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  1. Ive made the premiership, sold all my 12,000 tickets and club agreed to build new stadium but council blocked it instantly. Is this going to be permanent? IS there some setting that means the club cant ever build a new one? What can I edit to allow a new stadium to be built?
  2. Going by the hours played on each version recorded on Steam I play one year heavily, then seem to have a quiet year so in theory a two year cycle would suit me. However there is no logic at all in them doing so. It would achieve nothing and halve their income and actually damage the game as they would have less money to spend on the development.
  3. This does seem to be the most sloppy release for a few years. Never had any issues with the last two but there are just basic sloppy bugs in this one (which I've reported). Things like tactics screens not retaining settings and needing auto resizing every match really shouldnt be in the game at this stage.
  4. Because its a beta he is eligble for a refund whether there is a bug or not. Once released its then 2 hours of play or 48 hours since release. If it was an early release beta, ie one you play for and accept its a pre release then thats different.
  5. Looking into it and you will still be able to get a refund. If its an early access beta where they sell the game years before it goes live then you cant, but for a standard beta you are allowed a refund.
  6. They shouldnt be able to in the UK, loans are now restricted to transfer windows only.
  7. Doubt the 2 hours applies in the beta.
  8. No idea if same issue but I have crashes and to get past them have to go full screen and increase to 175%, then change it back when past the crash date.
  9. Just changed display to 175% and got through the day. It seemed to be on the league in focus screen when it was dying that time.
  10. Was ok for a while now crashing and seems to crash constantly on a given date now. Uploaded save to ftp jam_man -sufc18.3
  11. Is there anything I can do to avoid it happening? Seems to happen at different times so guessing not
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