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  1. Problem here

    update your pc with all windows updates, download and install the patch. then totally uninstall fm09, reboot your pc then reinstall.
  2. Am I missing something ? all above board here as I see it
  3. I just use it to remind myself to promote the player to my 1st team the following season
  4. UGFC Editor v1.0

    Id like the editor to include editing the purchase amount of players in transfers so if you sell a player to a club, you can then edit the amount they pay. Most times they pay well unders ! Also ability to edit chairment stats ? so it would increase the chance of a sale of the club. Also would like to edit the clubs information screen so we can add ourselves as an Icon or Legend of the club.
  5. its a Messi Dilemma

    If you get Messi, just offer him maximum wage and bonus addons. Maximum for both.
  6. Alex Ferguson in my game has had a near on shocking 3 seasons at Man Utd. Havent finished above 4th yet. And still in charge ! He should get the sack !
  7. surely you can get ofr for next to nothing on ebay
  8. New Patch?

    nice to see you have used the search feature of these forums ... NOT
  9. Saved games

    of course you can, its just like sending normal photo files. However, if the other person will be playing that saved game, the person MUST have the same database version as you. Otherwise any future transfers/loans in your saved game wont translate into his
  10. Suge stop being a muppet. to be fair the OP only did one word as txt speak. you've gone to far. if you post like that, its best not to post at all
  11. there is a website you can go to to get a seat or installation back, also better grammer would be advised, we are not in the dark ages
  12. Longest goal drought?

    lets see if you can stay up though and don't end up being like Roy Keane
  13. what is the fitness attribute like for those players ? if it's low then I am affraid they'll only play half the matches due to it. I have an ML & MC who are pretty much in the low 80% all the time but very rarely if at all get injured anyway
  14. No Mates

    the other team might be a rival, just maybe
  15. No Mates

    to be honest why would anyone care if they have friends or not in the game ? it's not ging to affect your teams ability to win things on the game. Make sure you keep winning and you'll build up a repuation like Fergie.