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  1. i'd just like to bring up the example of Chinedu Obasi who only 4 or 6 finishing rating and yet bags quite a lot.
  2. I have just finished my 1st season with Arsenal and finished in 3rd place albeit due with more less losses than the league leaders, Chelsea. I decided that my main problem was motivation and that winning edge and so as soon as my players went on holiday, i decided to create a new tactic. This included of my back four all defended, a Dm, Cm, and a Rm all on support, a AML attacking and a front two with Arshavin dropping off my target man. Has anyone attempted to play an asymmetrical formation and if so, what was its result? --------------Boruc---------------- I like to call this formation the ladder formation, I Sagna---Gallas----Vermaelen--Clichy have a few ideas to replace players, if anyone has ---------Song--------------------- any other recommendation please tell me. Camorenesi--------Fabregas-------- ------------------------------Vela- ---------Arshavin------------------ -------------------RVP--------------
  3. I've been told by my assman that my team gets easily overawed by the big teams ie. Chelsea. How do I combat this?
  4. The 14th minute of my Arsenal team vs. Portmouth. 24th January 2010. Linking play from Diaby, Fabgregas, RVP and Bendtner led to a stunning goal from just outside the box by Andrei Arshavin. Unfortunately, the physio had to sprint onto the pitch and give him treatment. Arshavin had been my best player all season even coming 3rd in World Player of the Year and rightfully deserving a place on the left wing of the team of the year. I immediately brought up the tactics screen and found his condition at 70%. Worrying about a long-term injury and my competition for a bettered position of 2nd place, I took him off for the young lad Carlos Vela. It said he was annoyed at being taken off and now is 'slightly concerned with my managerial tactics'. If player interaction was improved, I could explain to him my decision making him feel valued instead of unappreciated. I was previously unopinonated about debates on player interaction but now I fully back potential improvements. WE NEED BETTER PLAYER INTERACTION!
  5. Artur Boruc Celtic -------> Arsenal 11.5 mill
  6. Increasing club reputation

    go on a good cup run or win the league methinks - cannot be done by the click of a button, it takes time.
  7. board has untrue view

    no fm09 and sorry thatdude i just dont have the time to use that crappy search engine to look for threads like a needle in a haystack
  8. ive won every game in the league so far this season with leeds, only beaten on penalties in the league cup by a premiership side. Ive got manager of the month in this latest month of september. why do the board think i am underperforming?
  9. [FM09] Tales from the Galpharm

    Is £68 grand enough to bring in legendary Pawel Abbott?
  10. mine would be POB Skipton then nice to see another Yorkshireman in the forums EddieGray11
  11. straight losses 2-0 away to West ham, 2-0 away to chelsea, 4-0 away to athletico, bad start to the season for manchester united ;'(
  12. I hate this time of the year!!!

    Just go with it, enjoy last years game, the new season and completely forget about the new game
  13. Imagine the picture, First game of the 08-09 season for my new manchester united team, sunderland away, not the easiest team in the world but definately not the hardest team in the world. 49 minutes in, still 0-0. Ferdinand, ever the rock, takes the ball off cisse and gives it to carrick who then plays the killer ball out to giggs on the left. Giggs waits and waits and waits until he finally crosses it to the near post where berbatov, as i thought, headed it in. Then the commentary says that Berbatov had suspicions of handball in the finish. Does this mean that Berbatov just got away with a second hand of god?? thanks for the responces in advance
  14. I bang the desk and more often than not swear sometimes i try to pretend im not angry and stay calm but usually i break down after the second goal and curse