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  1. FMH Skin Dark v.2 with other fonts
  2. Link for skin; https://mega.nz/#!38R0iQ7T!BAPbrHj7NXo9E8fLRDo6-S0Asj-qerVj3KBiRxBMq4c
  3. Just added this newspaper from Rick Andromeda Skins, to my Base skin.
  4. Hey Bossland! What has happened to the website on the latest version of your skin???
  5. https://www.fmscout.com/a-mini-stadiums-superpack-fm17.html
  6. You don´t have to apology. I really like this screen, and the first who got this into the skin, was when Flut released the FM classic skin, for the full version.
  7. If you send me a pm, I will give you a link for the skin. Then you can get these panels and graphics for this screen..
  8. Yeah right. We have used it in our skins the last 2 years
  9. If someone wants these skins, please send me a pm.
  10. You have my full understanding. I know from my work with Andromeda skins, that you will be met with high expectations, and unpatient people.
  11. It would be nice, if you release this skin!!
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