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  1. Okay thanks. I will try their website since they aren't answering on Facebook. Edit: emailed them now. Hoping for a quick response.
  2. Unless they changed it when I bought it because I see different wording to that now on Steam.
  3. I asked them but no reply. I tried a couple times. It was even mentioned on their Facebook page as I follow them on Facebook.
  4. Hi. My Steam store page says Touch was included at 50% off. Here is a copy from Steam: Weekend Deal - Sega Sports Games up to 75% off! Save 50% on Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018, 75% on Eastside Hockey Manager and Motorsport Manager as part of this week's Weekend Deal*!
  5. Can't anyone from Sega or SI help with this issue?
  6. Hi. I am not sure if this is the right place for it. I bought the Sega sports bundle. I received all games except for Football Manager Touch 2018. Can anyone help? There is also a topic about it in the Steam forum for Football Manager 2018. Can anyone from SI please confirm it. I had an email from Valve saying you only get Football Manager touch 2018 if you buy Football Manager 2018 on it's own. However I looked at the news heading in my Football Manager 2018 library item and this is not the case. It clearly stated the bundle included Touch. I didn't receive the Touch version of the game at all and neither did some Steam users.
  7. I tried Genie to see and he shoudl improve but his professionalism isn't very high so thta's why I might be battling. Poloschi is finally improving and Sturridge is starting to but selling him because he isn't doing to well in matches. He started off great but playing worse now for some reason. Any attempt to try encourage him gets shot down. Trying to get talents in is hard because it isn't a top club and only youngsters want to join. Will be in the top division next season and won one cup so far. While thinking what to do next I gone back to my long term save and sort out staff situation. Hard because fitness coaches in 2047 are rubbish for some reason. Players with good fitness coaching stats just don't want to become fitness coaches. I started a new manager and now old staff won't join so training is matter of playing them which in 2047 is working so I know my schedules do work just not in my 2011 save. Battling with youngsters. My one winger isn't responding to training outside tutoring. Running out of players to get him to reach his potential which is high. He can become a 4 star player just isn't a good trainer and keeps getting super tired so many matches in a row isn't working. Maybe you can help more. How does tutoring work in this game? How do you pair them up? I tried by determination and by character and sometimes it works wonderfully and other times not a bit. I have used Genie to determination and see what potential stats could be but discovered I can change them a lot like what happened with one player as he ended up better stats in certain areas than what Genie said. I found a guide for 2010 but it isn't working in 2011.
  8. Okay. Will bear that in mind. I have tweaked training a bit more and so far it seems be be working. Now just two injury prone players to sell.
  9. I hope so to. The Steam forum for the game is dead. Not sure why because no one ever answer any questions I have there. I had a few unfortunate run ins with a few people when I was friends with them and I am not sure if that's why no one there will help.
  10. I battled at this for a very long time now and not getting anywhere. How do you lower the risk of injuries? I keep getting aerobic and header injuries but neither is set high and just a touch above light. If I put it on light the players speed drops and they still get injured. What am I doing wrong? All players are on medium training except the keepers which are on very high because they won't accept anything else
  11. I need some help with training in Football Manager 2011. I started a new save game and I can't get my strikers to improve. What skills or training must I do to get them to improve? I almost finished the season and not one improvement arrow. I bought Sturridge, son heung ming and paloschi and not one is improving. I tried my own training and downloaded schedules and nothing is working. I set aerobic, strength, tactics and technique to medium low and shooting to high with defensive training on low. They start every game in the first team. I play sturridge on the left wing, son on the right with and poloschi as the lone striker. I tried setting the training to high, medium and very heavy. All it did was make sturridge upset at high training. Any help or guidance? I can't get them tutored because to get them to sign for me they wanted to be first team players. I tried lower but the agent insisted on first team or no signing.
  12. Okay thanks. I will try that. Being trying for so long for the achievement. Tried feeder clubs but board is stubborn about it so will try the scouting suggestion.
  13. Hi. I hope this is the right place to post this. I am trying for the 75% scouting knowledge achievement but can't get above 69% even though I tried the same scouts for 4 seasons now and scouting all regions. How do I go about getting it to 75%? I tried Google but every time I get to 72% it goes down again. I have no idea why. It's for Football Manager 2011 but I think Football Manager 2017 has the same achievement and I want to start playing that game too. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Here are some screenshots of my current tactic. Better but still lots of misses. Best player can play as MC, AMC , RW, LW Any help would be appreciated. Edit: Stuck to the 4-5-1 but changed to a deep lying playmaker on support, advanced playmaker - support, advanced playmaker - attack in middle, poacher as striker and inside forward -support on left and right with left wingback on attack and right on support with two limited defenders in the middle. First Europe game was close with 2-1 but I tweaked it slightly with some tweaks in orders and in the league match I won 12-0. My out of form left winger got 5 goals and so did my striker. This seems to be working. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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