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  1. @XaW Do you enjoy developing youth because you can eventually build a squad of players you have nurtured from 15 or 16 or because despite the vast majority of youth team player not making the grade the one off player making it every couple of years makes it more enjoyable because of the effort & failures along the way?
  2. The game is designed for the user to observe the effects by watching the match or analysing the statistical data, for me that's a perfect reflection on real life management & should remain the case in FM.
  3. My idea was based on the fact that if the DoF can't get a deal agreed you will probably never hear about it unless it was a player you specifically asked them target, my preference is to allow the DoF to look for & sign players so a mix of both ideas would be perfect.
  4. It's not just a case of making the AI more intelligent, although that would be a massive step in the right direction. Making it tougher on the user is also important & also equally difficult to do right without alienating a chunk of the user base. Making transfers riskier but having less accurate assessment of player attributes, mental traits & tendencies would be a welcome step, having owners be less willing to sit by as the user overspends on budgets only to be bailed out with a cash injection while seeing owners take money out of the club when cash rich & meeting targets would be interesting, after all it is their club & their money.
  5. You can already see a player's injury history, it's a tab on the career history page.
  6. Rather than a never rule that could see you missing out on a good deal how about a system where they send a message to say they cannot get a deal done that meets the set requirements but a deal can be done on x terms & give you the option to accept or decline? Would hate to miss out on a player because a clause was 15% rather than 10%.
  7. The problem with that is under English league rules it's considered to be tapping up & against the rules, my thinking is unless Head Researchers from other nations confirm that contact with players or agents before a fee is agreed is allowed in their country & that it is the majority position what you're after is unlikely to be added as a feature. I do like the idea & would like to see it become part of wider interactions with agents.
  8. Most clubs at this level carry some debt & often operate in their overdraft, all you can do is stick to the budgets & ideally refrain from using all your allocation. In addition do not get too attached to your players or chase record breaking transfer income, if you get a good offer for a player sell them, especially if they have loads of potential & are moving to a league where you might get a decent sell-on percentage, you're at a club that needs money coming in from player transfers. For incoming transfer limit the amount you spend of fees to clubs, agents & loyalty bonus, avoid giving out too much in performance bonuses & never offer more than a 1 year contract to any player unless they have a potential resale value.
  9. If you're in a standard European schedule league I don't think there is one.
  10. It will not be safe to say there is a problem, of you identify such a scenario you the need to still further in to see why the player's consistency has not improved, just say consistency has not increased over 10 years so it must be broken is far to simplistic.
  11. The common factor here are that both examples are from custom league files. How accuarate is the data in those files & how much testing was done on them by the creators? If it turns out that there is nothing within the data that can modify the frequency & value of finance saving grants them it's worth raising with SI as the code may need improving to reduce imbalances when custom league files are used.
  12. The qualifiers are corrected, there are only 3 EL spots & Arsenal & Everton have been awarded the places that are initially reserved for the cup winners.
  13. You're spot on, the scout description does not reflect the attribute tool-tip, never twigged that to be the case & my be worth raising in the ME or Scouting bugs forum. At the very least one of the SI team might be able to clarify.
  14. FM will utilise all available cores when processing matches however other than that it still operates on a single core basis where clock frequency is more important therefore to get the full performance benefit you need to run all in full detail. If you already run all competitions in full detail & you have the money an i9 cpu will provide a performance advantage over all other options although how much remains to be seen & if in the past you've left FM at the default settings you will likely be disappointed in the lack of any tangible improvement in processing times. TBH at the price range advertised I'd go with the i7-7820X, just over half the price of the i9-7900K at the cost of losing 2 physical cores. If you play more graphically intensive PC games you can then use the money saved towards a GTX 1080TI.
  15. There is no collated stat for woodwork strikes.