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  1. In previous games his PA was much higher, but then he had a long term injury so thats why it was lowered as he didn't feature as much
  2. I sell him because I dislike his style of play. While I have had some success in the beta with him, he forces me to play him due to the wages. I do not like his workrate , bravery etc and prefer other types of players.
  3. Anyone able to sell ozil in first season? Or during second season onwards?
  4. Anyone got a "blank" database where every player is fake (and not just the same players under different names etc)
  5. Who did you get to tutor him thats a model citizen?
  6. Anyone got an issue with Celtic Affiliates? I cannot cancel the irish ones, and they are basically useless and the board keep telling me I got too much so won't let me get new ones
  7. You mention signing 4 people only. Does that include youth team members? Do they effect the team cohesion?
  8. Full screen mode. It happens during anything. Sometimes I alt tab during a game or when processing and it crashes. I recently updated my computer I did not have the same issues on my older computer.
  9. I constantly get crash dumps. This usually happens if I alt tab but it is happening multiple times a day. I reinstalled and I "verified integrity of game cache". What do I do?
  10. Yes the IF(S) starts from deeper and depends better than IF(A)
  11. Do monaco get any stadium expansions down the line considering the population there is barely anything?
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