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  1. I don't see the difference? As long as your computer can handle it, should be fine imo
  2. the beauty of unpredictability!
  3. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20 (2 CPUs) 3GB DDR2 RAM Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT 256mb (dual) XP Home Edition All very smooth, loads are quick and 3D i have experienced no problems/pauses etc. at all
  4. Theres always alternatives like you've said, if your not happy just get some community made ones. I usually do too for the PL and other kits that are missing
  5. Doubt it myself. Not sure how great this addition would be for me personally, if i want to sell someone it doesn't matter what time in the season it is. But if i don't want to sell someone i won't accept offers. I get your point, but imo wouldn't add anything to my game.
  6. child labor laws???

    If it's true, its yet ANOTHER case in todays world of political correctness gone WAY too far.
  7. Mmm, your post makes sense, but in reality imo it doesn't what so ever. If SI were stupid enough to do this, they'd only be ruining thier own goodwill for FM and would soon enough have no customers. How some of the bugs weren't picked up is beyond me, but it won't stop me buying the game.
  8. It has worked for me in the past. Like all speaches they shouldn't be over used and varied so they aren't over used. But 'for the fans' usually works for me against the big teams.
  9. Does make a difference for me as i like to fast forward the match and watch the highlights at normal speed. However it is not the worst thing just to have the one slider, though bringing back the two would be my prefferred option.
  10. In australia!~!!

    Like some others have said, EB Games are PATHETIC on keeping things with release dates. I pre-ordered a white PSP slim + lite when they first came out, EB were around 2 weeks late. Rubbish store
  11. Slow Match Engine!

    For the 3D just speed it right up if you want to cut time. If you still want to view it at normal speed then its a sacrifice your going to have to make
  12. I downloaded it, play a few matches per day, can't 100% get into it because i know i won't continue this game on, just using it to bide my time until the 14th
  13. Wouldn't matter either way mate, you have to register your copy in 09 so you couldn't do that till the 14th either way. My local EB up here at Port Macquarie had a fairly large FM 09 display of cases with the 14th as the released date, but no $59.95 price tag
  14. FM 09 too hard

    Lets be honest though mate, how easy is it IRL for a club like Tottenham, Portsmouth, Everton, Aston Villa to get up and win the league with the big 4 in place? Impossible atm imo. If you stick at it long enough in game it will be possible. But if it were too easy to win titles etc. with virtually ANY club, it would be totally unrealistic and i don't know if i'd stay play FM. It's 'challenge factor' is about right imo, not too hard, but still very challenging!
  15. Well aren't you just the funniest. Fair enough criticise the game and tell us your opinion, its your right. There are always going to be flaws in this game, as much as any other game, there have been some poor showings in the demo (injuries etc) however i have not experienced any crashing or double typing etc. I'm fairly happy with the 3D ME myself, about what i expected it would be, so i will still use it and look forward to the improvements on it next year. Good for you to give your opinion, but did it really need ANOTHER thread?