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  1. Unless you get lucky with a used purchase no, £100 will not get you a device capable of playing FM, the OS license will see to using up most of that budget.
  2. If a player is ineligible for selection (excluding when due to not being registered) then AFAIK the code is written to not have the player complain about a lack of first team football, there is probably a decent feature request for player to be less inclined to make a move that will rule them out of player for a reasonable amount of time unless the offer is from one of the big 3 clubs at that time or a massive step up in standard or earnings, the OP's example probably should have seen Ødegaard reject the idea of leaving Münich for Bradford.
  3. Just had a read back of this thread & by my count the number of people who agree with the OP is 4. Might be Time to force an end as the clear answer to the OP from the vast majority is either that they do not have problem with the pre-order discount with no features announced or do not care enough to comment.
  4. I think you're reading too much into this with the FM11Steam comparison, btw I think that was a test to see if Valve could deliver on service promises that came with using their system but that's an old discussion. As for this scenario it is difficult to come to an educated guess or conclusion of SI's motives (they do not give that info to us mods) other than generating early income & offering a sweetener to those who decide to buy early, much like a season pass on games that have regular paid DLC cycles & that's a business model which is highly successful & based on take up numbers is popular with fans. Being perfectly honest what I perceive is that a small number of people do not want to pre-purchase which is fine but that they are hoping if they make enough noise SI will agree to sell them FM17 at the discounted rate without the need to pre-purchase.
  5. The assignment is to close down an opposition player offering a short option so based on your screenshots everything is working as intended:
  6. I shall have to remember this the next time you have a moan about AI squad building, the need to replace the PA system or a general lack of challenge from AI managers.
  7. I'm struggling to understand why some people are so upset, this is a pretty simple concept to grasp. Purchase the game on or after release & pay the normal price, buy the game before release & have a history of buying previous releases then get a discount, it's not confusing, unethical or unheard of ground-breaking sales & marketing The paragraph perfectly shows the disconnect that some people have git sucked into. of course it's important to know what you're buying yet somehow the pre-purchase discount is being viewed as SI forcing people to buy the game without know what it's like (we'll ignore that we actually all know the core aspect of FM17 wil be tactics, matches & transfers just like every other FM) when it's actually a thank-you for buying sight unseen.
  8. How do you address the potential exploit of going on holiday during the transfer window in in particular from the few days before deadline day to avoid requests to leave if another club makes an offer?
  9. Roels are just one part, if you select a player with high work rate & teamwork attributes in the Trequartista role the should still be more proactive in closing down that another player with lower attributes in those areas. For me the roles are more about loose definitions of what's who consider to be more important for the player in that position, if closing down & harrying the opponent is more important then the compromise will naturally be in where they position themselves in anticipation of a turnover in possession & for that role it's about being immediately available to other players as an attacking option which cannot be maintained if they are massively out of position having chased down a loose pass.
  10. As per the posts from Neil & Miles in general discussions SI will make announcements about the content of FM17 when they feel confident that they are able to deliver on them. As this is not a bug report I'll close this thread.
  11. Feel free to stat a thread if you have a any ideas on how to address the issue that you perceive exist.
  12. Yes.
  13. An understandable question as works on weaker foot does become a PPM after the first successful round of training to improve the weaker foot. One aspect I've not tested or assessed is whether a player continues to improve their weaker foot once the PPM is applied to their profile.
  14. That pos Things looks a lot like you're accusing SI of not be a professional team, let's not have any more of that shall we. I'm also not too sure whether your first sentence was disingenuous sarcasm, if it is then again no more please.
  15. There is no fixed date however if you look at the transfer record for the nation & change the tab to Youth Intake you will get an idea of window for youth intakes based on previous seasons.