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  1. You can ask the researcher in the club data thread, as for incentive more money is always better than less & although £200,000 is a lot to the likes of us to a top flight professional footballer it's just their basic wage & for many they have a lifestyle that is based on a whatever weekly wage they have & there will still be something they cannot afford which creates an incetive to earn more money. As for why you would pay such bonuses? Simple, someone else will so to get the best players possible you pay what is perceived to be the market rate which is generally driven by the demands of the players, their agent & fear that a rival club will meet those demands.
  2. IF the tackle was deemed to be reckless, dangerous or teh player made no obvious attempt to win the ball (ie pulled player's shirt, pushed them in the back) then the player committing the offence is to still be given a Red card.
  3. I'll have to check back but IIRC new all leagues save takes less than 2 minutes to save on a 7200rpm HDD. if anyone is seeing a new game taking significantly longer to save then chances are there is an issue with where they are saving to.
  4. Each nation has a table with the average wage based on player reputation which you can see & modify in the editor, from there a number of factors are taken into account such as club wealth, board traits, player personality & agent personality. As for the exact calculation you'll not get that as iot forms part of SI's proprietary code.
  5. It wasn't a new ME built from the ground up, it just took an extra cycle to get all the new code that was added to work so it was safer to use the FM11 ME code in FM12 instead of using a very unbalanced build which allowed for an extra year of coding & testing.
  6. The only difference is being able to see the individual match results, the game code mechanics & number of players iin a view-only leagues are the same as as an inactive league.
  7. FM only requires 2.2GB of drive memory so moving the .exe & related files to a USB flash drive is not a viable option.
  8. That's standard, it's just that most Steam deal deadlines are published with a US time but it still means that if a deal ends at 23:59 Pacific it ends at 02:59 Eastern, 07:59 London & 17:59 Sydney.
  9. You need to realise that improvements to the 3D visuals go hand in hand with improvements to the ME mechanics, they also pave the way for even more improvement in the ME further along the development cycle.
  10. It'll be legal, It'll be legal consdierations, more than two would require a collective agreement from all parties & that license is held by EA.
  11. Actually there was more about squad building than is usually mentioned in these announcments. Galatico signings & findind a replacement before selling a key player are both AI squad buidling features plus I'm sure there will be the usual tweaks & improvements to AI transfer shortlisting that happen for each new release.
  12. We'll agree to disagree for now & maybe pick up the thought in another thread sometime.
  13. People need to be encouraged to train PPM's to get the finer details of a tactic just how they want it, for me it's a better reflection of how managers/coaches develop a team over a season or more.
  14. Starting a new contract project next week & it's likely to come with a very intensive workload so my time here will be very limited as will my FM playing time.
  15. If you get to see your manager throwing his notepad to your assistant before heading for the tunnel then the feature will be perfect.