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  1. I have just formatted my Hard Drive and now all hell braks lose. When i try to play FM 10 i takes around 15-20 secs to go between players and teams and so on, and after a while the whole game dies. --- I have no ****ing clue what the problem is, so if anyone have any ideas what i could do it would be very much apprichated. The abstinense is killing my here =/
  2. I don't know if anyone brought this up before, but here goes. The game flows real nice until I get to the matchstage of the game, so when it's preparing for the game it just freezes and I get a failmessage or something, it says that something si wrong and a log has beed created in Crash Dumps. I am playing in windowed mode. Something worth mentioning is that I have the exactly amount of RAM as the system requirements (512 Mb), is that a problem? ----------------- I think i got everything there, I play it in swedish so i can't give you the exact failmessage, but i hope someone can help me to sort this out.... I wanna play