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  1. I think they would be fairly satisfied with FM considering it has a slight growth in sales year on year. Also it is a huge financial risk they don't need to expand if they are comfortable keeping it as close to the company's roots as possible.
  2. Europe has well over double the amount of people America has. I know this topic should have perhaps died months ago but my two cents is that this is a risk not worth taking for SI. They sit very comfortable with decent sales figures year after year for FM why rock the boat and put the whole company at risk on the off-chance that either an American Football or Rugby Management game would sell well.
  3. You make it and I have a whole season with Luton just finished to report on in it!
  4. Maybe a blue square thread in general might attract more posters, I started a game with Luton but their thread is completely dead!
  5. Andre Villas Boas would be my tip however I doubt Kroenke or the rest of the board would react to this in a ill judged manner. Game related- Signed Sime Vrsaljko as the heir to Bacary Sagna's RB spot, loaned out to gain a WP. Connor Wickham signed as well although his stamina is dreadful . Playing a 451 rather than a 4231 so N'Koulou was signed as a substitute for Song and already looks like he will develop into a similar sort of player as Alex!
  6. Just started a new Arsenal game! Disappointed the thread is quite quiet but then ago so are the boards these days. With regards to the Bolton game, Wenger has to stay on but Walcott at least should be moved on or treated as a backup. The technical skills needed for an Arsenal player are extremely high and unfortunately he has just not developed them. Koscielny looks good, composed on the ball but a bit nervy. Djourou has dreadful concentration and Squilacci has to go and a replacement for him needs to be sought!
  7. Started again and my tactic now doesnt work and im getting humped 4-0 by Bolton.. This game is utterly ridiculous how can my tactic work for 4 years and win me consecutive titles on one game and suck on another?
  8. Haha no worries man I knew you were! Just feels sacrilege now, really want to see how far I can get Arsenal with my new transfer policy!
  9. Yeah you are right gonna have to stick with Arsenal, was mid-way loading a game with Dortmund but Arsenal here we go again.
  10. Went away for a while and then tried to load up save unfortunately corrupted. Start again or new team?
  11. After winning the league a 4th time in a row and also the Champions League finally I deleted the game. Starting again and trying to follow the Arsene way closer. For my transfers this means (roughly) - One first teamer a Summer/January(Arshavin) - 2/3 Youth Prospects Expect more detailed updates from me from now on!
  12. Also not really I was lucky the stats for Real Madrid were similar to mine! Was lucky in this game as well, AC Milan had numerous CCCs just never took their chances
  13. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z41/Megafan05/rmadrid.png thebigman- It can be done but I admit I think they game can deliberately screw you over sometimes.
  14. Just dominated the FA Cup Final, lost on penalties of course. Utterly disgraceful keeping from Adler cost us. He better have a freaking stormer in the CL Final. Just found out Pato out for CL. Words cannot describe my rage.
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