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  1. If Covid-19 will be a part of FM2021, I prefer to play FM2020. I am tired of Covid-19!!!
  2. https://gyazo.com/fe18b59dd049f5d1b7d2dfa8c6495a16 No background appears on Press Cenference or tactical briefing
  3. I think the dark skin, looks a lot better than the purple- This is a twisted dark skin, with panels from various of skins, and a background from FM 2016.
  4. After 20.3. Missing images on the news, and no tunnel background….
  5. Everytime SI release a patch, they destroy my work on my skin...WHY!! Before 20.3 my news screen works, but after 20.3, some pictures doesn`t show up. That is very annoying!! Can someone help me??
  6. Probs with the fonts on topbar drag down menus
  7. I know the feeling with Andromeda skin. I have stopped skinning this year, and will only make Mods of other skin, for my use..
  8. Which folder have you installed your backgrounds into?? https://gyazo.com/e506c3798534f94f67be9efbea77f427
  9. Stadium background works fine in this skin
  10. Others who have this bug with the star rating on facilities???
  11. I still have the beta, but could the white box or fonts be changed for this skin??
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