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  1. Okay. I have gone back to an earlier save and try get three more achievements that I never got. 30 year and best manager ever. Also trying for scouting knowledge achievement.
  2. Hi. 11.1.3. The last patch. It keeps happening on that save no matter how many times I reload. When I first did that year it was fine but then I had no holiday. Now it puts me in both competitions. I won the Champions Cup the previous season and won the league so I should never been placed in Euro Cup at all.
  3. Also while on save game problem why is the match engine so laggy now on my GTX 1070? I am using latest Nvidia driver. Updated driver again and made more changes in the Nvidia Control Panel and although better still not 100% like before. I know I am using a 3d pitch mod but never had this issue before. I am having problems with this game I never had before I got my new graphic card. For example I had the save game on my mac laptop and the game never gave my players a holiday. I often get 2 or 3 matches within 4 days lately. Sometimes half time ratings don't show either. Buttons stick sometimes. On this particular save my total value of players sold vanished and it keeps saying I left my club side to manage Spain when I didn't. I manage Spain but stayed on as club manager. Also the game says players like to play for his squad when I am using a female manager! Staff forever keep going down ratings after just 2 weeks and it's always my goalkeeper coaches. I had a coach go from 5 star to 4 star within 6 months and for no reason since my other coaches are 4 and a half star. Fitness coaches are terrible in my save game. Highest determination was 12 and coaches that do have higher won't carry on after retirement as fitness coaches but as normal coaches. Edit: using my desktop now for the game and not the laptop anymore and the problems are still there. No mods to change leagues etc was done. No facepacks etc just 3d pitch mod used. Specs: 256 Adata ssd 3tb sata3 hardrivefor my Steam and GOG Games 500gb harddrive for my Origin games and Blizzard games. 500gb harddrive for my work. Gigabyte Z170xp sli motherboard Gigabyte GTX 1070 TP link wireless Windows 7 64 bit fully updated Intel 6700 skylake cpu blu ray dvd drive cpu cool from coolermaster 750 watt power supply UPS and Acer hd monitor using dvi port since my hd port died. Use onboard sound since creative x-fi sound card died. Everything is up to date except motherboard drivers because Intel made the update and it disables my usb mouse and keyboard on Windows 7. The game is really lagging now in 3d mode. No other game has this issue. It will play fine for ages then do it a whole half of a game. Also this save seems a write off because of this huge competition bug.
  4. Hi. No custom leagues or anything. Only mod I have is for the 3d pitch. I have no idea how this happened. It was fine until July then suddenly placed in both. Tried reloading and it kept happening. I don't mind losing this save in particular because it seemed very buggy for some reason. Lots of problems I had with it. Now using an older save with my original manager but would love to know why I ended up in both Champions Cup and Euro cup. I seen some weird bugs in this game but never this. I do make backups but the earliest was after the draw was made. I would have to sift through my backup save folder to see if I have one from before then. Have loads of backups. Other than this save I managed to dig up one from 2025 when I had my first manager and now playing that because that season was fine.
  5. Hi. I need help or guidance here. I am in the year 2039. I won the league in Ireland and all it's cup competitions. My new season started and I discover that the game has placed me in both Champions Cup stage and Euro Cup group stage. Is it possible this can be fixed? Otherwise the save is ruined. I deleted the earlier backup because I did not realize what happened. I tried losing in both competitions to get out of them but my team keeps winning and the board wants me to win both competitions. I tried reloading games to lose but after 10 attempts it never happened. The team is too good for the Euro Cup. Short of cheating and taking over the AI teams what can I do?
  6. I just got a new problem. My team isn't going on holiday now either and I didn't get pre season talk with my staff. I tried reinstalling and made no difference.
  7. I am going to try that. I had no problem for 4 years so can't think of what changed now. Installed windows 7 updates and since then my OS has slowed right down.
  8. Hi. It doesn't seem to be working. The temp folder is empty even after playing 3 days. I might need to reinstall because my game seems to have become very buggy. My team was supposed to go on holiday after the World Club Cup final yet it is now 3 January and they are all still available. It worked fine since I bought the game but lately the game isn't fine anymore. I am playing in Ireland with St Patrick Athletic. I never had to post about the issue since I started playing when the game first came out. Besides the odd bug nothing major was wrong. Something this last month is causing issues. One guy I am friends with on Steam said I might need to reinstall Windows 7 as my OS has slowed down for unknown reasons. I am buying new parts in early January so hopping for a temporary fix until then. The problem came to fore when I placed all my Steam games on a new hard drive I just bought. My old one was running out of space so I bought a bigger hard drive to accommodate my Steam games. I verified the files and played and while it plays the game on a whole is not really responsive anymore.
  9. I have three problems with Football Manager 2011. All three occur a lot lately. One the columns in the transfer center for finding players keeps on stopping working in that it won't sort according to what I want. I tried clearing the filter and redoing my filters but they still won't work. The only column working is sort by name. None of the others will work anymore. My second problem is the temp folder of Football Manager 2011 in appdata is not working again. I have no idea what caused this. I installed Windows 7 updates and this temp folder keeps stop working every 3 or 4 days. My last problem is really annoying. My 3d match keeps lagging and jerking. I have a EVGA GTX 970 with latest Nvidia drivers so graphic card is not the issue. Sometimes the 3d match plays fine and other times it really slows down for no reason. If it helps this problem also occurs in Fifa Manager 12 and 13 but no other game I have. My fifa titles run fine and so do games like Tomb Raider 2013, Bioshock infinite, Skyrim etc. My specs: OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64bit Ram: 8gb ddr 3 1333 Motherboard: Asus - not sure which make but is fully updated and has all bios updates installed. CPU: i5 core2duo with hyperthreading GPU: EVGA GTX 970 latest Nvidia drivers Sound card: Creative x-fi pri express - not sure the make but is up to date with drivers. I am playing using dvi on 1920 x 1080 monitor. The hd port does not work. I need a new monitor. What I have tried: 1. Verified the files 2. Cleared appdata in windows 3. cleared all temp files 4. Redid game settings. None helped. I really need help this please.
  10. Okay. I will see how it goes. Busy selling some high earning players to get more money in.
  11. That was 2034. Just got the new financial details for the new year. 488 million pound loss and nearly all of it was tax. I put 4 players for sale to raise cash. Maybe you can help. I can I overcome this huge loss and get back to profits?
  12. Hi. I managing St Patrick Athletic in Ireland in the year 2035. The club is now more popular than Barcelona after many years success. It is final patch of the game. I am not sure what started it. I made two 250 million pounds a year profit but now about to make 400 million pound a year loss. I sold players 100 million pounds more than I bought. Wage bill is R1350000 a week.
  13. I need help with this please. I have a friend on Steam and he didn't know the answer. How does tax work on Football Manager 2011? I need to know because my club is paying almost 17 million pounds a month in TAX and I don't know why.
  14. What about direct x? Will I be able to install direct x 8, 8.1 and 9c? Sorry for all the questions but lately Windows 7 is giving me a headache.