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  1. milnerpoint- thats very impressive! Did you win the CL with the Dons? Seagullfan- Congratulations! My team never win anything so I can't relate to how you must feel SCIAG- Haha nice reference unfortunately no although I think my team were bribed by Celtic to throw it with some bizarre thrashings when we entered the final stretch. Season 2 Transfer budget is 60k so this game is unfortunately over for me because I am expected to get into Europe and tbh I don't even know how I got into the top 4.
  2. Pawlett demanded a transfer But Fyvie has been great as has Ryan Jack! The star of the team is definately Diamond though club legend in the making.
  3. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z41/Megafan05/League-3.png First season I win the league with my hometown team Aberdeen! Media predicted 7th so it is a great result. Needed to post this somewhere and I am aware everyone will just whine about there being a thread like this everyday but I am so chuffed! On top of that I won £300 today at blackjack so all in all a superb day Anyone else had a day where everything in FM and real life has gone to plan perfectly?
  4. Save wont load and my last backup (despite the fact I have rolling 1 month increments set) is a whole ******* season ago. I am so ******* ******.
  5. After the board announced in the previous season a new stadium was to be built I knew that I would have to stay in the Premiership or I would be in serious financial difficultly. Finished 7th only a few points behind Chelsea! Everyone above me operates on a different level of finance but I was given a decent budget again with £20M promised if I kept Luton up! Final day of the season and it is a game against Arsenal with little meaning in terms of position but still important as it was the clubs last game at Kenilworth Road. Having somehow beat Man City 2-1 there in the 3rd last game of the season then heading to Stamford Bridge and bagging 4 in a 4-2 win I was starting to believe in the impossible. A Ricky Alaverez (apparently joining Arsenal IRL) goal along with a strike from regen top scorer Danny Yiadom (He is out of this world after being tutored by David Villa even though his stats aren't the best) led us to a 2-1 win against 4th place Arsenal. Now is there any better a way to open your new 17000 seater stadium than with a European game which is your clubs first proper European match (Anglo-Italian Cup notwithstanding) The match in question Only Koita is a real player but if anyone wants any pictures of anything in my game feel free to ask!
  6. I had a guy break his leg from a "late challenge" by Frazier Campbell no booking. Might be needing looked at for the next game :@ In other news Pompey were bought over by a Russian tycoon (sound familiar) who has promised he won't stop till they are a major force in football. Shame they are 6 points from safety. Tottenham are also linked with a Qatari man who promised a £97M budget Here lies the interesting part in my game linked with Liverpool job if Alex Mcleish leaves (Kenny left to take the Scotland job a while back). Liverpool were mediocre till they sold Suarez and Carroll and bought wisely and they now sit top with 9 games to go. Strange I am being linked with that job but it may be to do with my Scottish nationality? I am mid-table and very pleased with that. Will do a season review at the end but won't do one for my other Premiership season and my Play-off winning season either.
  7. My virtual pro on Fifa is as close to Brandy as I can get! Luton Legend.
  8. Ignore the cup competitions keep your players fit for league games. Release entire starting squad and reserves and youth team at the start of the game unless they are clearly talented. Look further abroad for players who will come for less money Sign and you will win everything ever fact. Make sure you don't give players long deals two years at most because you will (hopefully) rapidly rise through the divisions. All learnt from my own Luton game where I am in the Premier League for the 2nd time after 4 consecutive promotions to get there the first time!
  9. Mourinho is IMO the best counter attacking coach. He usually sets up his teams to "counter-attack" perhaps watching a few Real Madrid games would give someone an indication on how Mourinho counter-attacks in an aggressive manner or for the old-school counter attack watch the Inter-Barcelona games last season
  10. He just began tutoring England's next top striker so hopefully his year long stay will be worth the wages!
  11. David Villa Some how managed to get stat increases from him :O but alas his physicals are dreadful. Still top man and well worth the £25k a week just because of his legendary status.
  12. Just signed a 34 (soon to be 35) year old David Villa signing of the thread?
  13. Luton promoted for the 2nd time in my managerial spell to the promised land! via the playoffs this time but still
  14. iirc age has no bearing on having a son in-game plus men stay fertile for an awful lot longer than women maybe you might marry a young women
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