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  1. Gaetano Castrovilli - Fiorentina
  2. Any update on how good he is now in new patch. Do you have a screenshot of him developed?
  3. Has anyone checked out Jarrad branthwaite? He used to have good PA but his CA looks buffed. He could easily be rotation in prem starting at age 17
  4. I see lots of people having some good experiences with Pepe. What role and positions are you playing him?
  5. Sorry maybe its 36 this version - but the max possible and then they come back after!
  6. Yeah as I said lads £23m for Darlow. Can get £20m for frazer (I dont like his wages for a backup). Some good prices if you offer initially over 3 years then negotiate
  7. If you offer Darlow out at start of game for 23million over 48 months real madrid will come back and pay it 12 upfront and rest in installments. Can get some decent money for lots of the deadwood at the club
  8. I won the league and Euro cup in my first season. Having big problems selling people at end of season. Is this due to covid? Or what?
  9. How much cash did you get in december? I am only in september currently but trying to sort plans
  10. in fm19 I went with celtic. In 5 years was very successful including winning champions league but I noticed that the other spl teams (including rangers) did not step up or increase in level to do better in europe or buy better players. Does that change in fm20?
  11. I pair Tonali and Luis together and they are machines
  12. Anyone having any issues with Tierneys fitness? He keeps having low condition and with terrible natural fitness and stamina. I am considering selling him after first season
  13. Can anyone post a screenshot of his stats in his prime please?
  14. In previous games his PA was much higher, but then he had a long term injury so thats why it was lowered as he didn't feature as much
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