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  1. I managed to manually 'save as' by using a new filename for my Saved Game.. Hope this helps.
  2. As I was about to copy files, I tried once more and the game saved, continued on without a crash.. Only variable to earlier was I changed to a new filename. Same as before (normal for me) in a custom folder. Tried to save again, overwriting the new saved game and the game continued without crashing. Perhaps a workaround for people looking in could be to 'Save Game As' and use a new filename when saving your game.
  3. When saving on the latest update (Steam), when saving a game, the game itself hangs at completion.. Forcing me to quit the game unexpectedly. Also suffered the 'Saved Games Disappearing' issue many others have. Loaded my own manually, but this is the new issue. Installed beta. Custom Saved Game and Data location. (Game on C:\ drive, Data/Saves on G:\) The game appears to 'save' as I can load it up once I've restarted FM. The only bug appears to be hanging after it saves.
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