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  1. A rewrite to the marking code & improved defender intelligence, I might be drawn back in & just when I thought I'd finally beaten my FM addiction.
  2. I was hoping to see some information of features but no loss as the discount will still be available after key annoucemments & 10% is not a massive amount to miss out on should I choose to wait for the demo. Google Stadia link up is a surprising one, yes in theory it will allow lower system users to play larger gameworlds but given my experience of playing in online clans leaves me a little concerned about the potential for annoying UI lag & of course there is the question of whether that performance boost will be part of the free package or only achievable with the premium monthly subscription & the long term viability of Stadia as a platform as it's not getting any great press before going live & any initial system failures could see the project being dropped very quickly. Still, I'm waiting for October/November with the hope that this release is the one that sucks me back into FM.
  3. Neither 15 or 16 are available on Steam so I doubt there are legitimate demo's for either version.
  4. The threshold for match to be data to be deleted is pretty low & for a fairly decent system will not have any negative impact on performance, the game will keep data longer for competitions you're competing in while others comp's will match data deleted much earlier & as an example on my past all league/full detail saves the default match storage settings might only save 2 match weeks worth of data for each competition. I set match data settings to the max value of 300MB before starting any save & I think that's still a low value for those of use fortunate enough to have high end systems.
  5. There is a reported issue in the bugs forum that the Nvidia drivers are defaulting FM to the integrated graphics card rather than the dedicated GTX card, have a look for the thread.
  6. Do you think that was due to a lack of technical ability or mental focus? For me British based players tend to overrated in FM on the mental aspect of the game, this includes hidden attributes. If the Spurs squad does not have pressure & important matches attributes at an average of 10 I’d be disappointed.
  7. How long were you sat on that post before hitting submit? I edited case of mistaken identity from the widget pretty quickly.
  8. I will avoid using rotation status for keepers at all costs, for me the only logical options are Key/1st Team for my #1, Backup for #2 who tends to be an experienced journeyman or a solid #1 from a smaller club & a couple of Hot Prospects for when things get really unlucky. The diffculty is in finding a suitable keeper who is good enough to be trusted for a few matches if my number 1is out injured or suspended & does not need convincing to sign as a backup, if a transfer target asks for rotation or higher I simply end contract talks & move on.
  9. All that would happen is the team tell the ref they are makingf their 4th substitution for the player currently off the field receiving treatment for an injury as protocal for substitutions allow for players already of the field to be replaced, penalty shoot-out are different because the time of play has been ended rather than extended so for all intent the match is over & has ended in draw.
  10. 33 attempts at goal in just over an hour & your issue with the ME is a wide player making a pass to a teammate in their blindspot?
  11. It’s brought up every year, every year is disregarded by many as plausible despite all the recent historical data to the contrary & no doubt this year the anomaly of last season having an English side in both finals & England earning more than 20 coefficient points for the first time in over a decade will be used as proof that English dominance in Europe is realistic.
  12. 6 hours a day just gettting to & from work on a good day, that sucks.
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