding, you can really see where the team are falling short or where you need to improve, by displaying a few nice graphs and some more detailed stats. I would love to see the same system that sky sports use put into FM. Im not saying copy, im saying take their idea of displaying data and make it your own. Just look at how much detail is available within one click from being on the league table screen. So theres Sunderland sitting in 12th place, i can see the form from their last 5 games instantly just from the colors. Now if i actually click the "Form" (those 5 colors) watch what happens ... ^ how cool would that be in FM!
  11. Trophy Cabinet As SI already have the licence to run the competitions, apart from the premiership, majority of EU competitions are there and national ones. Do SI need a seperate licence for the actual image of the trophy? I would have thought this was a package, if it is already licenced then we should certainly have a trophy cabinet, somewhere to see whats outstanding, what we haven't won that we possibly could. Real World Ticker JimmyIOCS thought this was a bad idea, and i can't understand why, FIFA 09 has a virtual ticker and its quite handy to keep up to date on your current team. The amount of time spent in FM you might miss something. Seems like a good way to keep up to date with whats happening in a league or team of your choice. Football Manager Profile I want the world to see every intricate detail of my game, what i've spent, the trophies i've won, my preferred tactics, all of this could be exported via the web and hosted up on SI. It would create a social network element to support the game. FM boasts one of the, if not the, most loyal community ever, get it interacting. Career Earnings These should be able to be invested in the club through stocks/shares or setting up a foundation at the club that you fund yourself once you have earned enough, this could then increase your chance of developing some really really good home grown talent, as your spending a little more than most in youth development. Set "Short Term Plans" As a manager you should be able to set a Short Term Plan, instead of it always being blank, whats the point in having it there? You could choose from a list of options such as "Go on a winning streak" or "Concentrate on winning home games" these could see an increase in player morale or confidence in you for addressing the current issues the squad face. Sending Players to Specialist Send to Specialist is already in the game, but i think it should be expanded, there should be a choice of who to send him too, and different recovery times, give you the option to chose, you may want him to travel to america and be out for longer, but that particular specialist is "World Class" and trade a longer recovery period for a higher chance of that injury not recurring. Communicate with Fans Maybe have an option to chose a prescripted comment to post in the matchday program, may inspire fan confidence a bit more, i've noticed there is no way to directly interact with fans, and i think it has a huge effect on how the board judge you. Opinion Shows / Phone In Shows These are a huge part of the football world, and could provide enhanced feedback on how the fans think your doing. Basically would be an extension to the Media module, but would certainly provide something fresh. League Tablss show more Data League tables should show recent form, for example the last 5 games, if you look at Sky Sports football league tables, they have 5 blocks that are the results of the last 5 games. green for win, red for loss and grey for draw. You should also be able to drill down in the league, and be given a graph of your current years progress similar to the sky sports system its really good.
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