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  1. Yes, full version includes touch in the price.
  2. Love how this thread keeps popping up. KUTGW! Lewis
  3. Upgrade PC RAM

    The weight saving, reduced noise & general performance is enough of a reason to go with an SSD over a HDD in a laptop.
  4. Therw was a thread last week where someone took the time to link the phrases to an attribute range, should be easy enough to find with a search.
  5. You would be incorrect in you cynicism, there were technical challenges along with the availability of time to get that feature into the game.
  6. That’s classic perception bias, I used to work on the transfer side of FM & can assure that no such behaviour exists.
  7. A while back I proposed the idea of the visible attributes being affected by form so there is a direct correlation to coach/scout reports. Hopefully the technical challenges of adopting such an approach can be overcome.
  8. On day FM will reflect amoristation as this the more common method of balance sheet accounting at levels where FFP is a consideration.
  9. Paragraphs 2 & 3 are simply untrue & are based on misguided perception of belief in FM myths. There is some truth in your first paragraph however it’s not universal, the best managers & recruitment teams will extensively scout players with a decision to sign being based on whether they believe the player will fit their system & that needs to be part of the variety in FM, good scouts & good scouting practice should mean something while also being rare to achieve by both AI & user due to the pressures place on them for instance success & in some cases a care free attitude to the availability of transfer funds.
  10. Nice to read this, cheers Brocky.
  11. No such advantage exists, in fact as it stands (until we see FM18) the transfer market is massively stacked in the user's favour.
  12. I’d like to think that better AI managers will still understand the adige that form is temporary while class is permanent, might be a behaviour that gets some fine tuning during after wider exposure during the pre-release beta.
  13. Sweeper Keeper help

    There is a difference with attack duty seeing more willingness to rush out to clear loose balls & to dribble out of the area with the ball. What it does not adjust to any noticeable degree is their position when the team is in possession so they’ll leave a big gap between a defence that pushes high up & do not offer themselves as a passing option. It’s a role that I very much hope has been looked at & improved.
  14. Good news on the transfer side of things, about time that instalment based clauses got an update & the idea of a more varied approach from AI managers in their player recruitment strategy based on needs & expectations sounds promising, fingers cross this is all linked to how the managers select their squads so that we don't see too many high value transfers not being selected. Plenty to get stuck into when the demo comes out however the lack talk about the most important part of the game is a concern, my mind can't help recalling FM12 where there was no mention of the ME & iirc it took questions being asked in demo feedback thread before it was confirmed that ME updates were being held back for another year. I hope that's just my suspicious nature & FM18 does include significant ME code updates.
  15. tbh it's probably closer to 95% complete but even with that if a primary concern is that hairstyles in the 3D view are not diverse enough then FM might not be right game for that person as there are far more important & gameplay crucial aspects for the SI animation & art team to be working on.