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  1. that is great.. It looks like you have figured where the match related panels need to go.. Do you know where the settings files need to go? I'm trying use a FMT like player attributes table. Everything is working now except the background color for attributes do not change to teh colours that I want. the following properties that I have on teh settings table do not seem to have any effect. <colour name="unknown attribute background" red="210" green="210" blue="210"/> <colour name="low attribute background" red="250" green="0" blue="0" alpha="255"/> <colour name="normal attribute background" red="255" green="255" blue="0" alpha="200"/> <colour name="good attribute background" red="0" green="96" blue="48" alpha="255" /> <colour name="excellent attribute background" red="96" green="192" blue="255" /> I wonder if the location of the settings file or the naming of it also changed too.. Do you know?
  2. I want to create a minimalistic fm17 skin. Just want to change a couple of panels and nothing too complex. Here is what I have done 1) created the skins folder. 2) created a folder underneath that for my skin. 3) added skin_config (made a small adjustment on the parent + minimum version) + settings. 4) added panels folder and then put 1-2 panels underneath that. (very simlpe suff. for example; just change the size of the font on the match commentary) Expected result -- can choose the new skin and then see that the changes that I made on the panel are visible.. Current result -- can choose the new shin but I cannot see the 2 changes that I made on the panel reflected.. Did anyone had the chance to create their fm17 skin and were able to see the changes that they made on a panel get reflected on the game?
  3. There are so many good things in this game but this is really ruining it for me. I cannot really get into the game seeing these science-fiction like ratings for the full-backs and wingbacks. I had looked at why they were getting so high ratings and key passes stands out. For example; I saw in a game that Bellerin got 4 key passes by taking throw-ins to one of his team-mates.. In another game; Swanse wingback was rewarded by 5 key passes just by the throw-ins that he has taken. And they were very simple ones that I can even take. Can at least counting them as throw-ins be prevented? If it is throw-in and if it is just 5 meters towrds your goal => do not count that as a key pass. (I know I'm simplifying it) This should not change anything on the match engine. I really do not want to wait until fm17 to enjoy this game.. Can you guys at least consider giving it one more try to at least mitigate with a hot-fix without changing the ME? It really is an issue and your efforts on this one will be of course highly appreciated...
  4. I can select the camera now after removing the class folder from this skin. Please back it up and try since I do not know if there are any side effcets of just removing it..
  5. I want to play with high resolution but also a bigger font size. Most of the controls can display numbers properly when I increase the font size except the "last 5 games rating " component. This particular component is made up of two controls as far as I can see. 1) Line bar chart with 5 bars 2) Text indicating the average rating. Unfortunately the text control seems to have a fixed width and does not increase when I increase the column size. As a result I do not see the rating but only a couple of dots. Did anyone work on this component? Do you think it will be possible to increase the default size of the text control used in that component?
  6. Where can I find those darkened pitch textures? thanks..
  7. agree with yonko's recommendation. I was actually thinking about the same thing yesterday after inadvertently trying to find the continue button on top of the side bar.
  8. try it.. it works.. do not forget skin.fmf updates coming from 1502..
  9. finally made it work. Do not have to deal with the dark skin anymore. I had to get the skin updates for 1502.
  10. Well I understand that but I'm extracting the skin.fmf file from the FM15 folder so in theory they are the files that fm15 uses to display fm15 skins.
  11. I was able to extract them and want to use them with some minor changes on fm15. I'm getting crashes when changing the skin to one of them. Is this expected? Did anyone else try? Especially the one named "fm alternative" looks easier on the eye.
  12. Is it possible to also display "media handling style" on the player profile page? I want to use "media handling style" + "personality" on this initial page so that I can have a better understanding of the character traits of the player without needing to do multiple-clicks to get to that information. Did anyone try and get it working? Thanks in advance.
  13. me too. This will really help. thanks..
  14. Does anyone know if the save game that I have in pc work in mac too?
  15. Is it like this in your games too? I'm playing in Ligue1 and checked the highest average ratings at the end of the season. I'd say 18 top players are central defender and 2 remaining are midfielders.