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  1. Anyone know the answer to this? I just never know when events happen outside of my team b/c everything is stuck in 'News' or 'Social Media'. I don't know why all this info was moved from away from the Inbox, but I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just ignorant to a setting or just failing to understanding this UI change, but any advice is much appreciated.
  2. Is there a way to show news for leagues, teams, and competitions you are subscribed to in your inbox (like 2016 and previous versions) or is it only through the social feed or news tabs? It's really difficult going back and forth between these views and would rather have it in one place.
  3. Let me preface this by saying, I've been impressed with every iteration of FM up until this point. Every subsequent version feels more polished than the last and I'm confident this issue will eventually be fixed. With that said, club reputations in FM have been seriously bugged ever since FM14. I know this b/c I posted it before in the bugs forum http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/373030-reputation For some reason, after the 3 season or so they just don't make any sense. I've seen fringe teams in top leagues (Germany and Spain are usually the biggest culprits) all of a sudden become worldwide clubs by just qualifying for the Champions League. Yesterday I saw probably the worst example. Chelsea are back-to-back league and Champions League winners and look at their reputation ranking https://www.dropbox.com/s/ni47tx0tl499jzd/Screenshot%202014-12-24%2003.55.35.png?dl=0 Funny thing is they dropped 3 places at the end of the season in which they did the double! Some other laughable reputations from that list: - Granada's best finish is 5th and they are a worldwide club (no trophies and no sugar daddy) - BMG top finish was 4th and they too are worldwide (no trophies and no sugar daddy) There are more on that list but you can tell by just looking at it. I hope this gets fixed for FM16 b/c its really annoying reading emails calling Granada "spanish giants" or watch these teams sign players they have no business of signing.
  4. In FM14 regardless of whether I was out of a cup competition or not, the game stopped before competition fixtures. This year that doesn't seem to happen. I know I can set an interval with Screen Flow but there isn't an option to only stop the games before fixtures. For the domestic leagues it works fine (the same as it did int FM14) but not for cup competitions (ie. French Cup and Champions Cup).
  5. I just wanted to say the UI of the game is amazing. As a front end developer, I work on and view UIs all day, and I can honestly say this one of the more impressive ones I've seen. 1. The new search bar is actually very useful. In all my years on playing FM I've barely used search, but this year it just seems much more responsive and intuitive. 2. The main navigation on the left allows me to easily move between screens and the top of my FM screen isn't cluttered like previous versions. 3. Circular meters. Don't take up too much space, but clearly indicate whatever they are measuring 4. The reorganization of the hierarchy of screens. This is probably my favorite change. For example, placing player search under "Scouting" and staff search under "Staff" or having a dedicated "Club" button in the main navigation just makes it a lot easier to navigate.'' The UI will take some getting used to, but my initial thoughts are very positive. The people that worked on the UI/UX did an amazing job. My only con is scrolling is really difficult without the buttons. I've gotten used to it, but its a chore with a trackpad. P.S. - The 3d looks great as well. Just need to fix all the long shots goals and amount of crosses and the ME should be up to the same level. (FYI even with these ME issues the game is far from unplayable)
  6. Never said all, but I think most would be an accurate guess. I know loads of people who play the game that have never been to the forums and are happy with the game. Eye of the beholder I guess. "Relaxing experience" for you is "easy, boring, click and win" for me.
  7. It's safe to say it is for the first group and I'm pretty sure after 20 or so years of creating this game they have a pretty good idea who their core customers are. And isn't "relaxing experience" just a nice way to say "easy game"?
  8. Just wanted to say this is 100% false. Hassle opponents works well for me. Granted if your squad lacks pace and work rate it will be difficult, but to say it cannot be replicated is not true.
  9. FM 2012 was the easiest, most unrealistic game of FM ever made. If this is your standard for fair then of course you'll find this version difficult. This is your main problem. In FM2012, you could load a super tactic and dominate with a pub team. This year you have to make in game adjustments and you can't just use the same tactic from start to finish. That is the definition of unrealistic. The functionality of the sliders aren't gone. They are just in a different format ("vocal" instructions). I actually agree with this somewhat. I've seen 4-5 week injuries actually make a 1st team player become surplus requirements. I think the affect of physical ability is fine, but the affect of technical and mental attributes are a bit much IMO. It's not game breaking, but it's definitely annoying.
  10. It doesn't work for "don't show items like this" (at least for me). I can tell b/c if I chose "don't show items like this" and "ever" the item never shows up in my feed, but it's still highlighted in my subscriptions. Reselecting the option does nothing.
  11. How do you reset this so the "Don't show items like this" option shows up? Changing the subscriptions don't work and now I can't see completed or accepted transfers.
  12. I was about to start the beginning of my 3rd season and I noticed this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1e5jbmvcdmyyg6a/Screenshot%202014-03-29%2023.46.59.png Funny thing about this is OGC Nice got a sugar daddy near the end of my second season. They climbed to a high continental rating and now they've dropped off the list completely.
  13. That's not the Final you're looking at btw. They played a LB and left midfielder and he ran riot on my team. They played like Barcelona at home.
  14. What are some of the craziest cup runs you guys have ever seen by an underdog AI team? Celtic in their second season (look at who they played): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlu0xe487dl3w1b/celtic-cl-2014.png This is the first time I've ever seen something like this in all my years of playing FM. My Liverpool side are 2 time league champs and we couldn't cope with them. Nobody could really.
  15. My left back got a red card against Everton during the Capital One Cup semi-final. Ended up losing 3-0. Red card rescinded a couple days later. SMH
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