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  1. Relax…… Play FM2018 or FIFA19. The Beta will be out tomorrow!!
  2. Has someone stolen the code to FM2019????…...LOL The Beta will be released tomorrow guys!!
  3. This thread has gone mad. So many unpatient people. I think the people over at SI are laughing. The BETA will be released on Friday.....
  4. Only SI decides when the Beta will be released, so I stay calm and play a Huddersfield save on FM 2017, with my beloved and still missing 2D view.
  5. Be patient...SI have until Friday to roll out the Beta!!
  6. Actually SI have until Friday to release the Beta, so be patient!
  7. Thanks for the answer m8. It makes sense to me now. Then I will use the Data Analyst cam in FM2019, because this was the camera angle in FM2018, that came closest to the 2D in FM2017.
  8. That sounds strange to me, because they still have the 2D classic. What is the difference??? You´ll still have to simulate what happens on the pitch. I just try to understand, why this camera view, was the reason why, they couldn´t push the engine forward..
  9. Dear SI! Why is this 2D camera no longer an option in Football Manager 2018 and 2019? I know many fans, who wants this camera view back in the game...!!!
  10. VAR makes no sense in a videogame to me right now, but I hope SI will release some videos of the 3D match engine very soon, that indicates what influences VAR will have on the gameplay. I don´t think SI would have this feature in FM 2019, if they haven´t got the license of the german bundesliga. I look forward to FM 2019, but I will not pre-order before I have seen, which improvements SI have done to the match engine.
  11. I think the announcement of the new features on thursday, has something to do with the release of FIFA 19 on friday..... Sorry SI, but I think it is bad timing! In the meantime, I look forward to FM2019!
  12. I miss the opportunity to see highlights from other matches. But very nice skin!!!!!
  13. bella699

    FA Cup Ball in FM18

    michaeltmurrayuk: Do you know how this can be fixed???
  14. bella699

    FA Cup Ball in FM18

    This topic has been raised a lot of times. Don´t think SI will listen to you... They say the colour of the ball is the same as IRL.....NOT!!