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  1. I use an iPad Pro (with the magic keyboard / trackpad) for FMT and it runs very well (albeit I watch in 2D mode) but the speed of the general gameplay is very impressive. There are some slight restrictions however, importing graphics and tactics is nowhere near as easy on an iPad and scrolling up and down menus can be frustrating as the trackpad isn’t fully supported as it would be on a traditional laptop trackpad, hopefully this is fixed in the new game but I’ll not be holding my breath on this one....
  2. I really hope there is support for the Apple Magic Trackpad for iPad which you’d think would be a fairly standard request given this game is aimed at tablet users....
  3. I don't believe the full version has the "Instant Result" feature that FMT does, therefore you'd have to play each match and as a result make a sub when there was an injury or a red card, etc. Whereas with the "Instant Result", the assistant is in full charge of all of that and you simply see the full time result and are not involved in any decisions during the match itself.
  4. Note: This will only work with FMT as it involves the "Instant Result" feature I've seen DoF type challenges mentioned before where you simply put the DoF in full control of incoming and outgoing signings and you simply act as the head coach by choosing the tactics and selecting the team, but this challenge flips that around and puts you in control of all transfers but you leave the match day choices to your assistant manager / head coach. Here's how it works: - You setup the formation, style of play, etc. at the start of the season and then look to build a squad that will be ab
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