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  1. I'd like to see more tactical information/options on the squad screen. An example would be changing a left back ahead of the next game due to injury. It would be great if a pop up/option appeared to say how you would like this player to play without having to go into tactics screen etc. So you'd start a game and load/set up your range of tactics then the system would recognise what tactic you're using so any changes in starting XI on the squad screen would immediately give you the option to change how the new player plays the position compared to the normal incumbent. Also, I'd like to have the ability to pre-set certain players with roles based on their on field position and specific abilities i.e. if I have to move a player from the left to the right mid-game or before a game then the system would recall how I want him to play in a given position and make the changes for me accordingly. (good example would be wide attacking players switching from the left to the right I'd prefer a right footer to play more as a winger on the right and inside forward on the left). This isn't about letting the system have more control it's about making the system automatically make the changes you want quickly and with the minimum of moving between screens/mouse clicks etc.
  2. Sounds like how Walcott was being played with Giroud - a winger but pushing up beside the main striker.
  3. I normally cancel all loans and remove all injuries before I start a new game but wouldn't add a player just because I wished we'd have signed him. It'd be a straight shoot out with Özil in the formation I'd play so squad harmony could become a problem if that happened.
  4. It's all about speed vs realism rather than 'fun'. Too much of a simulation means it takes more time to achieve success. If, like me, you don't have that time due to work/wife/kids/socialising then you get disheartened by the game especially. if like me, you remember being in your teens and playing CM2 etc through the night with no sleep and rattling through season after season. I guess I want to have my cake and eat it, I want the realism but I want the UI and AI to enable me to carry out all the tiny adjustments in the quickest, easiest way possible so I can get games in and done for the smallest amount of time possible whilst not being handicapped in terms of possible success. If it carries along this path then I just won't have the time to play and therefore won't be buying in future. My wider concern for SI would be whether the game is becoming slightly too niche and whether it's getting too difficult and time consuming for new players whilst their existing customer base is aging.
  5. Losing the side bars has immediately made it better on iPhone, tone down the White and add more contrast between posts and it'll be nearly there. Agree on the improvements needed for users to recognise replied threads and new posts etc though.
  6. The new forum seems really unfriendly on my iphone, both from a graphical and UI perspective. The bright white is too bright with insufficient contrast between posts, the wasted space at the sides is plain daft and the thread page numbering lines are annoying when doubled up at the top. In general it feels, well, a bit pikey really compared to the old style and that of the other forums I frequent.
  7. My thought was always to have an app which let you fiddle with training and tactics on the move before uploading it to the game. I mean edit your PC game settings on the move then upload them when you get home.
  8. Drag and drop onto pitch for the first 11, drag and swap for the subs. Only thing that's a little awkward is making a player a sub if there isn't one already so you can't drag and swap.
  9. Have had freeze as well - immediately after making subs in the 2nd half of a first pre-season friendly as Arsenal. All clips froze after the subs were made, pausing and unpausing a few time seems to clear it most times. Included goals, corners and efforts. Am on a 16GB 3GS with 4+GB spare and the updated game.
  10. With the 25 season limit, arcadey (is that a word, I have no idea?) feeling and quick turnaround of the games I don't think you have to worry too much about save game compatibility when it comes to making improvements. Easiest thing is to create the update and put massive warnings everywhere that if you update your save may stop working.
  11. i.e instructions don't change until the user changes them. I'll change the formation but not automatically change the instructions, to have to go in and change them back because the game has done it based on someone elses opinion is actually quote annoying.
  12. I'd say it should stay the same until the player decides to alter it. The instructions should match the players in the formation not the formation itself.
  13. budgets were sorted by turning off quickstarts in the preferences menu, shouldn't be a problem if you're running the first update.
  14. Would like to see something on the squad screen that let's you know/reminds you that a player has been offered to clubs or put up for transfer *
  15. Yep but this is the first time I've been really annoyed by it, guess it's cos I feel a sense of ownership of the FM brand having played the PC games since it all started too many years ago to mention! I've also been a tester for them for a while and know how much effort SI put into their games and trying to keep fans happy.