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  1. Hi. Was in pounds. I did check and it was still in pounds. Since I reported it the issue hasn't happened again. All I did was create a new windows 7 profile and the issue seems to have gone. I will let you know if it happens again. Not quite sure what set it off in the first place because the options I change are the skin options but never the currency etc. Maybe it is what you said. I will have to see when it occurs again.
  2. Still moving to the side. I place it in the middle of my screen. Exit. Start the game again and it moved again. I don't understand why it's doing this.
  3. Trying it again to see if that's the problem. I am also starting to get random crashes now whereas before I had none. Sorry for delayed responses. I am not getting email notifications for some reason.
  4. Hi. Yes. I set it fullscreen then back to windowed mode and it straight away moves away from the corner of the screen. I am not sure why it keeps doing that. It never used to. I cleared the cache quite a few times and it seems it is not remembering how I set it. I did add my own badges to the game and ticked the bottom skin cache option. Would that be causing the issue?
  5. Any help? I tried the troubleshooting guides and nothing is working. I have to keep on clicking maximize button every time to get it to display correctly.
  6. I need some help. I created a new administrator account for my windows 7 because of profile issues with my old one. Ever since then my football Manager 2011 won't open up in windowed mode properly. It keeps going over the taskbar and locking out taskbar previews. I have verified files and the game works fine but not in windowed mode though. It's hard to explain but I notice it because the minimize button is lower than the top corner of the screen. I had this issue before and solved it but I don't know how I solved it. Any help would be great. It's not just 2011 with this issue. My 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 games all have this issue now. My graphic card is on the latest driver from Nvidia. I have reinstalled directx 9c and installed the latest framework. Windows 7 64bit is fully updated. Full screen works fine. I keep it windowed mode because I do website work while playing the game so have Dreamweaver cs4 open and Football Manager 2011. I have avast free antivirus installed with my whole Steam drive added to the exception list.
  7. Thanks for the info. I will take that in mind.
  8. Thanks. I can try that. Reading a Hungary 1954 tactic but it seems you are right with defense issues. The reason I think I could pull it off is I have world class players in my team in every position. Took millions and lots of encouraging the players to improve but I did it. Changed staff etc. Everything was changed to do it. Was helped by an ambitious chairman who replaced the former one.
  9. Thanks. I can try that. I made one and had an interesting time with it. I used it for Man Utd against my St Pats team and the match was a goal fest. Praised for attack play but defense was bad. The Brazil 1970 is working well so far. Averaging 74% possession. So far only one goal conceded because I gave my youth defenders a chance. I just made an other for a very promising central defender. I tend to rely on young players mixed with some players in their late 20's for tutoring. Bit of a luxury because I play in Ireland where even promising players are too good for the league. The problem was Europe. Thanks for the help. What classic formation form the past would you suggest that could work in Football Manager? Got a Barcelona one, Brazil 1970 and made a dutch 1974 tactic.
  10. I want to make a West Germany 1974 tactic for Football Manager 2011. The main problem is formation and roles. I have tried Google but not getting clear indications what it could be. Same said 5-3-2, others 1-3-3-3 and yet other 4-4-2 with libero. I need it for Football Manager 2011. Can anyone help? I did try make my own but it is very leaky and not working like it did for them in 1974. I tried 1-3-3-3 with fullbacks to act like Vogts did with Beckenbauer as libero. If no one can help then at least help with Brazil tactic from 1958 or 1970. Or I know it's some variation on 4-2-4 but again I can't get it to work. Google is not helping. I tried with: Goalkeeper-defend, fullback - support, central defender - defend, central defender - cover, fullback - support, box to box mid-support, box to box -support, inside forward-attack, advanced forward - attack, target man-support and inside forward - attack. I am not sure if I got the forwards wrong but creating so little. I am not very good with tactics so advice would be welcome. I have read guides but not getting any idea for this formation. I tried to study a guys tactic I found and despite having a great team I concede a lot and score very little. My players are great in mental skills. My main striker is fast, has great technique, high composure, high finishing, hard worker, has high teamwork, is brave and creative. All skills besides technique are 16 and above. same goes for my two playmakers. My defensive mid can also play as playmaker and has right attributes for that role and being a defensive player. I am not sure how that happened. I tried to train him as as dm but he developed otherwise. My centrebacks are fast and have very good stats for defenders. My fullbacks are still developing but are fast. I emphasize speed and mental skills. I hope this helps in helping me get this formation right. edit: seem to have found something on FM Base for Brazil 1970 that I am trying out but still need help with West Germany.
  11. Have you set compatibility to vista service pack 2 and launch from Steam? Mine works fine besides some weird things happening lately. Also verify files and try again. It does work on windows 7.
