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  1. in fm19 I went with celtic. In 5 years was very successful including winning champions league but I noticed that the other spl teams (including rangers) did not step up or increase in level to do better in europe or buy better players. Does that change in fm20?
  2. I pair Tonali and Luis together and they are machines
  3. Anyone having any issues with Tierneys fitness? He keeps having low condition and with terrible natural fitness and stamina. I am considering selling him after first season
  4. Can anyone post a screenshot of his stats in his prime please?
  5. In previous games his PA was much higher, but then he had a long term injury so thats why it was lowered as he didn't feature as much
  6. I sell him because I dislike his style of play. While I have had some success in the beta with him, he forces me to play him due to the wages. I do not like his workrate , bravery etc and prefer other types of players.
  7. Anyone able to sell ozil in first season? Or during second season onwards?
  8. Anyone got a "blank" database where every player is fake (and not just the same players under different names etc)
  9. Who did you get to tutor him thats a model citizen?
  10. Anyone got an issue with Celtic Affiliates? I cannot cancel the irish ones, and they are basically useless and the board keep telling me I got too much so won't let me get new ones
  11. You mention signing 4 people only. Does that include youth team members? Do they effect the team cohesion?
  12. Full screen mode. It happens during anything. Sometimes I alt tab during a game or when processing and it crashes. I recently updated my computer I did not have the same issues on my older computer.
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