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  1. not getting any response in there?
  2. hi how do you add yourself to the player database on the mac hope someone can help
  3. yeah but how do you do it?
  4. Hi Does anyone know how to add yourself into the player database on the mac? been told you can do it for but have no clue how to?
  5. thats what i thought but he came back about 14 months later and was on fire for about 10 games!!!!!
  6. wayne rooney out for 12-18 months with a broken back from a miss times challenge in training
  7. where can i get the demo from???
  8. download the demo it is then ha ha ha
  9. thank you for the welcome just really want to finish this last season before i get FM09 but also worried that FM09 wont work either?????
  10. my disk is for mac and pc its really annoying as i am in year 2017 with an amazing manchester united team who have won the league since 2008 and i no longer have my old laptop!!!!!!
  11. I have played FM08 on my old Windows Vista laptop and i have just bought an imac but FM08 will not install on it no matter how many times i try someone please help!!!!!!!