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  1. 3D & full match for me, sometimes I'll drop to comprehensive for cup matches that I do not care for or once my end of season league position cannot change but even then it's rare as I might want to see how a few fringe players or young prospect perform. I would agree that 2D is better for seeing the bigger tactical picture but as an old school LLM player my approach is always about playing FM as realistically as the game allows so that means 3D. Might start using replays for FM17 as that more close up camera in the teaser looks really nice & if Miles' tweets are to be believed those highlights render on a mid range machine so I'm hopefully of even more detail on the higher settings & maybe one day can realise the dream of a VR view of even an AR view that I can use when walking the dog over the local park.
  2. I seem to also recall that the old slider training didn't like low intensity regimes although that might have been a confirmation bias as I'd usually set injury prone players to such a workload, boy am I glad that approach was ditched. Best decision SI ever made IMHO, Your understanding is correct but the module does factor in what the players have to do in training so a fitness focus means more time spent pushing weights or doing aerobic conditioning which introduces a new group of possible injuries that have a greater chance of triggering as a player's general condition drops. There is long term benefit that a squad you've worked hard on their fitness can cope better when the schedule gets busier & that's more than just working them like Para's them during 5 weeks of pre-season, tbh I don't think it's all that necessary either as I felt that players recovered too quickly after a match so a CL QF schedule of Sun-Wed-Sat-Tue-Sat is enough for any player that isn't Ledley King & even at very low condition levels players are no more prone to lapses in mental judgement than they are at peak condition.
  3. Dynamic TV deals are present in most leagues, some cannot change due to licence agreements while those that can take time (multiple decades) & in some cases can be limited by population size, population wealth & how competitive the league is. Asian leagues woudl be difficult as there is the added issue of needing other nations to increase their standing to make the continent more appealing to a wider audience
  4. AFAIK your only option is to buy an external drive.
  5. Reducing the intensity of general team training shouldn't be having any impact on how prepared players are for matches, It should see a slight benefit as the other training focuses are less physically demanding & it also reduces the likelihood of training injuries.
  6. This is probably high on the list of things hat unlikely to ever happen. SI tried it once before & by all accounts it wasn't great, even EA who have been including it in their games for years have never nailed match commentary & it's always the first thing I turn off when playing FIFA or Madden.
  7. Were they a giant or a small club punching above their weight? Same could apply to Nottingham Forest, Blackburn & Derby.
  8. A former GDR club would be my choice, Hansa Rostock being another option.
  9. An often overlooked piece of advice is to not get involved with individual training focus or player tutoring, at the lower levels the players will not be around long enough for you to reap any benefits but you will have to deal with the negatives of overworked players & potential personality clashes.
  10. You get exactly what you've recently asked for & all you can do is chip in with sarcasm, unbelievable!
  11. More than happy to oblige, Stewart111 is so far of in their assumption that I'm not sure where this thread can go other than them increasing the level of insults directed at other members of the forum.
  12. That's a little cheaty (that should be a word) for my liking but it's good advice for folk who are not after hyper realism.
  13. Appreciate the the time you're taking to help with this issue, once a copy of the save file is uploaded to the ftp server you just need to post in the Switzerland league issues thread with the filename. I think you know whee & how to upload files but just in case you do not here is a link to the instructions-
  14. SI will need a copy of the save game file.
  15. IF you have saves before they fail in their attempts this is on to raise in bugs forum.