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  1. It's been 2 years since I bought the players and formation readiness bars are all full :S
  2. or something else? I was playing a counter-attacking system with Fulham, won the FA cup and qualified for Europa. Strengthened massively spending 50m pounds on Muniain, Dzagoev, Astori, Poli, Rossi etc etc. And for the next 2 seasons the same system that had me in 3rd place with 71 points on game 37 2 seasons ago, has just got it's 6th consequetive loss at the start of the season, after following our 71 point-er with 12 placed last year. Should I give up on this system?
  3. As does this forum. the IGN criticism thread
  4. Granted, the phrase used is irrelevant however, it's that the same term is used differently depending on the part of the pitch you use it on. Anyway this is moot given your admission that the sliders are too abstract to understand. I'm happy to leave it at that if we can agree on the fact that someone who hasn't studied the game in depth is unable to intuit their meaning accurately. An unfortunate sentiment that will inevitably hurt the game. Though a perfect solution for SI. It will ensure that FM becomes a game, not of a broad array of unique ideas, but of a piecing together of someone elses lego blocks. Streamlined data, streamlined play- it takes away all the difficult problems reality poses. Eventually if you have your way we will only have a game with your pre-sets and people who enjoyed the original series will cease to play. I think this happens in the life of any series- it changes focus from being good to being easy to play/popular with a wide audience. Don't worry- everyone will be using your "solution" soon enough. Attitudes like this have completely destroyed the possibility the Match Engine will actually get fixed, because they are too deeply invested in your sticky-tape solution at this point.
  5. Hi there BiggusD, I was thinking about this before. With tight-man marking, the 'pressing' (I will use this word even though it is incorrect) issue of defenders is taken take of- so for that situation I agree with you. But when defenders are playing zonally, which since 1990 is fairly ubiquitous then 'pressing' is not obvious. If I give anyone on the pitch 20/20 pressing I am expecting them to pay less attention to their positioning off the ball and more attention towards getting onto the next man to press him. I am told this is "unreasonable" or "unrealistic", which reminds me of using Wing-Backs and seeing them in an equal line with my defenders despite having 20/20 mentality, 20/20 pressing and often forward runs. Good to know that rather than "pressing" meaning "pressing" it actually means whatever "reasonable" action somebody has defined for them when making the ME (like the abundantly 'reasonable' wing-back playing full back and leaving 70 yards space in front of him is 'reasonable') . It is of course very unreasonable to play around with the meaning of the basic elements we have to set up our tactics, and therefore make them unintelligible. I'm simply trying to get a short passing tactics to work without the MC passing back to the DC passing back to the MC passing back to the DC passing to the DLC passing to the MC passing to the DRC passing to the........... It is frustrating to me that I have to get mentality spot on otherwise the players simply don't come short to get the ball. All of this can be synthesized into a very simple phrase: The sliders simply do not do anything near what you would expect them to, given their names and given an understanding of how those terms are used in real football circles. I have watched on in horror as the game has strayed further away from reality and further and further into it's own logic and twisted, confusing terminology and now it has got to the point where, if you sat down a Premier League Manager in front of these things to define his own tactic, there is not a snowflakes chance in hell that they would get anywhere near to what they produce on the pitch.
  6. Semantics? The word 'pressing' has a meaning in football, that is why I get confused when I see 20/20 "pressing" does not mean for example, players rushing out to press a free man. If you would like some literature on the meaning of the words pressing, and pressure you can look up Gabriele Matricciani's 2003-4 thesis from coverciano where Italy trains it's coaches. You will need to use your skills with google translator, I would do it for you but I fear that as usual I would be wasting my time. http://www.settoretecnico.figc.it/documenti.aspx?c=49&t=pressing This is a woefully sad state of affairs for the game. To give you a clearer idea of what I mean: I tried to follow your advice or at least what I understand as the common advice that to play short you have get players making options within a short passing range: Ie. An Advanced ST cannot play short to a flat MC. So Finally I got the passing correct by pushing up full-backs a little, crunching the team together a bit more, trying to make a logical progression for the ball with mentality. The result was 65%+ possession, but a defence so disorganised that I conceded 2-5 CCC's per half with Chelsea.
  7. pauly1616

    game is now just boring

    You are not alone. The sliders are now unintelligible for people who understand the terms used in the way real footballers or coaches would.
  8. There is pressure and pressing. I suspect what you're talking about in real football would be called pressure. Pressing at that level is aggressively moving on to 'the next player' who doesn't yet have possession. The main problem for me is: let's say I want to pass short: I finally manage to get the "passing" and "mentality" bars lined up so I have short options to pass to, it makes the mentality or forward run settings totally inappropriate in another part of play, ie. defending. And I'll end up with 60%+ possession but conceding 2 or 3 CCC's per half. It's all too complicated, mentality has become an incestuous harlot.
  9. pauly1616

    Most Glaring ME Errors

    Fairly universal, without the ball they drop far too deep regardless of 20/20 attacking, 20/20 pressing.
  10. pauly1616

    Most Glaring ME Errors

    Wingbacks play as DL / DR's too often.
  11. So by 17-20 "pressing" on my defenders what should I interpret them as doing? Sensibly holding in defence until the ball gets relatively close then pushing up onto a free man or the ball?
  12. I literally cannot go 10 games without getting sacked in this game anymore so I downloaded some popular tactics to see where I might be going wrong. Can I ask how I'm supposed to intuit that giving my defenders super high pressing is a good idea? Am I alone in just not getting it any more? I used to be dominant in this game, in fm05 I understood everything and wiped the floor with good players in network games, now: 10-20 games, max- sacked.
  13. How can I get my AMR to get behind the ball when we aren't in possession, without dropping his mentality so that he takes on a sterile passing style?
  14. Tongue in cheek suggestion: I want to be able to shout at the screen through my microphone: PUSH UP and they do it. Real suggestion: Make the sliders more intelligible, I have no idea what effects what- it's so inter-related now.
  15. Nobody can make their own ideas work as well anymore!