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  1. Stupid vikings!!! They tricked us!!! Fukushima for their 3rd world country!!!
  2. Do you wear a helmet with horns?
  3. Well they are danish, they are wrong all the time.
  4. Just give us the demo you
  5. Says it's unavailable in mine and your region.So soon it will come.
  6. ????
  7. I hope for proper transfer system.It's extremely frustrating when Juventus ask 54 m for Zdenek Grygera.
  8. Again with the conspiracy theories.
  9. You're a giant fruit basket.
  10. It's still gonna be gay.
  11. The goalkeepers are awesome, but the defenders still look and act like mindless hacks.
  12. Nobody said it is either.I'm guessing based on previous expiriences.