  12. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask. I tried Google but no luck. My problem is every now anad again my players wage would jump from 120000 pounds a week to suddenly 400000 a week or more. If I close the game and reload then it goes back to normal. I have no idea what is causing this issue. It only started happening this year in the game. Only mods are 3d pitch mods. No database mods etc. I have made my own badges to the game but this issue existed in January and I only made the badges on the weekend. Also I have only made 25 so far. I don't think it's the antivirus. I tried 3 different versions and this happened all the time since the turn of the year. Other Football Managers games are fine but not 2011. I do sometimes play with two managers for matches against different tactics to see how it goes. I always resign the next day because the game eventually crashes so can only carry on with one manager. Would this have caused the issue?
  13. Hi. I got the game on Steam and it's the latest version. Most problems with lag are now gone since I am now trying the hotfix driver from Nvidia. Nvidia seem to be having issues with older games on the newer drivers on the 1000 series. I see a few other people were having issues with older games but not new titles. I also run many cleaners to check for malware etc. A few things were cleaned up and I installed new software drivers and the new framework 4.6.2. I can try edit the money again to see if I get it right or I will go back to old database values I did before which didn't have an issue. I can try and see about coaches. It's not a big issue but was depressing that a 5 star youth coach says no when his name came up in the staff search as interested. I might have got the staff balanced right now because I see more players are improving than before so maybe I will keep current staff. I think the pictures vanished because a week ago my setting for real and generated players and staff was greyed out. I verified the files and it came back but with issues. New saves aren't really that badly affected but my long term one is. I can live with this because I plan to retire my manager and use a new manager. First I want the 30 seasons achievement. Thanks for replying and I will let you know if I have any other concerns.
  14. Hi. I have an issue I only picked up after spending 3 whole days playing a new save on Football Manager 2011. I couldn't understand why the club was in such deep debt then I checked finances and it had sponsorship at minus 1,2 billion pounds. I checked the editor because I gave the club 100 million pound sponsorship and it was fine there. There was no minus. I have added this kind of deal many times in the game and it's the first time the game read it at minus 1,2 billion. The change was done in the editor of the game - the official tool. I change it to 10 million and the game still puts the money as minus sponsorship. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help please. I used official database with no mods. The only mods for my game concern the 3d match and are grass patches. Also I am not sure if this is a bug or not but in 2039 all my staff lost their picture. I have verified the files of the game and played again but still the picture is not there. Players faces only work on their screen but not when hovering over a players name. I have no idea what is going on with my game. It has affected all games saves now. I have used fmscout to find staff but that is an outside tool and not edited in game. Also I can't make friends with any staff or coaches in my game and the list is now empty. I have worst opinions but no best opinion anymore. It comes back if I make a new manager but my current manager it is gone and now to top it off many great coaches hate me even though I have never hired them before or had them as players. Also they did not play for derby rivals. I play in Ireland and these players were too good for this league. It took years before top players would join me and I consistency win the league because I am too good for this league. Before anyone says impossible it's not. I had a takeover in season 2 and rose the club stature through title wins with no cheating. I only use young players. The only thing I did many years ago when first playing the game was too give the club more money but that was all. I had no decent staff or players for at least two seasons until the takeover then some good players joined and in season 3 or 4 I won the champions league on penalties. Mainly because of Kaka. He had a fight with Real Madrid and wanted to leave. They offered him to me and he single handily one me the competition. His records stood for many game years. I say this while my club is the most supported team in the game and hugely successful in the league and Europe. I am only struggling getting 4 and a half star coaches. My club is full of them but the ones I really want hate me for some reason. I don't bad mouth players and seldom criticize players and hardly chat to press about getting players or running other managers down. Also my last issue is with morale. I won a match 12-0 but my striker went from superb to okay and he hit 6 goals? It isn't making sense. I encourage my players, value their input and maybe am a players manager and I expect great things from them and they move mountains for me but morale is mostly okay even though my team doesn't lose league games. I draw a fair few games and I win or draw in Europe. But is seems my strikers keep losing morale. No idea what is going on. I always allow them to play for their international teams. Last but not least. Why is this game more taxing on my gtx1070 than Rise of the Tomb Raider or Witcher 3? Is it a driver issue or what? The 3 match keeps lagging a lot. I have 16gb ram and know the game uses around 2gb in the match because I checked. My CPU is an Intel 6700 i7. I have checked everything to see where the problem could be and turned settings off and on and no difference. My setup is most of European countries with South America, U.S.A and South Africa and use large database with 125000 players. It has always run really well but suddenly this last month it is lagging a lot in the 3d match. All I did was update the graphic card driver. I appreciate help or feedback on any of these issues.
  15. Okay. I have gone back to an earlier save and try get three more achievements that I never got. 30 year and best manager ever. Also trying for scouting knowledge achievement.