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  1. AFAIK the simple answer is you can't.
  2. Hidden attributes have no CA cost.
  3. Also worth mentioning that budgets take into account future income so the 350m bank balance is increased due to teh revenue made during the seasons such as TV money, sponsorship, prize money, gate receipts & player sales.
  4. I had players IM attribute change, (FM16) confirmed by checking the IGE. Could be a newgen only function or a bug.
  5. I belive it primarily impacts the mental attributes & in particular decision making.
  6. Important matches can change during a player's career based on their match experience. I've had a core group of players develop into big match bottlers after lsoing a succession of play-off finals, their important match attributes just tanked to the point where failure when it matter the most was almost a self fulfilling prophecy. Not sure about consistency as I've never taken the time to assess it as any change that may happen would be more subtle but I do beleive it can also change based on a player's match performances over an extended period of time.
  7. Having more factors taken into account should be of benefit to this relatively recent injury revamp & linking the player happiness system could create a more varied feel to player behaviour & decision making during matches while also feeding back into the happiness/interaction feature to make that more a emmersive aspect of FM.
  8. Sorry to do this Jambo but I'm out before I even get started, please feel free to recycle 5-4-1 back into the black box,
  9. 07:30 Beradi pulls up after a dribble & receives treatment for an injury, The Performance feedback widget informs me that Beradi wishes to carry on depsite being affected by the injury. After the match it is confirmed that he's out for upto 4 weeks with a pulled hamstring. Issue 1: The player is unhappy & wants to leave to join Juventus who are interested in him, given that the match is a pre-season friendly & carrying on playing with a pulled hamstring greatly increases the chances of causing serious damage that scuppers any potential move I beleive it is highly unlikley that the player would be willing to carry on. Issue 2: As this is the opening pre-season firendly it seems more sensible for the physio to lean on the cautious approach & force a change anyway. Issue 3: He played surprisingly well & was able to cover a decent amount of space for a reasoinable high pace striker running with a pulled hamstring. Save games: Barside_Beradi-Pre & Barside_Beradi-Post Match file: Barside_Sassuolo v FC Red Bull Salzburg.pkm
  10. What did you expect to happen when financial restrictions that are in place to tone down ludicrous transfer spending are removed?
  11. It'll run the leagues you want but you may have to make do with low graphic settings, tbh it shoudn't be labelled as a gaming laptop with the CPU/GPU combination
  12. At £180 I'd say it's not kosher & best avoided unless being sold by a well known & reputable retailer who guaranntee the price which I doubt is the case.
  13. Last time I asked someone who works on the training module team thay said that rushing out was a tendancy (higher = more likely to come off their line / out of their area) but that definition sounds more like an ability to me.
  14. Like the sound of 5-4-1, should offer lots of flexibility in how I can set the team up.
  15. Check the power settings, chances are that when running off the battery only the OS is either reducing power to the graphics card or switching to the integrated graphics on the CPU.