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  1. Remove it then reloaded it from steam . Its just all stopped after update 10.24.6
  2. Since updated Mac to Mojave 10.14.6 FM19 has stopped working it just sit on a solid black page not loading or moving . There always seems to be a problem with FM19 on a Mac when there's an update. ps I know stop updating Mac , I always bloody forget.
  3. Since Mojave 10.14.6 FM19 will not load it just sits on a solid black screen. Any ideas?
  4. Senses Mojave 10.14.6 update FM 19 will not load. It just sit on a black screen not loading any ideas?
  5. I am using custom graphics. I have gone back to proper skin not flut skin. The message appeared and different times in the game. It is just a shame you can't add things to FM 16 like we have been able to the last fm games with out all these problems. Si must know this is how we keep the game looking fresh being able to change the appearance . This years FM is a let down and I have now been FM a long time like a lot of people so we do know what's good and what is not. Coyb
  6. My FM 2016 keeps on telling me low on memory then crashes. I have plenty of memory left on my Mac. There is a lot of chatter about playing FM 16 on Mac Pro retina and this is what i am playing it on. Any ideas or help please how to sort this problem out. My 3D is off and i am on low graphics as other posts recommend. Cheers
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