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    Chriisy Groom Man Utd and Farnborugh FC All the way !!

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    Gamertag - x2v2x Claude X


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    Football Manager, Football, other sports, Computer Games

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    Manchester United
  1. Dzeko or Suarez

    None since they both play for City and Pool irl !
  2. I would love them too for finding him , the best 15 year old Regen I have ever seen
  3. Hes a brill player, I play him as a ball winning midfielder mostly or anywhere else tbh because hes that good
  4. I am in the 2020 Season and I'm loving it, started from the 11.1 Patch too, never get bored of this game
  5. Perfect 10

    Had players score 6 or 7 goals in friendly's but its just not the same as getting that amount of goals in a competitive match. Had players score 4 and get a few assists which gets them 9.8's but never a 10, congrats on the 10
  6. Don't you just feel awesome when your team can't score so you make a Sub and he provides an amazing performance to help you win the game
  7. Doing very good although, I would work on getting his tackling up
  8. Hahaha, I was thinking Ronaldinho in 2022 then looked at your second screeny
  9. Yes my Strikers score quite freely and as for concedeing I play Fluid and Attacking so I expect to Concede quite a few.