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  1. I say it every year but...

    i always presumed aerobic was to do with jumping... how silly of me
  2. I THINK I might qualify! 5 games in I just need a draw against Litex to qualify as i think i'm right in htinking due to having a better record against M Haifa (I conceded less in our matches) regardless of thier results, so long as i get a point, i'll finish above them THe Roma matches were heartwrenching The first one they were 1-0 and had a man sent off just before half time. i then equalized but they grabbed another and i just couldnt find an opening. the second one i went 1-0 up from the spot, then 1-1 then 2-1 up, my striker on loan from Man city (bakambu) scored a cheeky lob over the keeper. then 2-2 then 2-3, then i equalized, ut they got a winner in the 69th minute. Ranieri got loads of stick from his players for poor decisions in that game. lol Also, my other striker Ketlego Mphela has 12 goals in the comp so far, joint second highest, though there are 1 or 2 on 13 and lots on 12 including him
  3. I'm in the group stage! Throughout the qualifying i have been seeded which suprised me, and now in the group draw i am second seeded along with the likes of Lazio, Sunderland, Celtic to name a few! lol beat Omonoia 9-3 on agregrate they put up a tough fight at times. My Group Draw is... Roma Brighton (me) M. Haifa Litex Lovech I think i can qualify fairly easily, could been alot worse a draw!
  4. He was offered on a free from man city in january and i needed a half decent back up winger, and he could play on either flank and up front if needed so i went for it. I had craig noone injured for the final, otherwise he would have been on the bench. I w foray into Europe in the 3rd Qualifying round by beating Beitar Jerusalem 4-0 at home and 2-0 away. Now about to go up against AS Omonoia Nicosia in the 4th round. They havesome half decent players and got knocked out of the Champs league Qualifying by Red Star Begrade. I have one win against swindon and a loss against birmingham in the championship, so 3 wins and a loss so far this season. I'm confident, i've made some good signings i think. Wihs me luck!
  5. blooming tell me about it! Hleb was a free transfer and i've disovered that the South African National team is full fo premiership quality players valued between £50k to £250 and all willing to go to league 1!. Josephs, Booth, Mphela are the 3 i managed to sign, some didnt get permits, but there was about 6 awesome players in all i wanted from them
  6. he's not all that bad, i've manged brighton before on this version (they're my club) and he's never done brilliantly, but he's got 14 goals in 26 league games (23 starts). i generally play him over Murray but Mphela (my star striker) was injured and fatigue is an issue at this level so there is a fair bit of ratation. He's not doing as well as he did at start of season hwoever, he's only scored 3 in last 20 games according to his form sheet, but he's only featured in 10 of those. he was on international duty for 5 games and then with rotation and a few cup games, he hasnt featured so mkuch. just looking at his stats now though, he really doesnt seem that good, but i'll stick with him. Shan't be huying him though, he won't cut it in the champ for me i think
  7. sure thing here ya go Didn't exactly walk it, it was tense, but luckily totenham in general had a poor game, more so than they should have. I was bricking it when Greer got sent off too, used all my subs, no possible defenders anywhere on pitch, had to move Mutch to DM and hope for the best. Changed my tactic to ULTRA DEFENSIVE at that point too haha
  8. Before you all say it, i did not save/reload ANY of these games. In the semi final leg 2 and final i did save prior to the matches with every intention of reloading if i lost, but i never had the need to . I'm playing as brighton in League 1, just started a new save after getting a bit bored with my old one. I manegd to get a good little cup run going early on iin the League Cup, and when i played Man City and beat them (with a goal in the 120th minute to win!) i thought i'd have a proper go at it in that case. I had already beaten Man City in pre-season and thought maybe this wasnt flukes and i had a good chance. I cannot believe it, i've never won a national cup even in the second tier let alone 3rd! proper looking forward to being in the championship and Euro Cup now (prsuming i get promoted, which i should fingers crossed) any one else had an acheivement similar to this?
  9. I'm getting a Statue! :D

    7 seasons managing the mighty seagulls i now dominate english football and i have no statue jealous
  10. John Terry wins Golden Boot

    i think the REAL problem is that he took Owen to 2012 in the first place...
  11. Worst club collapse you've ever seen?

    Portsmouth ended up in League 2 and very nearly got relegated from there aftgerbout 4 seasons on my game. Just went compleltley bankrupt at 1 point had like only 8 actual players aside from youth
  12. So on previous games i have worked my way up to England manager and in the past there have been options to English players to interact with them and tell them you want them to be playing 1st team football to stay in the squad. Hwoever i cannot find this option anymore, and its annoying me as i need Wilshire to be playing more than 4 games a season at Arsenal (he's 27 odd now too) and the only way to do that is to sign him for my club team! Also on previou versions, players became eligible to play for England after 5 years but this isnt in it anymore. I'm guessing this is becasue the Home Nations ageement has finally been put in, but its freaking annoying as when Ashley cole retired i wanted to get Jose Enrique as he seemed to be the best alternative, but there's no option to call any people who gain nationality anymore! just wonderin if there is clarification on this part? Thanks!
  13. i am pretty sure it is 6.4. No idea why, surely it should be 5.0? :/
  14. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Are you ryan giggs in disguise??
  15. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I really wish the international managers would remember to let my players back inside after training...