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  1. Evening, I want to make my own team, with family and the lads making up the team, however, what's the best way of getting them to stick with me? Loyalty at 20 is all I can think of, oh and set favourite team as the new team I create. Really not sure where else to go with it to be honest, but I don't want to create a whole new team, only for it to be broken up after a season. I could also set my team's rep as high, even though I'd be in a lower league (I don't intend on buying anyone, I want to keep my team together) Does anybody have any tips, or similar experiences? I've posted here for maximum exposure, because I want to get started tonight, asap. Hope that's ok, Mods. Cheers Neil
  2. Evening all, I started a game with my beloved Argyle and Benjelloun for Hibs, and Razak Omitoysi (sp), A Benin striker, were interested in signing, but didn't get work permits. I'd love to be able to have them in my team, and they are both in their respective national teams; so is there any way in the editor where I can ensure there will be no work permit issues? Thank you Edited to add, I suppose I could change their nationality, but thats a bit too much tampering in my opinion.
  3. OP - a 65% fit player doesn't mean he's 65% of the player he would be if he was 100% fit. Seriously. Some people.
  4. So is it actually possible to do this?
  5. Hi all, I thought I was patched to 11.1.1, however, I've just gone to start a new game and the only option it gives is 11.1.0 Does this mean Steam hasn't automatically updated, and if so, is there any way I can do it? Cheers
  6. I didn't know you could do this - I may try this for some 'meaningless games'
  7. Ahh nice one! I'm patched up, but I was going via documents, FM2011 etc. Now I realise I had to go through Steam apps in my C drive Thank you
  8. I had to create the folders Data/Updates/Update-1110 I installed with Steam - should it still work?
  9. I've gone in to Fooball Manager 2011 and created the following folders within each other...........Data/Updates/Update-1110 So if I download it, and plonk it in there, all is good?
  10. Could somebody please explain, in simple, non-computing terms, what I have to do to get this to work, please? I'm so rubiish with computers it's untrue! Thank you
  11. My bro received his copy today - he ordered it through my mum's Littlewoods catalogue!
  12. Training Youth?

    Ah that's brilliant! Thank you
  13. Afternoon all. When you have 3 options, i.e Ideal role model Adopt approach to game Learn from What are the benefits of each? I remember reading a thread but can't find it. I think one option was learning the senior pro's PPM's, the other is mental attributes etc, but I cant for the life of me remember which is which. I always do 'learn from'.
  14. I have 3 16-18 yr olds with a PA of 190 - 200 Their CA is currently about 78! Have I got to give individual training to get the most out of them?