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  1. 9.3 problem

    What can I do if i can't buy the game here?? Not playing this beautiful game??
  2. 9.3 problem

    Well i can't buy the game here in my country. It wasn't in the shops so i had to download it. SOMEBODY HELP!!!!
  3. 9.3 problem

    Hi everyone. I installed 9.3 patch and then the game again required the activation. What should i do now? Because i haven't bought the game, but downloaded it, and activated with a crack. But the crack worked only with patch 9.1. Somebody help!
  4. FM 2009: Official AC Milan Thread - Rebuilding Needed?

    Pato, i think, plays better as a lone striker, with 1 or 2 attacking mids, and players like Kaka and Dinho nurture him with assists, and at my game he is scoring for fun, 2-3 goals in a game. I think you should buy a decent backup striker, if Pato gets injured. Because i think Keirrison would be unhappy if you play only Pato, and put him always in the bench. What season are you? Cause the first season Pato will score, but not so many. In the next seasons he becomes a monster, and tear apart every team, every keeper in the world.
  5. Home or Away in a two-legged tie?

    I don't bother. I always play an attacking side, and if I'm trailing, i send all out attack, so they can score as many goals as they can, either home or away.
  6. The 'Perfect' All Nighter

    I'm planning for tomorrow for the next "All Nighter". So the first thing: Loads of cigarettes, 2 bottles of soft drinks or Coke, some TV, great Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest palylist, coffee, some food, and FM of course.
  7. When you think you can do a better job at your favorite team than the current manager
  8. Anyone ever done a centurion?

    In my current A.C.Milan save i am in November in season 2 and have scored 45 goals 'til now. Hope to achieve the centurion. I think I'll make it!!
  9. A.C Milan...

    E nejse ska gjo te pakten do mundohem qe me emrin e Partizanit ta fitoj Champions :P te pakten ne realitet se bejm dot, ta bejm ne pc p.s. sorry to mods for speaking albanian, if it's not allowed move the thread.
  10. A.C Milan...

    ou?? po pate mundesi ma jep dhe mua, du me e lujt iher vallaj.
  11. FM 2009: Official AC Milan Thread - Rebuilding Needed?

    Hello there! I'm still in my 2nd season, November, and until now i have won all the games without exception. I'm in a 23 match unbeaten run this season, and 27 unbeaten run since last season until now. 1st team: Fixtures: Tactics: Team stats: Pato has been immense this year, also thanx to tomtuck01 instructions that he gave me, scoring 21 goals until now.
  12. A.C Milan...

    wee plako qenke shqiptar ti?? se dija qe mund te kishte te tjere te fixuar si puna ime mbas manager!! Anyway i don't think the problem is the half-time talk. Maybe i will let some time to the players to adapt well with the tactics. Although i keep conceding goals, I'm on a 27 matches unbeaten run!!
  13. Fm 2006

    I agree with you, it's really slow, 2006 is faster. And i have enjoyed it more than any version of the game, going through 10 years of management, managing Russia, Newcastle United, Bradford City, Charlton Athletic, A.C.Milan, my best career in FM series. Then my pc had problems and i had to format it.