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  1. Embargo on staff changes

    Thanks for the help. I'll look into that.
  2. I took charge of Inter in the summer 2021. When negotiating terms with the board I agreed upon not changing the staff at the club. If I had known what it ment I surely wouldn't have agreed on that! I thought that it only ment that I wasn't going to do any firing of staff initially, but in reality it ment that I can't sign any staff at all. For example I wasn't allowed to hire a new assistant manager when that position was open when i arrived (the old one probably left when the old manager got sacked). In the same fashion I was blocked from replacing the clubs best fitness coach who retired in october. I am now in december 2021 and the board is still blocking any signing of new staff, despite the fact that the club is seriously undersized in this area. Have anyone experienced the same effects from this contract clause and if so, for how long will the board intervene in staff signings?