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  1. Hi guys, I would like to discuss the idea of being able to address a player in your squad about the lack of match fitness when they come to you about lack of first team football, and broken promises because of said lack of fitness. I propose either a conversation option to explain to the player that they did not get a consistent run in the team due to dropping beneath 90% match fitness, which in turn should mitigate most players except those with stubborn traits. Otherwise, perhaps the personality trait itself needs to tweaked so they are aware of their match fitness and allow the game a better understanding of balancing the squad based on fitness. For example, Keiran Tierney at Celtic kept getting unfit for matches due to the amount of running required of him/small knocks received. He still played more than 75% of my matches, and was only dropped when his match fitness dropped beneath 90%. This in turn lead to him complaining twice about a lack of football, and the second time round flat out refusing to except I would give him more game time, and he wants to leave the club. The entire squad then became unhappy as they deemed it a reasonable request, which of course it would have been if he could stay match fit. Just a suggestion for a future patch or the following title.
  2. I cant believe i`m saying this, but Bolton Wanderers have only gone and won the championship on the last day. I`ve never felt nerves like that on FM in a very long time. Finished the championship on 92 points, level with wolves but had a better head to head (they lost their last 3 games, one of those to us). 106 goals scored but 61 conceeded. Had so many first team players injured in the run up to that final match, and then one of my backups injured during the match, incredible tension and utter Euphoria when the final whistle went. I tweaked the tactic to play out from the back as I was losing too many long balls, but full credit to Knap for whats taken place this season.
  3. Sounds silly but are the players meant to be lobbing the ball forward long ball style constantly? Also the midfielders seem to be non existent at trying to win the ball even though one is a bbm and one is a bwm. I`m wondering whether its just the quality in my team that`s the issue, as I seem to be getting wobbly towards the end of the season. Still vying for first place though, just wondering if i need to make any tweaks?
  4. I put it on fitness in pre season and got the team gelling, and used match training at a higher ratio and got the tactics fluid. Currently sitting 2nd in the league on goal difference with bolton after 15 games, very impressive given the fact we should be going in the other direction. Do you recommend this tactic even for when you are favourites to win the the league?
  5. I`m playing in the full game knap with Bolton, one of the favourites to go down and in financial meltdown. If you were not in fmt, would you use 12.2.2? Also which training do you have the team on for general and for match training?
  6. As DKB has said, not on this version or on the previous version. I created an all British team before in FM15 or FM14, which when there is eventually enough decent players in my game for reasonable money, I will try and recreate this year.
  7. It feels fairly tough this year to build the team I want without draining the finances. I wouldn't mind paying a big fee, but it would need to be a game changer for me. Churches natural fitness for me is a 16, so I guess it's random?
  8. Glad to hear it, I'm more motivated to play this one this year to try and build something whilst selling, a bit like the Sevilla model. Haha I don't think FM will be that kind.
  9. Welcome to the family! Nice result there, and unlucky with Arsenal. The signings are good, hopefully you can keep them long term. In game no I wouldn't say so, it would have to be done in the editor buddy.
  10. Sorry I haven't been about as much as I would have liked guys, work and studying has taken over my life. I have 2 seasons updates worth to do and not really the time for it, so a very brief summary is.......... Never got out of the CL group stages, but always qualified for group stages. Won the domestic treble twice in a row, looking to make this year the 3rd in the most dominant start I have had in a long time. Between season 1 and season 2 I went on a 33 game competitive unbeaten run, and between season 2 and the start of 3 I have went on a 7 game unbeaten run. Season 2 was definitely my most dominant season, I only lost once in the league and lost 4 of my CL fixtures which I will be looking to improve on if I stop getting group of deaths. The current first team looks like this. GK: Rajkovic/Gordon DR: Lustig/Gamboa DC: Wahlqvist/Simunovic DC: Sviatchenko/O`Connell DL: Gersbach/Mings CM: Ajer/Brown CM: Poyet/Bitton CM: Ilsanker/McGregor AMC: Rogic/Sinclair (Either or, I have no preference who starts) ST: Kuki/Parigini ST: Griffiths/Larsson. I plan to bring McCart, Church and Ralston through into rotational then first team berths. Need a solid back up for Ilsanker and Poyet, but ideally want to find some decent youth to do so. I have Forrest still to meet european quotas but I will get rid of him. Ryan Christie remains as a solid back up for the AMC position, tried to sell Gary Mackay Stevens but no one wanted him. Coaches are something I have struggled with. I will update the third comment of this thread with my season 1 coaches, and any I find that I can get in this season
  11. I am looking for a back up to rajkovic in case I need to sell him, so will give him a look. Group of death to qualify from, well done! How did Matthew Ryan turn out? I will be looking at Kouassi shortly, the Coetzee signing is an interesting one. Only one show in town
  12. Shameless plug but i like it I will be sure to give it a read bud I still own Simo, Armstrong is a very hit and miss player unless you get his position right. Nice movement, Bitton flatters to deceive in this years game for me. I assume Onguene took up most of the outgoing transfer fees? That's an insane profit, how are you managing to pull it off? Very impressed you managed to keep roberts! Some solid buys in there and the core basis of a strong team.
  13. Sounds exciting mate although a bit risque. That's a solid fee for raj, I'm hoping to get something similar if I can get a good understudy in. Larsson pretty much, my board sold him to Man Utd. Some good observations there, be interesting to hear how it pans out. The deadwood at £10 million is perhaps high, but if you can achieve it more power to you. Solid season, loaning griffiths out was too much of a risk for me but glad it paid off for you. Seems to be quite low fees all round. You have a fairly decent semblance of a team there. Van Ginkel was a great buy as well as Pasalic.
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