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  1. Thanks, I was wondering I am thinking of starting another game but will wait to see if my PC keels over before making a thread, is that okay?
  2. My computer wont get past a certain date on this save would appreciate if mods could close this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=197738
  3. Had an iPhone 3G I get an early upgrade in October so its either Palm Pre or 3GS care to persuade me either way OTF?
  4. we the undersigned petition O2 to offer reasonable iPhone 3GS upgrade and tethering #o2fail
  5. http://twitition.com/owzm4 If you have twitter feel free to sign up 2500 odd signed up so far
  6. I cannot believe this i broke my iphone and have been patiently waiting for this as an upgrade hoping id just have to pay around £100 but now its up to £400 id have to pay since i have 6 months left on my current contract its ridiculous
  7. I was wondering how to increase the rate of goals my midfielders contribute in a 4-4-2 (AML/R instead of wingers) without modifying how many goals my strikers would roughly reach. Its February and both my strikers or on 17 goals each (one has that in 31 games and the other in 25 games) but the rest of my team have been very lacklustre in the goal department. My AMR has yet to score my AML has scored one and my MCs have got a total of 8 between them with the rest of the team scoring none. which is incredibly disappointing to say the least. I need to reach third in the league or i fear the sack
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