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  1. Hello all, When starting a career, I usually pick a club from a small country (footballwise) and then the lowest tier. My current career started in Sweden with Hogaborgs. Results are very good and I enjoy my time. But...my finances just go downhill. I have a salarybudget of 18k per month, but I have a loss around 30-50k per month. Bonus structure is low. I could figure out the loss, but what I am curious about; do you have some suggestions about how to manage finances in the lowesy leagues of Sweden? Any notes: A transfer of a very good player, usually gives me a 10k max of income. Talen
  2. Well, I get rather many ccc against me, through passes which catches my defence offguard. My matchatatistics are always pretty balanced (shots and posession). I get alot of draws. On CCC I'm amongst the poorer teams. You say to have an holding midfielder. Wouls that be a CM on the defence role/bwm on defence? And what would you advice for a pair pf strikers. I always assumed that a targerman and poacher fitted well...
  3. Hello all, I started playing FM2016 and started with a club at the 4th level in Sweden (Hogaborg). I developed my own tactics and I must say; things are going reasonable. I'm 5th now while the pre-season prediction placed me 10th out of 14. I'm playing 4-4-2, just to keep things basic and balanced. In all my matches I play reasonable and most of the matches the statistics are pretty much balanced. Here is an overview of my tactic including team instructions. Can you give me advice on thing that you think might help improving it a bit? My team has the highest % of headers completed in t
  4. Hello all, I started this game with Hogaborgs BK, small Swedish club. I have a small question; In my tactic I use a right full back on support duty. The right full back I have, is a 3 star as a full back. BUT, he is more fond of the defending role then he is of a support role. Placing him as full back on defensive gives him 3 stars, full back on support 2 stars. What is the wisest thing to do? 1) Let him stay on the support role, since it is part of my tactic, 2) Give him his favourite role, since it suits him better. With kind regards, Werner
  5. Hello all, I could use some advice. I currently play at Debrecen in the Hungarian top division. De results are pretty good, my tactics seem to work great, but there is just 1 tactic I can not seem to hande: 3-4-3. I tried 4-4-2 - diamond, 4-1-2-2-1, but with those tactics I can not seem to handle them. The last match was just terrible. After I made the 3-1 in de 46th minute, things went terrible. Lost 3-7... So any general advice how to play them? My first thoughts: use AML and AMR and to cover their midfield, maybe some backs who play into midfield?
  6. Hello all, First of all, I must say thing go pretty well with my team. I'm in the 5th season and I got SJ Ver from the 3rd level to the highest level. Even qualified for the EL (runner up in the Portugese Cup). The results of my team are generally good, but I do have trouble dominating easy matches, and when matches do go well (2-0 e.g.) I pretty much get into trouble all the time (2-1, 2-2, 2-3), no matter what I do: drop deep, play defensive, no pressure on ball, etc. But like I said; the tactics have their good things, posession in general is good, the matches are nice to watch (good pas
  7. Good remark Vladis: the CCC I get against usually are balls dropped behind my defensive line and the striker running from the last man.
  8. Hello all, I could use a bit of your help. I'm using a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic, playing control and fluid. I'm very satisfied and my performance in general is above expectations, but still I'm not very satisfied, mostly because of one reason: I concede quite alot of CCC and goals. It feels I need that last extra thing to tip the balance in favour of my team to really dominate matches. Sometimes I win from the top teams and then get hammered by smaller teams. I added a screeny of my tactic. http://postimg.org/image/vxaf6ekwf/ Some match stats I have alot: 3-3 against an equal team - Match stats:
  9. What do you mean by the two defensive midfielders breaking up play?
  10. Analyzing my matches, the thing that worries me the most is the fact that my opponent easily drops the ball behind my defence, hence creating a 1 on 1 very easily. I could drop the "push higher up" and "hassle", but that give my the idea the gaps on the midfield will only grow larger...
  11. Hello all, I could use a bit of help with my tactic. It isn't going very bad, but it's not going great either. I have pretty high posession, but I don't seem to be able to get a clear difference in chances. I'm a medior in my league. I basically use 2 different formations of which 4-2-3-1 is my favourite (I also have 4-5-1 (1 DMC, 2MC, AML/AMR/SC)). The strange thing is it worked great before, but I didnt play for a while and now it's going much harder to get good results. In the link you can see the tactic and instructions. My 4-5-1 looks like this. I chose for pushing up high and h
  12. Very nice. The basis set up gave me great successes in FM2011 (with a tiny team in Sweden winning CL). Couldnt get it to work in FM2014 yet.
  13. I'm LLM too. Can you post the tactic you are using now and the team instructions? Some printscreens would be nice:)
  14. Your advice has been giving me very good successes. But I have an additional question. When you play against teams who are superior to yours. It is wise to switch back to lower temp and maybe a tad more rigid?
  15. Thanks for the useful advice my friend. Especially the tempo advice sounds good. The midfield (in my experience so far) isn't really causing problems. In the "real position" mode it appears to be pretty balanced; no strange gaps. Also the F9/IF seems interesting. I will most surely test them:)
  16. Hello all, Currently I'm playing with S. Joao Ver from Portugal (3rd level). I'm playing with 4-2-3-1 (deep) mainly focussed on posession. It goes very well; I'm first in the league, have very high posession during matches (mostly between 60%-70%). But yet the tactic doesnt feel very solid. Even though I'm in control, matches tend to be pretty hard for me. My main problem seems to be: despite having alot of posession (great passing too), I don't create alot of more chances and hence getting regular goal against too. Maybe one of you guys has some tips. http://postimg.org/image/icr9wr8b7/
  17. Hello all, I started a jobless carreer and was signed by Puerta Bonita, 3rd leven of Spain. I prefer starting in Lower League because of the challenge. I wanted to start a small thread to exchange some general tips for Lower League tactics. My general experiences so far: - I play 4-2-3-1 (also have a 4-2-2-2 and 4-1-2-2 for back up) - If I push the defence up high, I concede alot of goals against, so usually I play with low defence, - Direct passing seems to favor my team, short passing leads to easy loss of posession, - I used to play with a stopper/cover combination in the heart of my
  18. I started with a LL team straight away, but decided to go with a bigger team (my fav: Heerenveen) first, just to try out some basis mechanics with some better quality players and see how things work out. Going for 4-2-3-1 now.
  19. Nice thread m8, I started in the Slovenian 2nd division, but I had alot of defensive issues; what especially caught my attention: - Crappy defending, even when closing down or putting more pressure, the opponent was allowed to put up combinations into my sixteen with great ease, - I was very vunurable with corners, with the opponent getting in front of it's man easily.
  20. Hey guys, Just a small quick question: what tactic works best for a topteam like Real or Barca. I now play v4, wich seems to work great, but would like to know if someone has better experiences with other tactics. Havent tried V6 Piranha yet.
  21. I have used this tactic with great successes. I got Alaves from the bottom of Liga Adelante to win the CL. Haven't won the Liga BBVA yet. I am in the season 2019/2020 now. But one thing really bothers me atm and I wanted to ask if some of you had the same problem. I am using V1 at the moment. Though I have some class strikers, I really struggling with scoring. My most scoring players is a DC for heaven sake, with 14 goals from 26 matches.... Defence is tight. Not conceding alot, though I sometimes get alot of changes against. I play with two controling midfielders. But the attack seems to
  22. Ill give the tactic a try with Alaves in the season 2017. Have a decent squad, should be able to finish somewhere halfway the league table.
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