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  1. I miss the opportunity to see highlights from other matches. But very nice skin!!!!!
  2. bella699

    FA Cup Ball in FM18

    michaeltmurrayuk: Do you know how this can be fixed???
  3. bella699

    FA Cup Ball in FM18

    This topic has been raised a lot of times. Don´t think SI will listen to you... They say the colour of the ball is the same as IRL.....NOT!!
  4. bella699

    Ball FA CUP

    Yes, it really looks like the ball, SI have added for the FA Cup matches...
  5. bella699

    Ball FA CUP

    I have the same issue as you, and I have raised this issue with SI. They say, that the ball have the same colour as in real life.....hmmmm. I think this was the most annoying answer I could get. The new match engine get rid of how the pitch changes to the weather and if you are playing with a team from conference league. But they like to give us a ball from the FA Cup, which is so hard for the eye to see, that you consider to use the instant result button, because of the ball.
  6. bella699

    Change Ball Colour

    The pitches are also changing due to the weather IRL. It makes no sense to make a ball hard for the eye to see.
  7. bella699

    Change Ball Colour

    In preferences you can only change the colour of the summer and winter ball, but what about the colour of the ball, when playing FA Cup. It´s a brown/red colour, and if you are using Data Analyst cam or TV cam, the ball is almost invisible, and that is very hard for the eyes, so I hate the FA Cup. It makes no sense to make a ball in that colour. But Unfortunately, SI have made many strange decisions on this years release.
  8. Hey Neil Brock! Thanks for your answer. I have raised the issue with the sound in the match engine forum, and many other issues since the beta was released. They said the glitches was a cache issue. I have always the latest drivers for my graphics card, and yes I use custom graphics/logos to make the game look more realistic. I am also a skinner, and make skins for this game. I am passionate FM gamer, but I am also tired of all these bugs in the game. If you really want a big revamp of the game, why don´t you take the time it takes??? I look forward to a new FM every year, and also this year I was excited, because of FM2017 last year. In Steam my game is set for Public Beta, so my version is 18.2.2, but the sound is still an issue.
  9. FM 2018 is a joke. SI and SEGA should not have asked for our money this year. It is like buying a car, but you can get the wheels over the coming versions. Dear SI, I have been there since the first Championship Manager, and have always purchased every version since then. But I think I will quit paying more money into your company. I will say thanks for all these years with enjoyable moments, but also disappointments with CM4, FM2009 and now FM2018. You could have sold it with a discount, due to the condition of the game. Here I am talking about the new 3D engine, which is highly promoted by SI. But the fact is: Since the beta, you haven´t found a solution to the sound. A couple of strange graphical bugs, still appears when you play a match. Weather conditions won´t have any effect on the pitch. You call it the most realistic match engine ever. I admit that the animations are better than ever, and I also like the Dynamics and Medical Centre feature, but I don´t like to pay full price for a half finished game. Crashes and bugs is raining over this forum. If I was SI, I would send an official excuse to all us loyal fans over the years. I´ll quit now!!!!
  10. bella699

    Pitch realism

    In FM 2018, the new match engine, can´t find out, how to change pitches after the weather conditions. SI has told, that it maybe will be possible in future releases........! So all pitches will always be in perfect condition. SI announced that FM 2018 match engine would be the most realistic engine in FM history. I must admit that the engine runs more smoothly than ever, but the rest.........hmm. Hope that SI will be back on track in FM 2019. For me FM 2017, is the best FM game. The lightning and pitches looks more realistic than in FM 2018. The pitches in FM 2018 are not a bug, just a choice from SI....
  11. Thanks for sharing it to the forum!!!!
  12. My issue is solved. Thanks cmason84
  13. I have the same bug here. SI solve lot´s of bugs, and get some new bugs.
  14. Thanks for the tip. I will try to delete all my 3D kits..