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  1. Probs with the fonts on topbar drag down menus
  2. I know the feeling with Andromeda skin. I have stopped skinning this year, and will only make Mods of other skin, for my use..
  3. Which folder have you installed your backgrounds into?? https://gyazo.com/e506c3798534f94f67be9efbea77f427
  4. Stadium background works fine in this skin
  5. Others who have this bug with the star rating on facilities???
  6. I still have the beta, but could the white box or fonts be changed for this skin??
  7. I will never pay money for a skin, that has been released so late in the campaign. So thanks for the beta-version. I will now customize it myself. Keep up the good work Pikawa94
  8. No prob m8. You have still made a great skin!
  9. What can I do to fix this Pikawa???
  10. Thank you for this awesome skin. But is it possible to get the default Press Conference background back??
  11. Due to the requests i´ve got in my mailbox, I have decided to leave some links for the skins. Feel free to use, but there will not be any further updates. Link for the FMH BASE 19 Skin : https://mega.nz/#!nwxTXQzb!goNQJkfz8M6A-Ymlnmu5RxhzxfkQSVCJK3ZRT-0s3YA Link for the FMH19 Dark Skin : https://mega.nz/#!qlgjXKhL!58AGYjXwWO624_Z7494ESg80Ygnah8JoKBxqGDXEblI The sceenshots are in res. 1920 x 1080 (Zoom Out 95%)
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