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  1. as i said i cant even loan my players... i request no fee and 50% wages no teams become interested even if i offer my young prospect for free loan (no wage or fee) no one become interested, would have thought championship team will become defo interested, screw that.
  2. I love FM2011 so far i am starting 2nd year mid august, the only glitch / problem i have is i cannot offload my players (i dont want their wage bills!). In FM2010 it was very realistic, if i wanted to offload a player (someone who can make it for a bottom half team /top half team) alot of teams will become interested, if i wanted to loan players out alot of teams would become interested. in FM2011 is VERY FRUSTRATING!!! i cannot offload or loan anyone because no teams are interested which i find very hard to believe, for example i offer john o'shea for 2.5m euros no team become interested (********!), i try offload berbatov for 7m because i got dzeko on the cheap and berbatov wants ridiculous wages, no team interested? these are bargain prices realistically...... i am frustrated... how can i OFFLOAD/LOAN?????? At the moment i want to bring in modric for 7m euros, and offload hargreaves or carrick but that option doesnt work for me obviously.
  3. i bought in dzeko, hamsik, igor akinfeev too
  4. why does this tactic work for some and not for others... anyway i give up on this tactic, i might make my own or wait for someone else
  5. ok, i will give it another go. appreciate ur contribution, but just frustrated with conceding so many goals
  6. lol.... i know. i deleted this tactic off. is crap.
  7. this tactic is horrible, concede way too many goals and when i do have the lead i lose it in the last 15-20 of the game! not good. i am arsenal too.
  8. RedZone85

    FM11 First Impressions? [POLL]

    OMGGGGG, this is the best version i have played! i have played the last 4 years worth, and this by far kills it. Great match engine, excellent transfer (i requested board to sign a awesome player and they agreed haha!!), board is more interactive (i can request more things), i have more say in how the team runs, i can have private conversation with players/agents etc. this is awesssomme!! dont hesitate buying this game people...
  9. RedZone85

    FM11 First Impressions? [POLL]

    i am downloading it as we speak. cannot hide my excitement!! but with price, it could be much better. $90 for a game man what a rip! my friend offered to get it for me for free, but i love this game tooooooo much to do that. if the price was more along the lines of $70 i would be more excited.
  10. i stopped reading after the 3rd paragraph. i got my game installed through steam (bought it through internet). I am struggling to get another game started, because i 'feel' is a waste of time because FM11 is coming out in few weeks. I am sooooooooooooo excited about FM11, like i dream about how bloody great the game will be with all the new features **drools** So, yes i am also retired from FM10. I am eagerly waiting for FM11!!!
  11. RedZone85

    Help finding players a few seasons on

    There is no 'quick fix' except for what you just mentioned genie scout. Scouting manually takes alot of time! and there is no quick fixes for that. You could filter out the relevant stats needed for each position, and identify realistic targets within your budget. Thats the only way to do it quickly i guess. http://www.fmpundit.com/category/players/ Alot of helpful guides there
  12. http://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=3533 what do you guys think of that laptop????
  13. It is your tactics or your team is too poor in quality
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