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  1. My steam auto updated FM to the latest 16.3.2 version, so since my laptop was offline and had the 16.3.1 version installed, I copied all the files, from both steam and my documents folder. Any game I try to load or create, it crashes with a crash dump message. Is there some windows registry setting I need to edit so I can use the 16.3.1 version on a steam installation hat had previously updated to 16.3.2? I did this previously with Eastside Hockey Manager, also by SI, and it worked great. Any tips appreciated.
  2. I made a video demonstrating the issue: [video=youtube;yz9gj7NP_1s] After the game has been running for a while and you select holiday mode the game simply does nothing. When you click on the screen after it doing nothing for a while, it asks if you want to return from vacation. When you have a freshly loaded game it'll go into holiday mode just fine. It does "work", but having to save the game, reload EHM and load up the game everytime I wish to enter holiday mode is a real pain, specially in the "fast games" that I like to play where I sim to the next game using the holiday mode.
  3. I second this. The 1.0.1f version was slower than the Early Access and the 1.0.2 is just horribly slow. A game that would take 2-3 seconds per period now takes some 8-10.
  4. That would be good Riz (alternative view), especially in a league like the EIHL where the regular season is "the main event", the one the fans want the most.
  5. I thought as much, but due to your previous reply of "it's a small price to pay for the correct playoff seedings" then I imagined it could be seeded by conference this season like in the NHL. In practical effect what would be the problem of having the league table sorted by points as is in real life? Let's say Steelers have 40 points, Panthers have 39 (1st and 2nd in conference) and Clan have 38 (1st in their conference). The league table could and should display Steelers, Panthers and Clan in 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall, yet pick Steelers and Clan as top two seedings based on them being confe
  6. Hello, The holiday bug where when you select to go on holiday, nothing happens and would only return to normal upon reloading the game is still present in the final version of the game. Best Regards
  7. This has carried over from the Early Access through to the final version... when the players you have rights to is in your camp after using the "invite to training camp" button, that player's right cannot be traded, the screen simply will not allow you to select that player.
  8. Did the CHL (Champions Hockey League) make it in the final version?
  9. Not really, the playoff seeding could still be based off conference seedings and still display the "complete" league table considering the points as is the elite league table: http://www.eliteleague.co.uk/eihl-standings-201516/ One thing does not have to interfere with the other.
  10. +1 for the CHL. I waited until today's update in the hope's it was created since the CHL is currently underway and one of the only, if not only, competitions to have started of the new 15/16 season.
  11. So you post on a sunday and less than 24 business hours later you reply with sarcasm? If you see the postings in these forums by Riz, the main EHM guy at SI, you'll see that he is not online a lot, but when he is, he replies in batches. Don't be that entitled guy who thinks the world spins around his bellybutton.
  12. This is another leftover bug from EHM2007 like the retirement one I posted a few days ago. On the holiday options when I select staff to renew contract on NONE it'll still renew staff contracts. This has been going on ever since EHM2007.
  13. Hi, This has been going on since EHM2007 and I have not found mention of this here. Every now and then, my team, computer team or free agent will have a message about them retiring at the end of the season, however the next day a message arrives saying the same player has retired.
  14. Riz, would it be possible to include EIHL + EPL as playable leagues under 2006 ruleset whilst the new structures are not programmed? Not the ideal situation, I know, but it's something, at least better than playing EIHL on EHM2007 :-)
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