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  1. Euro Cup/ECC Issue

    Actually Imma from the UK, I support Bolton, Man Utd and Portsmouth so YAY for me ^_^ I even beta for FML but that does not use proper leagues, maybe I should make like a special league so you CAN do what I think it should do and we will see if players die or not LOL Why did everybody think I was joking? I really did not know, can we go eat some beef now?
  2. Euro Cup/ECC Issue

    Screw it, close the damn thread, none of you took me seriously and simply laughed at the fact I did not know you were only allowed entry into one if you earned entry into both, just sounds like limited imagination, like a lack of ambition in the game, if you wanted help and got laughed at your self confidence would go down too, go look in the mirror before saying kak all
  3. Euro Cup/ECC Issue

    You lot is so funny, sure it would mean more games but I guess FML covers that yes? The lack of imagination I see in some people is amazing, it's like when Man Utd won the treble but were denied entry to the FA cup for the next season....people really did'nt like it when they did that did they! Same thing here, denial of entry, which is almost like a punishment in a way, so lemme put it this way, if your not allowed entry, why does it initially appear on your comp list? ^_^
  4. Euro Cup/ECC Issue

    This thread is dead serious, having played FM08 and FM09 I was under the impression that if you EARNED a place in a competition you should be allowed to enter it REGARDLESS of any other wins, whats the point in being told you gained entry only for it to be recinded a few months later? If that happened in real life there would be one heck of a stink as your missing out on further glory and perhaps extra cash for the club, entry means entry...simple as, negation is not an option when I play!
  5. Currently playing as Burnley in the Premier, we came 2nd in the division (entry to ECC), won the league cup (entry to Euro Cup) and also won the FA cup which is also supposed to offer entry to the Euro Cup, up until season summary I was entered in both but when my 2016 European Championship started (I also manage Holland) the Euro Cup had vanished from my competitions list which is complete and utter nonsense as I legally gained entry to it twice only to discover that Man Utd somehow have it from being FA cup runners up, sorry SI but thats not fair, if a player has EARNED their way into both euro cups for the next season you MUST allow them to do so, anybody else noticed this? Going to keep playing until new season starts and see if it re-appears but I dont think it will even though I was told earlier "you won entry to it" a few months prior...
  6. - U21 and U19 national manager jobs now show up correctly, about damn time, whats the point in applying for a national job and never hearing from them! 2 achievements at the same time fixed - good, now maybe get steam to improve optimization with the steam cloud so it syncs better GE Updates - Nice, but can you please improve the ball physics so it interacts better with the environment, it goes "through" subs benches, stadium stands, adverts etc which spoils the realism approach. Stadiums - When can we expect to be able to see stadium construction in progress (cranes and such) and when will the pixelly crowds be removed and replaced with proper realism animations where they have the burning smoke lights (like in the Man Utd treble finale with Bayern Munich) or scarfs that they wave and the fan "wave" that we see sometimes because I have to tell you...the "people" I see in stadiums totally ruins the genuine effect and looks more like a cheap rip off unworthy of an FM game and makes me feel cheated of my £35....I didnt pay money to look at half baked fans in stadiums....you can do SO much better!!!
  7. Nice thread, but I am VERY surprised that nobody is comparing this to the FML achieves some of which should be in FM2010 That and FML achieves are tiered which means completing one unlocks the next, FM2010 desperately needs to tier achieves and add newer ones....like create a custom cup or win a custom made competition, just certain things (like features that are missing like become Chairman or do your own consortium takeover bid)....achieve X attendance or X number of sold out games, or build a new stadium Championship Manager Online's achieve system should also be compared....as that one is about as in-depth as it gets....2010 must learn!!!
  8. I'm kind of trying something like that, been taking Newport from BSS and trying to climb the ladder, got them up to league 1 so far and now pushing for the playoffs to the Championship, only down side is that we have a really small stadium, I got it expanded but won't even take 10k people LOL
  9. Recently set up a new game with 5 leagues and going to manage over in Italy, created a new female manager, at the end it tells you to save with the manager "past experiences" options waiting, so I save, but instead of it taking me to the options I just saw it goes straight to the overview page, now I can't find how to change my managers prior history stuff, anybody else seeing this and knows how to fix?
  10. Stadiums Graphics

    Ever played LMA Manager on Playstation? (The original...not the half baked later versions) That had properly made stadiums you could drool over a decade ago.....so dont tell me SI can't do it because they can!
  11. Happiness: Short Term Plans - Long Term Plans (get it added please) - Media Ability - (do they love or hate you, can you handle the pressure, scandals, bribes, unable to cope etc) Achievements - (awards, trophys, bonuses, medals, maybe give us a trophy cabinet screen) Financial - Do bonuses take into account the scale of the achievement? (Like if Portsmouth won the Champions League I'd say that's pretty big LOL)
  12. Does this affect short and long term plans for your manager? In prior FM games when it comes to certain areas you never see ANY information or planning and I want SI to fill those gaps like the element I just mentioned so that we know what our manager wants to do, like win the world cup or become chairman (or chairwoman), or become manager for a National team, stuff like that Edit - Happiness: Short Term Plans - Long Term Plans (get it added please) - Media Ability - (do they love or hate you, can you handle the pressure, scandals, bribes, unable to cope etc) Achievements - (awards, trophys, bonuses, medals, maybe give us a trophy cabinet screen)