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  1. Playing against a side on a big losing streak is about smashing them in the opening 15 or killing them with slow possession, if they get an early goal they can be a nightmare.
  2. I'm sure SI would love the game to be 99% perfect, I know I would have when I worked there. I'd also say that based in the content the OP was being a little sarcastic with their title.
  3. Forum update is planned & mentioned in the first sticky -
  4. Pretty sure that icon is above legend in the rankings & scoring 4 in a Champions League final would be enough to push a player into the higher bracket.
  5. Something has gone wring if a player at a 2.Bundelsiga side has an amateur contract, do you have rolling save files to see if you can spot when he ended up with an amateur contract?
  6. Keepers do pick up injuries in matches & just so you're aware the 2D/3D views are different visual representations of the same match engine.
  7. There are certainly ways to win while not exploiting the defensive flaws in the current ME, it's just rather unfortunate that the most common current tactical approach to creating defensive solidity while still having a creative option out wide is a near perfect match for the best way to exploit the ME.
  8. Competition rates are lower but the cross attempt rates are much higher than real life, on the save I have open now there are already some players with over 200 attempted cross in 11 to 13 matches. On a team basis the last assessment I conduction showed that the team with the fewest number of crosses attempts in the FM Premier League almost matched the number of posted by the team with the most crosses in last season's Premier League campaign.
  9. They tend to be more passive on the left side & use a defend duty player, this then allows more time & space to get a player into a good crossing position. It's more a case of defenders not recognising the danger, being less than efficient at anticipating where an attack will go & being too slow in reacting to attacking movement. Essentially it's a number of little things that in isolation have never been a major problem but for this version all those isolated issues have combined in a rather unexpected way.
  10. AI managers do like an attacking right back.
  11. Which is why this ME is my least favourite but conversely the most challenging as that's how my tactics have evolved over recent releases & this time I've spent what feels like too long looking for an approach that does not exploit the defensive issues while not leaving me woefully exposed to them at the other end. That or a keeper with great reflexes who can quickly react to the inevitable defensive clangers & get you out of trouble.
  12. More a case of can you score more from crosses than the opposition if you want to go down the narrow wing-back based path, the key is developing a system that has your midfield & forward line doing their bit to stop the ball being played out wide or into the corners. It's all a little too early 90's for my liking but I'm sure others have found different ways of approaching the challenges presented by the current match engine. I'm currently trying a 3-5-2 formation that uses a sweeper with a flat 5 across midfield & 2 forwards in an offset tandem, it's not going too well as 9 of the 14 goals my team have conceded are directly from crosses with a couple more from the secondary scrambles.
  13. When adding a league generated players will be used to fill out teams who do not have enough players, when removing a league players below a set reputation aor at certain clubs are removed from the game with the starting database options defining who will be removed.
  14. It's a combination of how AI managers setup tactically & issues with how the ME copes with defending against crosses, tactically the best options is to find a way to stop the ball getting to the wide players/overlapping fullbacks to prevent the cross being played.
  15. The matches will be from the promise start date, a previous lack of playing time will still be a factor but only in how unhappy the player is The importance of the cup matches is a factor but I think starts in both legs of the league cup semi-final plus FA Cup 4th & 5th round matches should be considered enough, as Cougar has mentioned the player's personality has to be taken into account & which club is important as that will change depending on whether they're a consistent title challenger who regard those competitions as less important which of course also applies to the Europa League matches, another consideration is whether the player has any stated ambition for success in a particular competition.