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  1. Official - Juve, secure the repayment of Matri, Quagliarella, Pepe Motta. This is for Aquilani ... This morning, "La Gazzetta dello Sport" back to dwell on the marketing strategies of Juventus, but by focusing on the delicate issue of "redemption." According to the newspaper in Milan, Juventus, the club will not exercise rights on Rinaudo and Traoré (however arrived on loan free of charge), will instead deal with Liverpool for Aquilani, and will be confirmed commitments for Matri, Quagliarella, Pepe Motta. The first three will be part of the Rose 2011-2012, Motta will return probably useful as a technical counterpart in any negotiations. general manager Beppe Marotta continues to be criticized for having taken too many players on loan with the right (obligation) of repurchase. For "La Gazzetta dello Sport," however, "Marotta's work should perhaps be re-evaluated", may still be enough operations to "read" on the budget, since the number of redemptions will be completed in no fewer than three annual installments. They are also excellent players, however, been taken: in the case of Matri Quagliarella - said the rosy - we talk about attacking at least 35 goals in two league. Pepe, however, should be promoted for his tactical flexibility from midfield forward: in fact, quite as reliable as the owner, even a luxury as a change in current race. Overall positive also the season of Alberto Aquilani. La The Bianconeri are strongly determined to confirm it, but the problem are the 16 million who are used to redeem, a figure in Corso Galileo Ferraris have no intention to pay. Also according to La Gazzetta dello Sport ", will soon set up a meeting with the leaders of Liverpool to explore two alternative routes. The second option is to reduce the cost of the card. Agnelli and Marotta would not want to go beyond the eight to ten million euro.
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