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  1. Thanks for your advise, now I have an idea of what to look at
  2. I have been playing Highly structured Control Lower tempo - Shorter passing - retain possession - work ball in to box - close down slightly more- roam from position - play out of defence - Dribble Less- slightly higher line GK - (D) RB - Full back (A) CD - (D) CD - (D) LB - Full back (S) DM - (S) RCM - Roaming Play Maker (S) LCM - BBM (S) RW - Advanced Play maker (S) LW - Inside Forward (A) F9 I like the way my team move the ball around and my RB usually has lots of space to run into however I would like him to cross the ball a bit more. You are correct the opposition appear to be more defensive, I need assistance in the best way to draw them out, should I sit deeper? switch to standard mentality? I like my overall style of play and want to keep true to that, I just need a couple of option that I can experiment that will take me in the right direction. thanks
  3. I had a lot of success in my first season with Aston Villa using philosophies discussed here and making some adjustment thru the season, however in season 2 I still seeing a great deal of possession but the scoring chances are drying up / being snatched at. Have my fellow managers experienced this if so can someone point me in the right direction, I only need a nudge thanks
  4. Hi sorry I should have made it clear I used the screen print of you formation for reference only, I am currently managing Aston Villa.
  5. This looks great, I shall be downloading as soon as I get home from work. thank you.
  6. Great work as always Cleon. I have been struggling this year to find a tactical set up that works for me, I have been using a basic 4-1-2-2-1 with flexible and standard instructions and minimal team shouts. As I have a player suited to the Enganche role I have moved my AMR in to this role and had a look at moving the RB to the RWB (A) (my team is now similar to your Santos team), with the play through balls instruction the attacking play now looks great and my Enganche is the real heart beat of the team with my RWB providing a constant outlet in the attacking phase,. However I am being undone by teams playing the ball in behind the WB, does this happen with your Santos team? I am think of pushing the defensive line higher and closing down more thus giving the opposition no space. I was hoping that you or the guru's here could give me some suggestions to point me in the right direction.
  7. its your tactics . i always hate having a big lead after the first leg as your pre match team talk can really screw you up. personally i would have started with the defensive strategy and use the Get the ball forward / Early Crosses and hassle opponent shouts as they have worked well for me if FM13. In FM12 my Wigan team got thrashed 8-0 by Chelsea on the opening day of the season,
  8. in my Newcastle save i using the pre-set 442 and have only changed the players roles. i have some success using the defensive strategy away from home and combining it with the Get the Ball Fowards / Hit Early Crosses and Hassle opposition shouts. The best results being a 0-1 victory at Old Trafford and winning by the same score against FC bayern in the Champions League. Whilst the ME has its problems it is possible to get some good results and great passages of play by keeping it simple. WWfan and the guys in the Tactics forum are helpful and give some good advise (thanks guys), but alot of the time the people asking for the advise don't want to listen to the answers and prefer to jump on the ME is screwd up band wagon
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