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  1. Missing a few too many penalties for my liking. Feels 60/40 on scoring which seems a bit inaccurate especially when Baines is my penalty taker.
  2. players being angered about a fringe player being sold, players getting upset at the sale of a player despite him not being sold. I've raised those two issues in the relevant places. Just my thoughts, I'm yet to download the most recent update though.
  3. Game feels very broken at the minute and quite unplayable, will lay off it until it gets fully released. Fingers crossed issues will be resolved, also I'm not to keen on lots of changes that have been brought in this year eg different 2d classic and lots of dynamics issues to name a couple.
  4. I get this as well. Very weird, nothing I seem to say has any effect as well. Just posted in the beta feedback thread about more dynamic related issues as well. Sold Aaron Lennon as Everton and despite winning the first 5 out of 6 games the whole squad has now gone against me. I said that he wasn't good enough and wasn't just going to keep him on sentimental value and they took issue. I spoke to the squad and some people agreed with me but now the whole atmosphere is negative, abysmally so. This just doesn't add up.
  5. I'm Everton, I sell Aaron Lennon and the Rooney takes issue. As a result the dressing room is totally lost despite me saying that Lennon (as in real life) just isn't really good enough for Everton anymore. When I try saying this to the players they still have an issue with it. Just makes zero sense.
  6. really hope it's the same as the last iterations, for me I just feel the new 'classic' which is a bit of an oxymoronic term, is not as good and actually makes me contemplate whether to buy future versions. It seems that I'm not alone either.
  7. so, have your beta codes come for cd keys? or 2game?
  8. Morning all, hope everyone's having a great Christmas. I've just gone and got myself a tablet, and was just wondering how do I get access to install my fm touch on my device without paying for it again? I bought the full fat fm17 and thought it included fm touch? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Max
  9. I think it's the total opposite. The Luka Jovic's of this world show how great FM is. Now signed for Benfica, only time will tell if he is really as good as FM predicted a couple of seasons back. If anything the harder job is getting these PL players correct. Everyone has an opinion on them and as shown by a plethora of well-known names in this thread, there are some that are grossly over and under rated.
  10. If that continues as a trend soon each day in the game will take as long as a day in real life!!
  11. Rondon not been great on my current game - he's good irl as well...
  12. Newcastle won mine as well, beating barnsley in the process, very odd final!! I lost the efl final in my first seaosn also, to west bloody brom (they were relegated)
  13. Any players that you feel are probably overrated/underrated compared to 'real life,' these are in repeated saves. i.e a player having an amazing season wouldn't necessarily count, these players need to consistently be poor/good from save to save. I'll get the ball rolling: Overrated - Berahino, Mame Diouf Underrated - Ashley Williams
  14. Well, winless run over the last 8 games or so led me to finish 6th when 4th was a serious possibility. So frustrating. Apparently in the europa league though despite winners and finalists of both efl cup and fa cup being out of the qualification places.
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