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  1. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    That laptop will be capable of running all leagues with a very large database of players.
  2. FFP Failure

    Where are you getting information that dividend payments do not need to be declared on the FFP balance sheet? Last time I read the UEFA guidelines they were considered a relevant expense.
  3. Of you're still in the EL then the player reaction is a bug, iirc this is a known issue.
  4. I'd send him packing even if he is doing fine when he turns up for matches, with the way FM works the risk of his negative behavioural traits creeping into the rest of the squad or worse the youth team is too great for me.
  5. Giving up

    How many times are you going to starve the same thread? As you're not enjoying FM find something more interesting to do with your free time or go back to the last FM you enjoyed if you can't be without a fix.
  6. What I would add;

    #4 could rank as the worst idea ever posted, what you're asking for is a FIFA style match engine that does not actually simulate a full match but simply speeds up time so that 1 minute in game equals 10 seconds in the real world.
  7. A finance model that allows the elite to spend ever increasing sums that filters down the pyramid has been a must ever since dynamic league rep was introduce. FM cannot have a key factor such as comp rep being variable while leaving an intrinsically linked aspect such as spending fixed at the top level.
  8. Board ultimatum

    The points target infers that it's the next 5 league games, you're EL match is sore of a free pass, just don't get hammered in it as that could give the board another reason to send you on your way.
  9. Just because it works one way in Italy doesn't mean it works that way elsewhere, iirc Russia has a similar rule that to be declared as non-foreign the player needs to have a competitive cap for the Russian senior team. If you have written evidence that the rule in FM is incorrect you need to post links in the Turkish data thread.
  10. FM18 System Reqs

    This ties in with my thinking, the launch game is about 3GB but once you factor in updates the total reaches 7GB.
  11. You'll need to contact the creator of the edited file as an error in their changes will be the cause of the unscheduled league campaign.
  12. I would have thought this is something you can bring up the researchers forum as it's the nation HR's who are responsible for competition rule groups.
  13. Inflation is just a definition of the by-product when clubs look to outspend their rivals.
  14. I disagree, in the first few years the values are okat but as a long save progressess & clubs gain increasing levels of cash reserves the amount they are willing or even required to spend on fees & contracts should increase. One other impact of the current model is that super clubs such as Bayern, Real, Barcelona & such like are unable to maintain their financial dominance as they already sit at the top of the ladder while other clubs grow to join them at the top rung, irl as those below spend more the super clubs simply spend more than they did before.
  15. Please give me a break

    It does suck when your squad of new signings collapses.