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  1. Shame, as without the scouting options having the attributes un-hidden makes sense.
  2. FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    I would add under 20s team and take out reserve team. Also scouting like in the normal version, just having one scout hurts me For the moment those are the two things I am missing. Ideally I think FMC should be modular. Example there is a general back bone (possibly like it is now) but with X number of features that can be added by the user according to his taste. I would add the two mentioned above but probably some users would add other things.
  3. Validating now... so hopefully I will be able to play soon. Still this whole situation is a bit ridiculous...
  4. Is there however hope, will we be able to get the demo before the game is out? EDIT: ok checking back in the thread I can answer the question. What I am confused is that it actually means you cannot even sell the game in Germany... please don't tell me it is related to the game title and EA...
  5. FAIL SI. Just put the demo anywhere, make it available for everyone... it's not that difficult.
  6. So no update on the demo being available on Steam for Germany? I understand the need for Steam for the full game but I don't understand the demo being locked to Steam. I think a demo should be made easily available so that people can try a game. Like this you are making it harder for people to try the game.
  7. 21st October good. Now give us the demo to kill time
  8. is this really what the complaint is about??? Then yes, it doesn't make any sense.
  9. Switzerland won in the final on penalties They actually only scored one goal in all of the elimination rounds (in the semi) basically winning on penalties every other time
  10. What about last man fouls not getting a direct red card? It keeps on happening to me, my striker gets past and is brought down and the only thing I get is a foul and a yellow card >_<
  11. uhm... up. Seriously doesn't anyone know????? I guess the feature is disabled for the demo but I would like some sort of confirmation.
  12. I was looking for this and under "Training" - "Overview" next to "Preferred move training" there is NONE and I can't change it. Does anyone know how this works?
  13. For the moment I'm extremely happy with the 3d engine, I had my doubts but it plays very well. I'm also very happy of the extra information from the Assistant manager, especially during the game.