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  1. Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn, Football Manager teaching me that winning streaks always end for no reason,
  2. Thanks, I was wondering I am thinking of starting another game but will wait to see if my PC keels over before making a thread, is that okay?
  3. My computer wont get past a certain date on this save would appreciate if mods could close this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=197738
  4. My most long term game was in 08 Started at Celtic staying for 3 seasons perhaps four before moving to Fiorentina. Won Serie A the first and finished 2nd the next season before taking France to the 2014 world cup and the Semis of the Euros in 2016
  5. I was on Arsenals favoured personel after winning the treble first and second season
  6. When you are watching Aberdeen v Rangers and screaming at the tv kick the ball out of play to end the highlight god damn it
  7. Is this possible or not within the current board software?
  8. Oh and arsenal i definatly didnt mean to sound like I was critisising the idea but I had my doubts is all
  9. It's a good start but until whole threads can be deleted then I still think there will be a problem. Look at loooooooooooooooooolll or whatever he was called. Those threads are just there but closed how about deleting them to make the forum better instead of just locking them. Tbh the problem will never be solved so I've just accepted it but there are ways to lessen it ie deleting threads ect
  10. I was wondering how to increase the rate of goals my midfielders contribute in a 4-4-2 (AML/R instead of wingers) without modifying how many goals my strikers would roughly reach. Its February and both my strikers or on 17 goals each (one has that in 31 games and the other in 25 games) but the rest of my team have been very lacklustre in the goal department. My AMR has yet to score my AML has scored one and my MCs have got a total of 8 between them with the rest of the team scoring none. which is incredibly disappointing to say the least. I need to reach third in the league or i fear the sack and if my Mcs were scoring a bit more I feel that would hopefully propel me into 3rd if anyone has any advice without risking defence obviously as well please help
  11. threads that dont go into there respective club or player threads fair enough if you find it a big deal and I clearly am not going to be a moderator anytime soon but does it really affect you that much?
  12. good idea but do many people find it that much of a problem. Personally I dont mind now especially since i feel it keeps the forums a bit more active but hey-ho who am I to complain
  13. Red Light Stadium Ajax 2040 Also sponsorship stadiums would be clever if they made sure that only say for instance Vodafone could have one stadium only but back to the original post good idea although I want to have a stadium named after me occassionally as well
  14. ive got £450k to spend Where do i need strengthing This is my best eleven apparently GK: Tomas Cerny DR: James Clarke DC: Luke Foster DC: Parisio MR: Mikoliunas ML: Cesnauskis DMC: Seyfo SOley AMC: Salomonsson SC: Paul Daglish SC: Bas Savage I could probably get nordtveit, ebanks blake and jay simpson back if need be and arsenal have sen t me paul rodgers and wojciech Szczensny (spelling)
  15. well done mate! ebanks is a hero!! nice work </div></BLOCKQUOTE> thanks mate how much money do you get to spend roughly in league one cause if ebanks might be avaliable and im on his favourite clubs now
  16. somethings happened ill have to keep this one brief aswell I came second in league 2 everyone was surprised as hell i was like thanks i guess and Ebanks got 31 goals Salomonsson got 15 assists and Nordtveit got the most bookings
  17. ok im nearly at the end of league 2 season update to follow soon and it will be a proper length one.
  18. *5-2 urgh and Luke foster made a mistake shock and so did Ebanks blake who had a shoceker ---- equaliser to take it to et----
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