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  1. That's a question best asked in the thread I linked.
  2. Based on this thread & Seb's final post it appears that it is still an issue.
  3. You can add columns to the squad view & one of the options is Contracts>Appearance Fee. To open the menu right click on the column header row & select insert row or customise view, alternatively press the '+' icon to the right of the column header row.
  4. For me the main difference is that an AP on attack duty will be much more mobile as they look to create space to receive the ball while one on support will remain more static & rely on his teammates creating that space.
  5. I'm not sure that balance has an influence on crossing, even if it's a cross that's put in while in the move: One to check up on.
  6. It used to be the case that individually assigning players to rest after the match reduced their condition recovery rate slightl & I suspect that may still be the case, other than that it make sense as I do not recall there being any negative aspect if only half your squad are in training for a day.
  7. Even if licenses could be obtained or not be required the main stumbling block will be the sheer volume of data covering over a century of history & then having that shown in game without using up valuable memory.
  8. Can't believe I never noticed this discrepancy incountries such as Spain where contact release values are a legal requirement that the clause is not extended to be mandatory on staff contracts to mirror their use on player contracts so that the local law is simulated in FM.
  9. AFAIK that's a trick that's been used twice in half a century of profession football, no need to SI to introduce such a rare situation.
  10. As you're speaking with the press & your media handling has significantly increased it does seem unfair & sounds like a potential bug in the formula that is likely a result of your low starting rating for media handling. if you have a save point shortly before the board called you in for the meeting where they sacked you I'd suggest raising this in the bugs forum.
  11. Interesting article, not sure about Tom's assessment of the attacking tactic though, I'll have to have a word if I bump into him.
  12. FMT does not have FFP so that's your option if you want a game with fewer financial restrictions & as Article 50 has been triggered to start the process of the UK's exiting from the EU there's no longer a reason for it to be optional in future versions.
  13. Wanted to comment on this point, SI are at the forefront of match simulation which means that even if they were to change their philosophy to bring in a third party to work with them on ME development there isn't another game developer out there that comes close to matching the knowledge SI have, let alone exceed it & as the engines of other sports action game developers have very different requirements it woudl be in the interest of an EA or Konami to partner up to gain access to SI's coding knowledge in return for access to their much larger coding resources.
  14. For first team ready players the best method is the same is it is irl, know the world yourself. Use competition subscriptions to get updates on players who might be in excellent form, look out for those who are consistently getting into any team/player of the week/month awards or anyone breaking records, it's also worth looking out for players who are doing well in the various statistical rankings & of course anyone who performs well against your team. Of course you should still scout any players that catch your attention to get an idea about how much they will cost & to weed out any troubling personality traits or those who could be a one team/season wonder but learning to develop & trust your own judgement is an important part of squad building.
  15. Retraining a young player in a new position has no impact on whether they will reach their full potential, players can also grow so your short CB could end up being tall enough once he reaches adulthood while that striker could have the raw ability to be an excellent defensive forward.