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  1. The cpu with more cores will show improved performance when compared with a lower core count cpu when testing in a save with max’d our match settings, as I’ve said the benefit of a cpu with more cores is being able to run a larger & more realistic simulation. Having reflected on the subject a little further it actually doesn’t makes sense that the quick engine still only runs on a single core & it could do with a rewrite to take advantage of the performance available from high core cpu’s without harming the performance of the lower spec chips.
  2. Every Player Wants to Leave

    The whole feature has been a mess since day one & had only shown marginal improvement between FM14 & FM17. Such a shame that there still seem to be a number of issues in 18.
  3. That’s correct. There should be loan contracts in the game, especially at the higher end of the pyramid & for international loans.
  4. Unless something changes for FM18 the player will not get any match appearance/performance bonuses while out on loan.
  5. Players wearing keeper kit when outfield & vice-Verda was a bug in the pre-release beta, thought it had been fixed for the full release version.
  6. If there is a weighting then being biased toward the harder end of the scale on FM18 would be correct based on what was known about the negotiations at the time of release. It’s a bit moot now anyway, FM19 will be the final release before the UK leaves the EU so I suspect that SI will leave as is unless there is a clear indication on the type of deal the UK & EU are likely to agree & after that the path will be fixed.
  7. Match Engine Editing

    The main problem I see is the limited lifespan of each ME & database release, looking at 6-12 months where RPG/RTS’s can have a much longer window for modders to do their thing. Skyrim is in its 8th year since release which affords a lot of time to learn what can be done & more importantly to produce a mod that is worth using.
  8. It’s a classic example of I want the fastest because I can afford it but I have no idea how to extract that performance advantage. Theres’s are car analogy to be made that would perfectly illustrate the point...........
  9. This actually makes it a less challenging task on paper as it’s no different to making excel & access files readable for people with visual impairments or full blindness. The dificultly as mentioned previously may be in how the UI is built in FM which could mean a ground up recode, the most difficult aspect is making the commentary verbal and for it to be a 100% accurate representation of what’s happening on the pitch which can sometimes be very different with the current commentary & how to make the commentary workable when playing the match at higher speeds without simply slowing the game down to a pace where speech & events are synchronised during highlights.
  10. Once again read my earlier posts, additional cores allow you to run a more realistic simulation with a reduced cot on processing time & as the benchmark test does not max out the settings across all competitions it does give the advantage to higher clocked dual & quad core cpu’s.
  11. What were the game setup & settings you ran the test on?
  12. If you have a save before the player complains it’s worth posting in the bugs forum & uploading a copy of the save for SI to investigate the flaw in the coding.
  13. The is a option in the match settings that you need to change before creating a new save. The default is coded to save as much memory as possible by deleting historic match data quite early, you can increase the allocated memory to 300MB should you want more historic match data held in active memory.
  14. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Those stores do like to brand anything with a graphics card in it as a gaming laptop, terrible practice but folk clearly must still buy them thinking they’re getting better than console performance.