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  1. Ghosts on the pitch after 18.2

    It is spanish team who are invisible. I have removed the 3D kits, but doesn´t seem to help..
  2. Ghosts on the pitch after 18.2

    Sorry, but your advice does not help. Can´t find the cache folder outside the game..
  3. No Match sound

    When you look at highlights from other matches, there are no sound on the full game too
  4. Ghosts on the pitch after 18.2

    I tried to watch the match of my next opponent, but the players got invisible. I have restarted the game and clear cache. I have the latest Nvidia driver, but nothing seems to work. Come on SI. Fix this buggy game please! This new match engine gonna make me quit FM2018. Sevilla v Celta de Vigo.pkm
  5. 18.1 match sound

    No sound when you are watching highlights from other matches, after 18.2
  6. Sorry for my honesty SI. If this new match engine is so great and fantastic, but difficult to implement to the game. Why do you not wait to release the game until next year???. It makes no sense to release a half-finished product, under pressure from the publisher. This years engine reminds me of CM4 and FM2009. Too many bugs and lot´s of critics? The match engine in FM 2017 looks a lot more realistic, than this years engine. It hurts me to say this, after all these years with CM/FM under my skin.
  7. Data Analyst Camera Angle

    The Data Analyst Camera Angle are useless when the ball is red. often you can´t see where the ball is.. Man Utd v Reading.pkm
  8. After hotfix 18.1.3, the players are losing morale. The team has won the game, and the player has a rating of 7.72, but the morale are abysmal... Sorry to say it, but FM2018 is one of the most buggy games you have released. Hope patch will be released very soon.
  9. Fans in wrong colours

    I will do. Thanks for help!!
  10. Fans in wrong colours

    Still that bug with wrong colors for home supporters. I hope this will be fixed in patch 18.2 Man Utd v Man City.pkm
  11. Glitchy

    I think I found the solution myself. I have been skinning the hole day, and running the game forwards and backwards, without restarting the game. Now I have done this, and now it all works again. Sorry! Burton Albion v Carlisle.pkm
  12. Glitchy

    I have used the watch highlights button. And the latest screenshot is when I wanted to watch replays from Carabao Cup.
  13. Glitchy

    This is really strange. The ball acting like a boomerang and flashes lights everywhere. Real Madrid v Man Utd.pkm
  14. Match Lag READ THIS TO CURE

    I did the same, and the lag was gone. Now the 3D´s running smoothly
  15. Match sound Issues - KNOWN

    Lot´s of noise, but no spectators. I have set the volume to 1 on match sound, but it is very high. Salford v Leamington.pkm