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  1. Small help needed

    Okay thanks. I will try that. Being trying for so long for the achievement. Tried feeder clubs but board is stubborn about it so will try the scouting suggestion.
  2. Hi. I hope this is the right place to post this. I am trying for the 75% scouting knowledge achievement but can't get above 69% even though I tried the same scouts for 4 seasons now and scouting all regions. How do I go about getting it to 75%? I tried Google but every time I get to 72% it goes down again. I have no idea why. It's for Football Manager 2011 but I think Football Manager 2017 has the same achievement and I want to start playing that game too. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Here are some screenshots of my current tactic. Better but still lots of misses. Best player can play as MC, AMC , RW, LW Any help would be appreciated. Edit: Stuck to the 4-5-1 but changed to a deep lying playmaker on support, advanced playmaker - support, advanced playmaker - attack in middle, poacher as striker and inside forward -support on left and right with left wingback on attack and right on support with two limited defenders in the middle. First Europe game was close with 2-1 but I tweaked it slightly with some tweaks in orders and in the league match I won 12-0. My out of form left winger got 5 goals and so did my striker. This seems to be working. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  4. Hi. I will try that and give feedback. Edit: Did a match. Played better but now won't score at all. My best player had less than 7 as a rating. He doesn't seem himself. For 6 years he has been World player of the year but he doesn't look it on current form. My only player in form is my one striker. I have loads of 6's and low 7's. No idea what has happened. I was scoring for fun in previous season now I am lucky to get 1 goal. Every single team is playing 3-4-3 against me now and easily keeps my multi million pound squad at bay for long periods of matches. Is there any talks or anything I can do to jack their ideas up?
  5. Really need help. I finally changed formation and the team is doing even worse now. They creating chances and one on ones but missing the whole lot. My winger is having a shocking season and I am almost tempted to sell him because he is going from one poor performance to the next. I switched to 4-4-2 diamond to see if it helps but still nothing. Opposing teams can score at will against me while I have to create 22 chances for a goal. This didn't show in pre-season. My team scored for fun in the pre-season but since the season started I dread every match now. I stuck with the same formation for 20 matches and now have my worst goal score tally ever.
  6. Hi. I am playing Football Manager 2011. I am having some issues with my tactic. The league is sort of okay but teams are finding it very easy to stop my team from scoring especially away from home. I chose 4-2-3-1 because I have 2 strikers currently in the squad, 4 dc and dm players, 4 fullbacks and 4 wingers - 2 on each side and three goalkeepers. Overall I have 23 players in the squad. I believe the squad is good enough to dominate in Europe but I am not. They are struggling to score. Here is my tactic: Sweeper keeper - support Wingback - support Central defender - defend central defender - cover wingback - support Inside forward - attack - tried support deep lying playmaker - defend deep lying playmaker - support attacking midfield - support Inside forward - attack tried support as well Poacher - I tried deep lying forward attack and support edit: Forgot - attacking mentality, with more expressive, with normal width, push up defense and quick tempo with little time wasting. Everything else is default. My aim is to be good defensively and be a threat attacking. Creating chances is hard especially against weak teams. I need help please. I read the forums and guides but nothing stands out as to what the problem could be. My striker has lost all form and hardly scores now yet he is a very good striker. Worldwide reputation. Same with my wingers, defenders. It is a very strong side and have excellent mental attributes. Even in the league I am struggling and the league is weak. In my last match I only had 5 shots on target and created only 14 against a very poor side. Shorts on target is low for some reason. I won by only 2 goals and they scored a goal. I don't change tactics every match and have stuck with it for about 9 matches but the performances of my players is getting worse. Asa side note I have the strongest team in Europe and the league. Fast players , excellent attributes etc but they are scraping matches or drawing. I hope someone can help me. I am willing to try any tactic or help to get my team to perform. Edit: After some reading I changed to wingers - support on both sides and advanced forward.
  7. Okay thanks. I now started an unedited save as manager of Barcelona and in the long term save I will leave the club and try another club. I did notice for some reason the game duplicated my finance changes so you are probably correct that it is now faulty. Every beginning of season I get 4 out of array error messages but the game doesn't crash. Can you recommend a club that is small but maybe famous that doesn't have country restrictions in number of home grown players? I was thinking Steau Bucharest but Romania have restrictions. I tried Rosenborg with same issue and Turkey. Does Poland or France have these home grown player restrictions? I also tried Italy but despite resigning from my current club they declined due to compensation! I tried both Juventus and another famous club.
  8. Hi. The balance did go over 1 billion pounds. I had a board takeover around 2013 then eventually around 2034 the director took over and it was fine for a few years then he withdrew funding and then this money started being taken out. The only changes to the database I did was add a little extra income but nothing major except it led to a bug which I keep meaning to start a new save to solve it but never got around to it. The club was worth around 150 million pound after changes but I kept the reputation as 4000 but then this group bought the club and pumped a billion pounds into the club which meant I could suddenly afford the players that enabled me to win the Champions League in only my third season with an Irish club. This save was never meant for long term but with the kind of players I now got it is rather hard to just walk away and start from scratch but with what is happening I am open to the suggestion. The club in question is St Pat Athletic. It was meant as a joke to play as a Man City kind of game but never to last. Somehow I got hooked. I have no idea what happened. I still play the game through the problems but this is just a bit much. I checked but can't see any loans. I have attached a screenshot. Latest version through Steam.
  9. Hi. I hope anybody can help here. My club used to be super rich but now have little money so I started taking interest in finances and am shocked. The board has being taking over 450 million pounds a year out of the club. Why are they doing this? I am having to sell my best players to try minimize losses. I am going from loss year to the next with no end in sight and every possible takeover declined. Thanks to this insane taking out the club I am paying over 16 millions pounds tax a month. I spend average 100 million pounds a year on transfers. Mainly talented youngsters. I just had a new stadium built and as far as I can tell no new stadium planned. If I didn't reload they would have taken 564 million pounds a year this current season I am in. I tried reloading a few times but they insist on 464 million pounds year. This started happening when the chairman withdrew his funding for the club. I am trying for the 30 year achievement but I can't see myself staying at this club if this continues. I can't keep selling players. As it is unless I get super lucky I won't win the Champions league again. This money situation is killing the club. Any help or explanation for this behaviour would be appreciated. This problem is in Football Manager 2011 in season 2046.
  10. It is not just Football Manager with this issue. I have this issue with almost all my 2k games and Skyrim so I don't think it's SI's fault. It is a windows issue. Mac and linux are fine.
  11. I am getting this with all civ games including the new ones and I only have Football Manager 2011 to 2014 and they are okay. A solution would be nice. I can't keep changing the date all the time. I tried Google but this issue doesn't come up in Google. I wonder if it's related to the Take-two problem. Or 2k. Reading up on it it is not just 2k games. Skyrim and total war games are giving the same issue.
  12. Hi. Was in pounds. I did check and it was still in pounds. Since I reported it the issue hasn't happened again. All I did was create a new windows 7 profile and the issue seems to have gone. I will let you know if it happens again. Not quite sure what set it off in the first place because the options I change are the skin options but never the currency etc. Maybe it is what you said. I will have to see when it occurs again.
  13. Still moving to the side. I place it in the middle of my screen. Exit. Start the game again and it moved again. I don't understand why it's doing this.
  14. Trying it again to see if that's the problem. I am also starting to get random crashes now whereas before I had none. Sorry for delayed responses. I am not getting email notifications for some reason.