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  1. FMC is just the right pace/detail for me, but it's jarring that it frequently puts these "cheat" buttons into the interface. ("Use Magic Sponge", "Automatic Morale Boost", that sort of thing.) It completely breaks the immersion, and although I understand it's part and parcel of the audience that FMC is aimed at, I'd rather have an option to hide these buttons. Someone in marketing will tell you that adding this option could decrease microtransaction sales, but I'm never intending to buy them so it really won't.
  2. Maybe the bit where it says "the experts at Football Manager have run five experiments on the new Football Manager 13 game"?
  3. Happened to me recently in FMH 2012. Bowyer punched the ref when playing against Leeds, after a Becchio dive!
  4. Can't exit on 3.4a

    The Back button is doing exactly what I'd expect now (Galaxy S2 ICS), so as somebody who was asking for that change, thanks! The disappearance of the Exit Game button was rather unexpected, but the new Back button behaviour makes up for it - agree that pressing Back on the main menu to close would be a nice future addition.
  5. I reached the finals of the FA Trophy and the Blue Square Premier Play-Offs as lowly Dover (typical home attendance normally about 2,000). Both games were played at Wembley in front of in excess of 80,000 fans. Both games generally fetch between 20k-40k attendance in real life, and indeed they don't generally open up the whole stadium for just this reason. I'm not sure whether this makes a jot of difference in the handheld version (does the simplified financial model care that deeply about gate receipts?), but a tweak on the numbers here would be reasonable.
  6. This has been mentioned here. "Custom" tactics (i.e. any changes from a formation's default tactics) are not currently saved when you save a game. You have to manually save the tactic separately (floppy disc icon in bottom-left corner of tactics screen). I agree that it's currently frustrating to return to the game and find your tactics have changed! This, on the other hand, I definitely have not seen. Any tactic changes I make pre-match are definitely still there when the match begins. Are you definitely able to reproduce this, or could it perhaps be another variation of the above issue? (Note that if you set Team Instructions, and then change the default formation using the drop-down list of formations, it'll reset the Team Instructions to that tactic's default... I think)
  7. On one occasion, I noticed the headline/article about the pre-match betting odds did not match the actual odds themselves: The headline/article implied that I (Dover) am favourite, but the actual odds say that Hayes have the edge. I have a savegame from immediately after this news article was generated, if it's required.
  8. There are some stats within the Market itself, the FMH2012 page has it in the "5,000 - 10,000 downloads" bracket, and it's currently #3 on the top-selling paid games (in the UK at least) which is pretty remarkable work given the steeper price-point than most of the casual games on that list.
  9. Lampard to Wrexham?

    I had a weird one recently, during the September free transfer window I noticed that Kevin Phillips had no club and was listed as retiring at the end of the season. I tried to sign him until the end of the season, but on the contract negotiations screen he said that he didn't want to sign for anybody when he was so close to his planned retirement date. Surely somebody who's unattached and unwilling to join a club has already retired?!? (Or was he just trying to let me down gently...)
  10. This seems as good a place as any to plop a bit of match engine feedback of my own... (1) The majority of highlights (I'd say in the region of 50%-60%) really need a couple of extra seconds on the front of it. Far too often the highlight begins with a player in a one-on-one situation, when I'd really like to see who played the through-ball to him, or which of my defenders messed up. Much of that can be derived from the match stats, and I understand the restrictions of the format, but just that little bit of added time would make a massive difference to the highlights. (2) I've also encountered what I'm sure must be a match engine bug, though I need to spend some time trying to reproduce it. On a few occasions I've seen players seemingly passing the ball in the wrong order, in a way that doesn't match up with the commentary. For example, a player clean through on goal, who hoofs the ball back to a player in his own half (the commentary says he's playing a "through ball"!), and that player then scores from his own half (the commentary says it's a "simple tap-in"). I'll try to get a video of it happening, so you can look at whether it's a bug, or whether it's because my team are playing like the Harlem Globetrotters.
  11. One of those people was me (here) - delighted to hear the news, cheers!
  12. I'm absolutely loving the game - as someone who's been turned-off FM in recent years by its staggering (if brilliant) depth, the handheld version has just the right amount of control for my liking. My list of constructive criticism is quite small. In descending order of importance to me: The tap/swipe detection doesn't quite feel right on my device (Galaxy S2). For instance, when tapping "Next Item" at the bottom of the news screen, I've often had the situation where I've come across a news item I've already seen - it took me a while to realise that if I didn't tap the "Next Item" button directly downwards, it was sometimes swiping left to the previous news item - extremely confusing! Conversely, the main menu buttons ignore swipes in the same situation - which often makes the button seem unreponsive if I accidentally put a small swipe in there. It would be useful if the sensitivity could be tweaked in the settings, or (possibly easier/better?) if buttons on the UI treated swipes as taps. Lack of support for the hardware Back button is very disappointing. On the Galaxy S2, pressing the Back button takes you out of the application altogether. If there is a Back option visible on-screen, the hardware Back button should perform the same action; if there's no Back option in the current context, going back to the Home Menu would be sufficient. When viewing domestic league tables, swiping has no effect. I'd expect swiping to move between that country's divisions, in the same way as if you're viewing the group stages of cup competitons. Without this ability, it's hard to quickly review the state of all your country's leagues - the "quickest" way is Home > Competitions > Country, selecting a division, and then pressing Back. As someone who likes to keep abreast of matches in other divisions, it's annoying that match reports are only visible until the next group of matches are played - even if that group of matches is later in the same day. For instance, if the Premier League results pop up and there were six PM matches and one EVE match, the EVE match is the only one that I can view details of - the afternoon matches are lost. It's understandable that the handheld version can't store massive match archives, but in this situation I would've liked the chance to be able to view details of all matches on that results screen. Also, another vote for being able to change Team Instructions etc when you're sent to the Squad Selection page pre-match. The workaround (home, Squad, Tactics, change tactics, Continue) is rather a pain. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  13. Mistakes in commentary

    I've seen a couple of different lines of commentary where the same player name is displayed twice. e.g: "Papa Bouba Diop was backing in to Papa Bouba Diop" (Diop picked up a yellow card for this - so the second name is wrong) If you could sweep the commentary files for other instances, that'd be great! There's also a grammatical glitch whenever the referee is mentioned. He's always referred to as "The ref" (with a capital T) which is incorrect in some places. For instance (these are paraphrased): "But The ref has blown his whistle", "Smith is given a talking to by The ref"
  14. Error remembering data when loading game

    I'd be very interested in having custom tactics autosaved with save games. It's very frustrating that I have to manually reapply my last-used tactics whenever I reload. That said, it's useful to know that saving the tactic before saving the game will work - now I just have to remember to do it...
  15. Right-click the download Select "pause download" Right-click the download Select "resume download" The same thing happened to me (not just for FM, happens on other Steam titles too)