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  1. Barside

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Is that what NfE does? Thought it would be a reversible function.
  2. Barside

    Match Fitness in bundesliga

    Reserve players should remain match sharp through simulated matches if that side is part of the German football pyramid.
  3. I'm sure folk would claim that it was pure luck & the AI would have attack through the flank regardless. I've dedided to jump into the pre-release beta but I've spent far too much while off work over the last month so have to wait until payday to get my hands on it & when I do my plan is to make an attempt at creating a tactic that focuses defence against wide play with plenty of space in the centre for my opponents to exploit.
  4. This doesn't need to be the case at all, so long as AI tactical templates are built within the framework of the TC there's no need for them to be made available to to the user.
  5. Barside

    Disable First Transfer Window

    Transfer embargos are absolute so based on previous year's the clubs will not do any work towards any type of signing until the ban ends. As for the playability concerns you can also raise these oiutside of the fourm, tweet the FM account & Miles outling how the feature has a negative impact on your gameplay experience by preventing transfers in a league that does not actually have a transfer window. You can also look at the level of data, as you've already mentioned part-time clubs tend to only have senior squad players recorded in the database so link back to the change in this feature as a reason for more reserve & youth team players to be included in the relevent data fourm thread, doing a little bit of research on the reserve/youth squads of your chosen club to at least be able to list missing players would also be helpful. Another option is for the 'Add players to playable teams' function to be tweaked so that it populates reserve & youth squads with generated players to make up the numbers so that when this feature is used yours & all other clubs have an adequate pool of players, this could be considered as a knock-on defect of the new feature & I would have raised it as a bug in the other gameplay issues section.
  6. Barside

    Disable First Transfer Window

    The way I’d do it is filter for all professional clubs who do not already have a transfer embargo then highlight say 250 at a time & set an embargo that ends on 1 Dec 2018. We’ll have to wait until the full release to provide screenshots. It is worth going back to @Ben Kenney to ask for the decision to not change the way this change has been implemented to be reconsidered when a league does not have a transfer window, it could be argued the game is now disabling something that does not exist which could be considered a bug.
  7. What are you doing keeper? Nice to see the striker nudge the back to the side to open up the target.
  8. Barside

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Not club specific but should Phil Neville be set as NfE on the basis that he is employed outside of the Men’s game?
  9. TBH Phil Neville should be removed from from the active database, he has a job outside of Men’s football so it makes no sense for him to be in FM as an active NPC.
  10. Being able to run at a 4K resolution on FM18 is no guarantee that you will be able to on 19 however to get the correct support you need to pay in the the technical issues section of the bugs forum.
  11. The game does support 4K but that card will likely struggle to render at that resolution, have you tried FM at 1920x1080?
  12. You'll not be surprised to read that I'm pleased with this change.
  13. Barside

    Removal of 3.Liga?

  14. Barside

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    Which is why I included the second paragraph, Kubi.
  15. Barside

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    An editor being made available is not in doubt but given the nature of German IP law which is strict enough to have previosuly prevented the sale of FM locally due to a lack of any official licenses it's not a stretch to imagine that those same laws would look unfavourably on an SI created & suppplied tool which allows end users to create content that enables the inclusion of unlicensed content such as the 3.Liga & national team, last thing I'd want to see is SI finding themselves in court & on the wrong end of a costly legal bill. What is plausible is that the editor could be coded in such a way to prevent access to the German data entirely or have it in a read only format that prevents the user from altering it & the league structure so that unlicense content cannot be added, who knows? Could be that we get full unrestricted access & I'll just have to wait for the editor's hideaway foilk to confim if a working lower league edit to the German league can be created before I buy the game.