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  1. Just a quick question regarding the comparison of strange real life transfers compared to strange FM transfers. As an Arsenal supporter I’m stumped by the loan signings of players like Denis Suarez and Cedric Soares. Has anyone had any strange FM experiences of transfers which match up to that level?
  2. I was going to say that same thing. Separate drive is the Cheapest way to go.
  3. I’ve been having a lot of troubles over the weekend and today with the community page updating / crashing / marking as read when viewing from my iPhone both before and after updating to ios12 Seems to be particularly bad when marking things as read Regularly get 502 bad gateway messages as well as the attached screen.
  4. I think a relatively simple explanation of how attributes theoretically combine could be provided to help new users understand the complexity and refresh the thoughts of more experienced users. Anything more could make it too easy and make the game into a numbers chase. Counter-intuitive attribute combinations could be highlighted though which would help new users set the game up as they wish as well as help more experienced users get more out of their set ups. I'd also suggest SI inform users if attribute importance or combinations change between releases - don't have to give out hu
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