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  1. Unless something has changed in recent years the use fake names option only changes the name of real players, everything else on the selected database remains unaltered. It would be nice if SI could use the newgen code to create an entirely fictional database but I suspect that to ensure the game start point retains a plausible distrubution of abilities & is truly random on each new start would require some very complex code which generally means a high risk of gamebreaking bugs that in this case might only manifest many years into a save.
  2. It’s a known issue with the ME code, what is supposed to happen is the ball is returned for a goal kick but sometimes the throw is not strong enough to reach the byline & remains in play, unfortunately the ME has no concept of continuing the effort to return the ball to the keeper once the throw in has be taken.
  3. I like this, a bit more attention to a crucial role in matches is much needed & far too many countries are lacking a large pool of officials or officials who have diligently assessed attributes.
  4. Would have thought an in game advert for a betting company would automatically result in a 18 PEGI rating. Edit: After a little research I’ve found that if a game encourages gambling the minimum PEGI rating that must apply is 12, as the primary intent of an advert is to encourage the viewer then it seems logical to conclude that SI may have exceeded what is permitted within the 3 rating that FM is assigned.
  5. I suspect this is a thread that’s better suited to the bugs forum, anything the community offers as a reason will likely be a pure guess, mine being that it’s linked to it being a reserve squad that iirc cannot be promoted therefore to save memory allocation the game does not record landmarks from season to season.
  6. Germany - U23 fixtures

    With regards to friendlies they will not be getting scheduled as the U23 still play background simulated matches & you should notice that players are picking up match stats to reflect this.
  7. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Probably worth downgrading those unplugged single charge numbers, unless the user restricts the performance to a level that makes FM intolerably my own experience is to knock 2/3 to 3/4 off the published figures.
  8. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    My first question is actually how/why did your laptop die after such a short time? My second is what make/model was it? Reason for these seemingly unrelated questions is that there might me something in you use profile that increase the risk of killing a laptop & that needs to be considered in any recommendation.
  9. Football Manager for Switch

    That’s not the point he was making was it.
  10. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    To ensure that that there is no invalidation of any warranties it’s worth spending the extra to have the SDD installed before dispatch. @toffeeeee If you have the disposable cash & are happy with the smaller size the model @carl000 has linked is a good alternative.
  11. Football Manager for Switch

    The most common reports I’ve seen online are for 14.5 globally (Guardian - Jan’18) with 700,000 in the UK (Eurogamer - Feb’17).
  12. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    £879 is a much better price & with the added convenience of spreading the cost.
  13. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Both seem to be overpriced but I suppose that is the consequence of buying from a catalogue. Of the two options & in the absence of any FM benchmark testing to show otherwise the one that is clearly better for FM is the Hap Omen due to it having the 7700HQ cpu while the Meridon has the less FM optimatal 8550U. Fo you need to order from Littlewoods due to payment options? What would your budget be for a paid in full purchase?
  14. Football Manager for Switch

    Sales of current FM products do show that the UK is the dominant market, if PC/Tablet/Mobile sales are not strong in a particular country what can be inferred about potential sales on another platform?
  15. Football Manager for Switch

    I’d be cautious on the potential market for FM on Switch & the projected sales, the UK shows less than 1m units sold & I suspect many of those will be fans of more traditional Nintendo offerings rather than a game such as FM. FM Classic failed as a product lead to encourage PS Vita purchases & there seems no logical reason to believe that the outcome would be any different of the Switch.