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  1. I done an edited English league final, tasted it and no issues got to my 3rd season, no new fixture have been released.. no teams have been moved, only thing that has appeared on any teams schedule is FA Cup / FA Trophy games I know I'm gonna have to re-start my save..but what did I do wrong in the editor?
  2. used TextEditor, worked a treat Thank you both
  3. no, didn't work <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <!-- dont preload anything in this folder --> <boolean id="preload" value="false"/> <!-- turn off auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <!-- logo mappings --> <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics files from the correct places --> <list id="maps"> <record from=“1394631848” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631848/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631853” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631853/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631863” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631863”/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631862” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631862/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631854” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631854/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631859” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631859/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631856” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631856/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631850” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631850/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631847” to="graphics/pictures/person/1394631847/portrait"/> <record from=“1394631868” to=“graphics/pictures/person/1394631868/portrait”/> </list> </record> thats the config file, saved as .xml in Word (I'm on a Mac)
  4. Hey I can install downloaded face packs with no issue, but when I add them myself, they dont work files are saved as .png in photoshop, 180x180 with transparent background the config file is copy and pasted from downloaded face packs .. but still won't load any ideas?
  5. thats bad news.. was the best on the market last year
  6. .. I did what you suggested in Steam, Matt .. seems to of worked .. now just the 3 hour wait while it downloads :/
  7. .. where do I go to get the re-sending of my confirmation email?
  8. .. im tempted to ask for a refund and use my money on a site that actually delivers on that they promise
  9. any news yet? only reason I chose to spend my money at GamesPlanet was the promise I could get the game at midnight.. *edit* .. Matts got good timing with his post lol
  10. .. still no email.. preload link, or anything for me
  11. wow.. looks awesome.. cant wait to get my teeth into the game now
  12. The English Lower leages (Unibond, Ryman, etc) are a must I feel.. and the same with the FA Vase.. it'll give the lower teams that make up the english database some meaning
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